Friday, July 21, 2017

Update: About Certain Bad & Possible Good.

This is an update.

I will tell you about the bad times which have lasted for far too long and why they have been so persistent. I will also say something about very good times that may lie ahead, finally.

A small update here... It seems I've been done a lot of apologizing for many months now, and I really am sorry that I haven't been able to keep the website/blog the way I wish to do, not least because I know I still have so much to share and I am still learning a lot of both important and interesting - yes, and entertaining - stuff about the subject of psychopathy and all the many branches that are related to and/or associated with it.

I will be frank, there have been times when I have felt the odds I am up against are just too strong and that I have to admit that I can't possibly beat them wherefore the right thing to do is to stop the project, discontinue the whole thing and slip back into my own little universe where I can focus completely on making money and make myself a fortune once again.

But every time I have felt the temptation to stop, I have also felt the incentive to continue, and now it is no longer a threat of the state and the legal system through the intervention of the Psychopathy Research Program that keeps me at my keyboard, doing research and writing new articles, hoping they will contain some valuable information and be worth my Readers' time.

In fact, the situation looks much more like the opposite to how it was before. Back then they wanted me to write and to publish, but now it seems as if they no longer like what I'm writing. I have to admit that to me it looks suspiciously as if I no longer present the stereotypical psychopath that 'they', the legal and psychiatric establishment, wanted and expected to see from me, and to me there's nothing new about the fact that when you don't deliver what 'they' want you to deliver - which is something that confirms presumptuous myths that serves little else than to uphold a status quo and keep things as they were yesterday, the day before, and the decade or even centuries before.

To make a long story short for now: I can't give up, but I also have to realize that I have been less than optimal with delivering content that it has been my intention to deliver.

Before I end this article I want to add a few facts that also play a rather prominent role in why it is so difficult for me to keep doing a good job with this website and do what I so often have said I would do...

The conditions under which I have to work are more difficult than they would be in almost any other location in the world - except, of course, locations without internet connection and/or access to the basic hardware and software necessities.

And yet, the latter is not entirely unlike the situation I am in right now. The hardware and basic software exist here, but they are very expensive and can be difficult to physically get hold on.

The software is restricted despite it's availability online, and the reason for this is the one factor that causes me the greatest difficulties of all: Laws and regulations.

If I could earn a living from being active on the Internet I would be able to create a vibrant, live, interesting, informative website, and I would have all the time and resources at my fingertips from which to gather some of the most central details as well as any details there are, from which to make a whole lot of articles.

You see, finding information is not free. In order to read most of the scientific and psychiatric/psychology articles, I have to pay, and I can't pay because I still don't have access to my money.

Add to this that doing what I would have to do in order to give this website the boost that would provide feedback in form of more and new contacts and thereby sources of more knowledge and new information(1*) all of which I could use to back up my thoughts and ideas and the things that I already know I have to say about psychopathy (on many levels)....doing this just isn't an option...

Or rather: It isn't an option yet!

I believe it will become an option and perhaps even before we expect it, and I have good reasons to believe so, for the first time since I was released from prison has a change appeared which may turn it all around.

I have to not say too much about it for now, but if I am right, if I and the individuals who are aiming to help me in real life are right, the future will soon look quite different and this website - and that means you guys, ladies and gentlemen, my Readers - may finally get the kind of material that I have been envisioning for so long but which I especially over the past many months have not been able to provide.

I always used to say that if there is even the slightest chance to win, prevail and endure, I will do so every time. And if I am right about what I in rather vague terms have implied above, I will do so also this time because at the end of the day I have just always been a very lucky person. '^L^,

(1*) - I now even have to pay for pictures and images that I use at my blog/website because not doing so can - and will if I become successful) result in law suits now or sometime in the future. This is the reason why I haven't added any pictures to this article, and I may have to continue this practice for a while..

This article is unedited and may contain typos, faulty grammar and syntax.


Zhawq said...

Hello everybody,

As I mention in the article, there are finally signs and reasons for me to be optimistic about the future (for reasons I will have to keep private for now).

If I - and those who are helping me - are right, things will be very different at Psychopathicwritings although it obviously will take a little time to get everything turned around and upgraded to a standard that I can feel content with and my Readers hopefully will enjoy and find to be of high and satisfying quality.

