Friday, July 21, 2017

Update: About Certain Bad & Possible Good.

This is an update.

I will tell you about the bad times which have lasted for far too long and why they have been so persistent. I will also say something about very good times that may lie ahead, finally.

A small update here... It seems I've been done a lot of apologizing for many months now, and I really am sorry that I haven't been able to keep the website/blog the way I wish to do, not least because I know I still have so much to share and I am still learning a lot of both important and interesting - yes, and entertaining - stuff about the subject of psychopathy and all the many branches that are related to and/or associated with it.

I will be frank, there have been times when I have felt the odds I am up against are just too strong and that I have to admit that I can't possibly beat them wherefore the right thing to do is to stop the project, discontinue the whole thing and slip back into my own little universe where I can focus completely on making money and make myself a fortune once again.

But every time I have felt the temptation to stop, I have also felt the incentive to continue, and now it is no longer a threat of the state and the legal system through the intervention of the Psychopathy Research Program that keeps me at my keyboard, doing research and writing new articles, hoping they will contain some valuable information and be worth my Readers' time.

In fact, the situation looks much more like the opposite to how it was before. Back then they wanted me to write and to publish, but now it seems as if they no longer like what I'm writing. I have to admit that to me it looks suspiciously as if I no longer present the stereotypical psychopath that 'they', the legal and psychiatric establishment, wanted and expected to see from me, and to me there's nothing new about the fact that when you don't deliver what 'they' want you to deliver - which is something that confirms presumptuous myths that serves little else than to uphold a status quo and keep things as they were yesterday, the day before, and the decade or even centuries before.

To make a long story short for now: I can't give up, but I also have to realize that I have been less than optimal with delivering content that it has been my intention to deliver.

Before I end this article I want to add a few facts that also play a rather prominent role in why it is so difficult for me to keep doing a good job with this website and do what I so often have said I would do...

The conditions under which I have to work are more difficult than they would be in almost any other location in the world - except, of course, locations without internet connection and/or access to the basic hardware and software necessities.

And yet, the latter is not entirely unlike the situation I am in right now. The hardware and basic software exist here, but they are very expensive and can be difficult to physically get hold on.

The software is restricted despite it's availability online, and the reason for this is the one factor that causes me the greatest difficulties of all: Laws and regulations.

If I could earn a living from being active on the Internet I would be able to create a vibrant, live, interesting, informative website, and I would have all the time and resources at my fingertips from which to gather some of the most central details as well as any details there are, from which to make a whole lot of articles.

You see, finding information is not free. In order to read most of the scientific and psychiatric/psychology articles, I have to pay, and I can't pay because I still don't have access to my money.

Add to this that doing what I would have to do in order to give this website the boost that would provide feedback in form of more and new contacts and thereby sources of more knowledge and new information(1*) all of which I could use to back up my thoughts and ideas and the things that I already know I have to say about psychopathy (on many levels)....doing this just isn't an option...

Or rather: It isn't an option yet!

I believe it will become an option and perhaps even before we expect it, and I have good reasons to believe so, for the first time since I was released from prison has a change appeared which may turn it all around.

I have to not say too much about it for now, but if I am right, if I and the individuals who are aiming to help me in real life are right, the future will soon look quite different and this website - and that means you guys, ladies and gentlemen, my Readers - may finally get the kind of material that I have been envisioning for so long but which I especially over the past many months have not been able to provide.

I always used to say that if there is even the slightest chance to win, prevail and endure, I will do so every time. And if I am right about what I in rather vague terms have implied above, I will do so also this time because at the end of the day I have just always been a very lucky person. '^L^,

(1*) - I now even have to pay for pictures and images that I use at my blog/website because not doing so can - and will if I become successful) result in law suits now or sometime in the future. This is the reason why I haven't added any pictures to this article, and I may have to continue this practice for a while..

This article is unedited and may contain typos, faulty grammar and syntax.