Sunday, July 24, 2016

The "Cannibal Cop", A Psychopath Who Didn't Eat Human Flesh.

Here is, in a short version, my own view on the subject as I posted it by the video at Youtube...

I think Dr. David Greenfield is correct about why we develop strange fetishes seemingly out of the blue. I can certainly trace my own sexuality back to how when I was a child I became aware that female sexuality was something that was seen as indecent, dirty, shameful and punishable, but I wasn't consciously aware of how that connected with how I developed my own sexual sadism even as a pre-teen. Sexuality and gender is not talked about and so there is no way for people to avoid or re-direct negative elements from developing within their sexuality.
As for this cop, he did commit a crime. Giving sensitive information about and pictures of women that he looked up the police database to virtual strangers, people about whom he has no way of knowing whether or not they may (ab)use that information, not to mention the mere fact that he has given that information without the women's consent, that is a crime and because of this - not because of his fantasies  which don't really matter - there's no way he should be allowed back into the police force or any other job of a similar nature.

The thing that stood out the most in when I watched this video and read the comments section below it was that people focused on this guy's fantasies, that this is what made them think him to be evil. Few even mentioned the fact that the actual crime he committed had nothing to do with his fantasies or with cannibalism, it had to do with not respecting people's privacy and abusing his power.

In a society where we're quicker to judge people for what they think about than for what they actually do to one another, how can we wonder why we have been so slow about realizing that psychopathy is more, and - I suspect - often different from merely being somebody who don't care about having a destructive impact upon his surroundings.

I have been thinking about writing a little more about my relationship with sex but I've hesitated because this blog is meant to be appropriate for all ages and all kinds of approaches to religion and life in general. It's not always easy to find where to draw the line.

I have for quite some time been thinking about publishing an article about the two times when as a young man (teenager, really) I 'engaged' in rape, there's a lot that hasn't been said about that and I know the truth will definitely not be what people expect. I may still write that article as I believe it should be easy, or at least possible, to do so without crossing any lines.