In the meantime I have a simple plan for the content I will be publishing. At first I aim to answer the many awesome, creative and central questions that you - my Readers - have posted in the Comments Sector at the blog/website.

I find the many, many emails I have received just as important, and I do really want to find time to respond to them all, and I would like to reply to some of the questions that people ask me in the form of articles because they touch on problems and issues that are relevant to everybody(1*).

But I cannot deny that I am currently very preoccupied with ensuring my survival as well as my future and my livelihood, and this necessitates my optimal focus for the time being. The good side is that all the not giving up in spite of very hard times and all the hard work I've spent sweat and frustration upon until the brink of loosing control may actually finally be paying off.

I still hope to find the time every now and then to write some hopefully worthy content for during the time between now and this possible defining change.

I promise to do my best, I can and will not do anymore than that.

I will not be promising anything with certainty until my time in state bondage and poverty is a thing of the past because I have seen far too many times that I could not do what I said and thought I could do.

P.S. I will as always handle private details with the utmost discretion. I will NEVER in writing, speech or otherwise, give any information away about your identity or details thereof.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear things are looking up for you Zhawq.

I have been on a very similar path to you for last few years...writing, blogging, networking etc on the topic. I have also had the legal issues that restrict me, as well as my own inconsistency at sticking to tasks.. You of course started the bug as I became much more self-aware reading your articles and have passed this on to others in course.

Thing seem to have come full-circle though and I am going to drop off the radar and focus on my own private life. Part of me thinks I may have been leading people down the wrong road as this world is increasingly monitored by authorities. Much of my work was through social media rather than just my websites, which I think has left some people vulnerable. I am beginning to think that the more guarded psychopaths out there were right all along; it is best to remain hidden and not give away any information that could be used against you. Sometimes you don't know what you could loose until after you have lost it. Too late for me, but I don't want to lead others of my ilk down the wrong path either.

I asked you a question on facebook message...hopefully you read this and reply in time. If not, all the best, thank you for your insights and fight for the cause. All the best.

Jay Jones

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you again.

RE: The professionals implying you're not sounding like they expect a psychopath too - I have been working on the idea that the Psychology profession is utterly controlled. And there is a pervasive muddying of the waters regarding/ defining Psychopathy, and a deliberate removal of Narcissism from any discussion or the DSM-5 manual. I believe that its because the whole control matrix of Politicians, Religion, judiciary, Police, Military and Medicine are Narcissists and they don't want us to know or define it.

There is an established connection between Pedophilia and Narcissism. A quick look at the % of convictions for Pedophilia of people working in these professions shows staggering results, typically 90+%.

Daniel Boduszek is doing interesting work in redefining Psychopathy:

"Contrary to previous research and media portrayals of homicide perpetration being rooted in psychopathic tendencies such as callous affect, the present findings found no support for such a conceptualization of the crime.


Anonymous said...


In the same manner there is a connection between Narcissism and pedophilia there is a connection between narcissism and criminality, or anyone at odds with society for that matter.

Inside prisons Narcissism is rampant, far more than Psychopathy. You can see it before your very eyes developing in most people. Because their self-esteem and identity is integrated with a sense of belonging to the social group and emotional bonds to other people; pathological narcissism develops as a way to cope with a perceived loss of social status and diminished self-esteem/identity. It is a coping mechanism to try and restore homeostasis in these areas, basically through overcompensation.

Contrary to what many people have been lead to believe, this kind of pathological narcissism is not found in born psychopaths because of underlying differences that mean identity and self-esteem are personal and not hinged upon social connections. Narcissistic qualities in true psychopaths are more about ego and one-way validation. The grandiosity attributed to primary psychopaths is not about self-love and insecurity but rather an all out individuality that does not see external rules/values as relevant to ones own perception and behaviour. Calling this grandiosity seems rather narrow minded- being the master of yourself and not perceiving government/religion/society as being a higher power than yourself is all it is.


Anonymous said...

Zhawq, i need your help please, Ya see, I need to know what I am. Psychopath, sociopath, crazy, I mean I have been called weird, crazy, different. WHen you get to tthat point where you know you're off but you dont really have that manipulating thing going on, what in the world is this? ANd I do have emotions, and i definetly cant keep a poker face. But guys anyone? please tell me i am not alone .

Frith said...

