Saturday, November 13, 2021

The Psychopath Called Zhawq Is Back!

Hi, I'm Back!

This is just a first post to greet and to tell you all that I'm finally back, and I hope you've all had a great time since my last post - here, or on Facebook. I intend to get on with writing and posting articles.


When I got my blog reopened and went through the comments that I hadn't been able to post before, I was so happy to see both the supportive words (those were mainly by email) and the incredibly thoughtful and intelligent questions and thoughts that I have received from my Readers. It really makes me proud to find again such a mature and seriously interested, learned, and adept Reader-base I have.

You ladies and gents are the best!


The amount of new findings and the thereof following greater insight into psychopathy that has been developed among the forensic psychology and related sciences communities since I was put back into prison and stopped being active on this blog, is immense; and I do have somewhat greater than normal insight into the knowledge because I, as someone who - like so many other high scoring psychopaths (people who are considered at the heavy end of the psychopath spectrum) around the world - have been participating with subjecting myself to scans and taking an endless number of tests while being assessed...

The renewed interest in me didn't have as much to do with my psychopathy score - which is still 37 on the PCL-R(1*) - as in new "evidence" that pointed towards me possibly having killed a (much) higher number of people than the three I was convicted for killing. I plead guilty and completed the sentence for those three, but I will most definitely not plead guilty to the new crap they've come up with, if it comes to an actual trial.


Since I was active on this blog, a lot of stuff and some new understanding about serial killers and serial killing. I have left this subject alone previously, but perhaps now it is time for me to try and help a little with even more understanding in that regard.

Thank you to my Readers for having supported me through the years!
You were at times a much greater reason for me to keep writing than the threat of being put back into prison if I didn't was. 

(1*) - The "Psychopathy Check List - Revised" by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Robert Hare.

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