Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Psychopaths & The Supernatural.

Reader posted a comment under the article 'Psychopaths & Supernatural Experiences. He wrote it a long time ago, but it stuck with me because it's about a subject that you can say is close to my heart. So now I've decided to not only re-post it, but to reply to it as it unfolds...
"I believe ... psychopaths are highly sensitive. I am highly sensitive. I'm not a christian, not a satanist, but if I had to choose I would choose spiritual satanist, or maybe a gnostic luciferian."
This could have been me who wrote this 20 year ago.
"What I mean to talk about is that, what you psychopaths feel, some of them might be demons. I have had many experiences with them, for real, I've seen them too. And I'm not mentally ill. I feel them as I would feel humans."
For people everywhere who experience and sense what we call 'the Spiritual World' or the 'Astral Plane' (my personal name of choice is The Wider Reality) these days, and especially since the took on it's heartless dogmatism and brutally persecuted everybody who didn't follow Christianity - As It Was Interpreted To Be The Only Real Truth At Any Given Time - and which in current day has grown into a materialism never before encountered, a materialism where being a believer of not just any religion, but even of Christianity, is looked upon as something we slightly pity - these gullible people who can believe in words written in a book!!... We think of them as largely children who have lost their way but who'll eventually find their way back to reality.

These people -not only the Christians, but people who may not even have a faith, experience supernatural things that simply cannot be explained otherwise, and they're being ridiculed and laughed at, sometimes never to be believed again. So NO WONDER people keep quiet about having experiences of so called Supernatural nature. But I tell you, it is far more common than we are in habit of thinking. Even people who have the very same out-of-body experiences as we've had look at us as if're ready to be committed immediately because we're obviously insane. Indeed, those who have the experiences themselves are often the best at playing the game "I don't believe in that crazy talk! She must be lying" or "What'll it be next week" She just wants attention, and besides, I always knew something wasn't completely right in her brain!"

Now as for psychopaths and normal people and whether we are different in what we experience or how we feel about it, I guess that normally we are different.

We're used to think of it as something that is deeply dependent on emotion, and not just love, compassion or empathy, thought these when felt truly and strongly, can mediate strong experiences.. Now the truth is that any emotion can accomplish this if it is strong enough, not just empathy or love. Indeed, very negative emotions can be just as powerful is rarely progressive. That's why we hear about satanic cults who have called upon some Demon and created havoc in an area.
"I think that not all demons aren't bad, I think that it's possible that a human can be more evil than some demons."
I have held back with saying this because it is so obviously non Christian, but now that you, a Reader of mine have proven to be more brave than I, I can no longer hold my tongue and insist I am telling the truth.

Demons are definitely not all bad, and angels are certainly not all angelic. In fact it is just as often the opposite way around, and the reason for that is the reason why the whole world exists as a whole: If there were such a strict line between good and evil, the two would be parted eternally in a way that could never reconciled because it would be two halfs not of the same thing, but of two different things, namely Good, and Bad.
"And feeling chosen? There's no doubt that demons would like to work with you and like you, mainly because lack of empathy and that you're highly sensitive."
Being Chosen in modern day is obviously very difficult because we live in a very a-religious era where all right people has to be chosen for all the right for the right positions,..people who - like you - aren't in it for the Glory, the gold and wealth, and the position, and these things often begins to softly creep in, often when your mind is most at ease.

When that happens, you know the time has come when you will be tested (again): Will you be able to lay it all behind you, your millions, your social status, your contracts, your tours, your beautiful houses, your yacht and your cars that you would've died for rather than seeing them go to another buyer...even your marriage! Your health because now nobody will allow you the treatment you have the right by law to receive, because now you're in the hands of the state, and in that country state is law, the state is god!!

A smaller Demon will always be interested in a human being while a larger Demon or Angel will be interested in people who are what we call Chosen. The interest does however also depend upon you. It is with this as with almost everything in life, it goes two ways. Only creatures with god-like status like Christ or Satan can force their will upon a person with next to no fight from the Chosen (ex. of Chosen people in various cultures),

Will you leave it all behind and watch your health wane while your money are frozen overseas, money you may never see again even though it wasn't much but nevertheless a $ twenty+ million that would make it possible for you to start over again - some would even say in style?...Would you take your "repentance" so far?

Would you let it all go for such a test because you had to be true to yourself?... I did.

Some would say that a psychopath would never act this unselfish. Well guess what, it was unselfish! But would I do it again? Now that I know what I would face, the hypocrisy, the narrow minded and small mindedness that I have never known, the envy that I never understood (even though they say it's such a typical trait in psychopaths), I don't know.

I've spoken about this before, but let me say it again: I can be sadistic, yes. But it is never out of envy. It can be out of anger if someone who thinks I should be envious of him plays on that, but never because of envy in and on itself. I've never seen the point! If I see someone wearing a hat I would like to wear, I don't get mad at him, I'll just make sure I get that had too, and a version that is better that his, that's all Not even now that I'm pretty much at the bottom. No, what drives me is something much cleaner that that.

Perhaps this is why I always liked the movies where the villain - despite that he looses - has the last word and says something that sticks with our minds long after the movie screen has faded away. Someone who was wise after all. This is also why we like Hannibal Lecter in spite of ourselves. Just see how much franchise is produced over this one movie character: here.

I guess we should end this article with the ever recurring question: Can psychopaths be religious?

And the answer is: Yes, psychopaths can be religious just as other people can be religious....Or perhaps that isn't quite true. Psychopaths can be religious alright, even more so than most others, but be religious 'like' others we cannot. - Or let me say it this way: I've met and seen/observed a good number of religious psychopaths, some of which were faking religion. But I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about, and interested in, those who really does believe in this or that religion - not rarely, by the way, a religion that no one else believes in because one one else has heard of it. It was custom made to the psychopath, made precisely to form and fit with his mind and inner workings,

The funny thing, you might say, is that this is the case for everybody who reaches a high state of religiousness. You simply cannot be ultimately and personally religious in the exact same way that everybody else would be....But that is a story for another article.