Thursday, May 31, 2018

Daria TV Show - Is She A Psychopath?

A Reader asked if I have watched the TV show 'Daria' and mentioned that s/he thinks the Daria character seems to be a psychopath. The implied question was if I think so too. Here is my reply...


I took a look at some Youtube videos from the series and I got a good idea about what kind of girl Daria is.

She's not a psychopath, but she appears to have some tendencies that fit the definition of Schizoid Personality Disorder, although in her case it could be a " phase" since she's still in her teens and her personality hasn't fully developed yet. It means she might change depending on her experiences in life over the coming 5 to 10 or even 15 years.

I will also mention that she seems to lack the day dreaming and strong attachment to fantasies that may have their origin from her own imagination or from sources outside (such as the drama of certain characters in a TV series, the lives of celebrities, or the romantic lives of characters in books or magazines).

She is clearly highly intelligent which in itself tends to make a person feel that they are outside and looking in upon the lives of others, seeing things they can never discuss or investigate with those others because of the intelligence gap. A high IQ gives her a natural ability to see through the superficial, empty platitudes that people tend to spend so much time and energy on keeping up for the sake of appearance and being popular, etc.

A psychopath would be much more likely to (ab)use this insight and become the most social, superficial and adept manipulative most popular girl at school, and she would control her surroundings to further her own ambitions as well as just for the sake of having control and see how far she could get people to do things that are against their beliefs and their moral core.

This last aspect is particularly interesting to psychopaths because we lack a sop called 'natural moral core' ourselves.

Personally I think there's reason to question about to which extent there is such a thing as a 'natural' (read: inherit) moral core in normal people or whether it is mostly a result of 'adoption' from the individuals surroundings through affectionate bonding and responsive empathy.

But that's a different question and a different topic.

I hope my response gave you some perspective on the question about whether Daria is psychopathic or not. I would suggest that you check out a few more definitions of the psychiatric term 'Schizoid Personality Disorder', it will help you see why I very tentatively have given her that label.


P.S. My IQ = 148