Jay - Nice to see your comments. I thought maybe your absence meant another 'forced holiday' and am pleased it wasn't.
But your logical views are valuable and will be missed. Maybe you can still have some input occasionally through this board?

"...... I became much more self-aware reading your articles"
I reiterate this. Quite apart from learning about psychopathy through Zhawq's blog, I have gained so much insight into myself. Especially those'dark traits'and 'hidden agendas' which we tend to be more comfortable being blind to. Such a relief to be free of the need to be judgemental!

Best wishes for your future. - Frith

Anonymous said...

i never really thought of this until now but it almost seems like they are reinforcing you to have a psychopathic mindset, whatever that is interpreted as. Wouldn't that term be self prophecy effect or self fulfilling prophecy?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Difficulty accessing what you need to create a website? Having to PAY for the images you find on the internet?! (Especially that last one...I always considered clicking "Save Image As" with no payment and no credit to the original source my God-given right as an internet user of the free world.)

What kind of hellhole are you living in?! (YES, I read your posts about the medical establishment there...but sometimes it's the little things that are the most striking. Especially when they are things I've always taken for granted.)

Good luck! I hope circumstances finally improve for you. In all honesty, I would have probably committed suicide if I had to deal with all you described. But you're still here, still posting intermittently, still making spell checkers cry (kidding :D), and still being an entirely deserved thorn in your government's side. So as bad as things have been, in a weird way you've been winning the whole time because you refuse to give up and allow The Powers That Be to achieve their goal of you doing just that.

God, I'm turning into a Hallmark card. :D But I do mean what I said, and I do hope you haven't rolled your eyes TOO much while reading this.


Anonymous said...

He most likely did rolled his eyes - but on some level the message got through to it wasn't wasted.

Zhawq said...


You wrote:
I asked you a question on facebook message...hopefully you read this and reply in time. If not, all the best, thank you for your insights and fight for the cause. All the best.

I will go through my FB Messages one of these days and will respond as soon as possible.

Another thing, I will be publishing an article that contains the majority of your comment here along with my replies to the things you bring up.

I hope you will find some useful bits.

Zhawq said...


Thank you for your comments and for your support.

I'm going to reply to the rest of your comments (first here and then by previous articles) as soon as I possibly can.

I have this upcoming weekend where I may find time to do some writing before I will be going to what is supposed to be the final hearing which will decide my future.

I have a new article coming up within a couple of days. It is already finished and only needs some finishing editing, links, and a few other final touches.



Zhawq said...


You wrote:
Good to hear from you again.

Thank you. :)

RE: The professionals implying you're not sounding like they expect a psychopath too - I have been working on the idea that the Psychology profession is utterly controlled. ...

In my opinion there isn't the slightest doubt that you are right about these statements. The DSM-V is almost worthless, it has brought nothing new to the field of psychiatry, it is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry and the politicians do not care about the facts to reach a wider number of practitioners in the psychiatric profession of our society.

There is an established connection between Pedophilia and Narcissism. A quick look at the % of convictions for Pedophilia of people working in these professions shows staggering results, typically 90+%.

This is not surprising, pedophiles often revel in the adoration they can derive from well groomed victims often at a large scale (they use them, chew them up and throw the used up shells away like others chew up candy and throw away the empty wrappings).

Psychopathy as well is pretty rampant among pedophiles, they especially gravitate towards positions of leadership who run the more organized pedophile rings.

Daniel Boduszek is doing interesting work in redefining Psychopathy:

"Contrary to previous research and media portrayals of homicide perpetration being rooted in psychopathic tendencies such as callous affect, the present findings found no support for such a conceptualization of the crime.


Thank you for the link, I haven't yet read his article. Daniel Boduszek is one of the new contributors to the psychopathy debate and I think he will be a positive force in altering the very outdated view of psychopathy as something with only destructive capacity.

The psychopathic individual anno 2017 C.E. is still living in the Middle Ages. The irony is that this hurts not only us, the psychopaths, but society as a whole. On the other hand this is also the reason why things are bound to change, but we will have to fight for that change because there are very powerful people who do not want to truth about psychopathy to be known and understood.

And in all honesty I can't blame them, but it changes nothing: Change will have to happen and each individual who acquires the understanding of what psychopathy really is will have to do their part... and sadly, make sacrifices along the way.

Thank you for an intelligent and well thought through comment.