Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Goebbels: Nazi Propaganda Genius w/ BPD.

Joseph Goebbels in my personal opinion was not your typical psychopath, and as such I should perhaps not have chosen to write an article inspired by the documentary I have included here.

I have watched a number of biographical articles about the leading personalities during WWII, including Hermann Goering who was clearly a psychopath, as was Adolf Hitler himself.

But if I should point to one person from that era who fits the typical description - indeed he is a textbook example - of a psychopath, it would be... no, it is ...Benito Mussolini (click the link to a watch a biographic documentary about him).

But here I will start out with a few observations that I made about Goebbels:

High strung, Deeply Romantic, Fatalistic world view, switching between euphoric fantasy optimism and deeply depressed hopelessness. I would argue that he shows signs of Borderline Personality Disorder, definitely Co-Dependent PD (which often follows with BPD) and I wonder if perhaps he had a touch of Bipolar Disorder as well.

He also appears to have had a certain tendency towards self pity which grew more obvious over the years as his power increases and he felt more secure in his position as a trusted member of the inner circle. I also sense that he may have had something of a tendency towards Hypochondria although the nature of his career and lifestyle left little room for such a potential flaw to develop into an actual disorder.

 NB. Please note that I am no expert in these two conditions, I have only been researching them
 for lightly less than 6 months and so my assessment may be wrong.


Goebbels was clearly ahead of his time where the potential for manipulative abuse of mass media is concerned. You could perhaps even say that he laid the corner stone to what would become the order of the day from then on and through till today where the media are still used according to prior laid out and carefully conducted plans created for this very purpose[1*] - which at the end of the day is, and always was, about ultimate power. Wealth alone is but a means to that end.

But I'm not saying anything new here. You don't have to be a psychopath - diagnosed or otherwise - to see through all of this and to understand what the implications are - although your schooling and upbringing can and does in many cases clearly present obstacles particularly for the majority of what we call the ordinary mainstream population. But that too is part of the 'plot'...

And there you have it: Everything you need in order to deem me a paranoid conspiracy monger, it is all right there in the text here above....But I don't see myself that way at all.

I think of myself as a pragmatist.

The fact that I know a minority of powerful and wealthy people around the world wants to make their global influence complete does not come as a shock, it doesn't seem new or unthinkable to me and I don't feel morally alarmed.

Being morally appalled and alarmed will not help us and is a waste of energy. We should instead focus our energy towards solving the problems that this and other global issues present for us, our future and the future of our offspring.

I'm not suggesting people shouldn't feel anything or that they should deny their feelings, but I suggest that they shouldn't dwell on them excessively, meaning beyond what their nature requires in order for them to move on without carrying issues with them subconsciously which haven't been dealt with and solved, given a chance to heal enough for the individual to move on and avoid permanent suffering and hindrance.

My true wish is that people around the world will acknowledge how the reality that we all live in looks - which includes us all, normal people, psychopaths, and all variations of personality types between and outside of the two, that we can meet and put our forces together about finding a way by which through our combined efforts will enable the creation of the best and most positive outcome for everybody.

I do not believe in retreating into the mindset of seeking bloody vengeance so we can re-enact yet another historic version of '"the heroic common population who through a revolution of bloody sacrifice and suffering overcame and hunted down the abusive elite, put them on trial and brought them to justice in the form of public hangings and beheadings".

Bloody sacrifice and suffering may be necessary at certain times in the history of man, but we should explore every possibility of a different path before choosing violence.

To put it short: I don't believe in repeating the past, and the reason for this is that it has been proven again and again that when we followed that path in the past we did not produce the results we were seeking, it simply didn't work or at least did not work efficiently enough and it is therefore now time for us to learn from our past mistakes and find long term solutions that produces better results.

A tentative idea of mine is for the 'normal' majority of people who are often too emotionally governed and the minority of psychopaths who are often too unemotional and governed by intellect alone, to meet and find out together how to put the greatest strengths of each of our personality types to use as a combined whole where one is not left out in favor of the other...

And I assure you that quite contrary to common popular belief the majority of psychopaths are not criminal or even emotional predators. By far the most psychopaths function as constructive contributing members of society, they favor justice and enjoy making others happy[2*], they don't abuse or beat their wives and do not commit fraud or steal from their superiors and colleagues at work.

Such psychopaths could play a very important role in helping society deal with the widespread problem in business, politics and economy that we see today. Where most normal people would eventually back down from pursuing exposure of abusive and fraudulent psychopaths in powerful positions throughout society, psychopathic individuals would - for reasons which you can find descriptions of in articles throughout my website - not be easily, if at all, dissuaded.


[1*] - Of course the 'unprecedented use of media for propaganda purposes' is a truth with modifications since propaganda is nothing new at the time of WWII. It has been in use for centuries, even thousands of years and further back to the so called prehistoric times that precede our current era's track of time which for the most of Western civilization follows the Christian calendar. - So while propaganda was not new and Goebbels almost certainly had access to documents showing how propagandists working for other rulers through history, his was not a completely unique "contribution" to the "art of Propaganda", but there's also no doubt that he did indeed have a special talent for this particular kind of work.

[2*] - if you don't believe me, read the first greater, thoroughly conducted study of psychopaths conducted by Hervey Cleckley who wrote and published a book in which he described his findings and his thoughts, doubts, hopes and ideas: The Mask of Sanity (Click the link to read the book Online or download in PDF format).