Saturday, July 19, 2014

Memories: Revisiting The Rorschach Test.

This video shows one of the standard tests that you go through when you are in prison and charged for murder, or for some other serious and violent offense, the Rorschach Ink Blot Test.

The video at 6:37: It is so funny to see this again. I was psychologically evaluated the first time when I was 18 years old and I remember this particular "picture". I saw the "pink animal" mentioned by the narrator as a chameleon, and I told the psychiatrist who conducted the session this. When I afterwards asked him, he told me that most people see a rat.

Seeing it again now I can see that it doesn't look completely like a chameleon and definitely not as much as I thought it did back then, but I think it is fair to add that at the time prior to my arrest I had recently watched a documentary about chameleons and was very fascinated by these reptiles (I still think they're fascinating), and I find it very possible that if this hadn't been the case I might've seen this ink blot differently.

Watching it now I can see why people see it as a rat, but I don't quite see it that way myself. I don't know what kind of animal I would call it.

While the outcome of the psychological assessment (which is standard procedure when you're charged with degree murder) was a Psychopathy Diagnosis, I doubt it was because I saw this ink blot as a chameleon.

There's another part of the Rorschach Ink Blot test I'll mention: Picture nb. 9. The green area in the picture has always immediately reminded me of a Human Skeletal Hip Bone, and it still does when I see it now. I think it looks so obviously like a human hip bone that it's a bit strange to me if normal non-psychopathic people don't see it that way - provided, of course, that they know how a human skeleton hip bone looks like.


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Purely Pseudo said...

Have you tried embedding the video with html? or is that what you mean by the share function?

Nico Fors said...

In that Ink Block test the 1st pic to me looks like a Goat head with a weird hole in it, lol
(I thought that it was a bit like the satanic goat thing, weird lol)
the 2nd pic started to look like a rabbit mutant demon after I saw the box that asked if it looks like a rabbit... It just looks all evil and sharp teeeth rabbit, cute tho..
And yes it also looks like an elngated horse head.. Also I saw the distorted Eskimos.
the 3rd pic looks like 2 insect kind of Faes or something.
the 4th one looks like weird fairy.
the 5th one looks like a mask with evil eye holes (lol) and like a butterfly or a moth.
6th one looks like Its an weird cute monster face with a tower and dog/horse hybrids in its head.
I can't see a thing in the 7th one.
8th one is defenetly some weird animal.
The 9th one is a funny face of something unknown, like a monster or I dunno...
the 10th is some not so happy insect fairy.
And my Test Results:

Sickness Quotient: 45%
Congratulations! At a 45% "Sickness Quotient", you're almost well-adjusted.

Detailed Diagnosis

Interpersonal Insights
Your sense of self-entitlement means you're probably the kind of person that pulled the wings off of butterflies when you were little. You never give up and refuse to settle for less than the best. In other words, you're impossible to please and you never shutup.

Job Performance & Attitude
Rather than do a one-time job that takes ten minutes, you'd work for 5 years to automate it. Although your work can upon occasion be very good, remember that even monkeys can be trained to do what you do. And they don't call in sick.

Personality Insight
Your personal motto is "I've got to be me", but an awful lot of people wish you wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

It is a funny assessment tool. When I take the various versions, and analyze what I see,what other psychopaths see and also what a wide range of other people see, a few things become quite clear.

These are no random ink blots.
It is designed to test your associations which reveal a bit about an individuals perception.
The images contain a few common elements:
Things that look like various real life animals,human figures, internal parts of the human body like bones and medical scans,various conglomerations of potentially dangerous animals and common features of danger animals that are buried deep in instinct, vampire and bat images, scary faces/masks, and representations of sexual organs and sexualized body language in association with human like and animal like figures, and "satanic" like faces. These are over layed and put together in a single frame and your mind subconsciously chooses the images you have the strongest associations for.

What can they tell from this?
I'm thinking along the lines that a sexual psychopath would have strong associations for sexual parred with violent/aggressive imagery, mutilators would be prone to seeing human body parts, someone who has had their minds hostile environment trigger activated strongly would see dangerous animals, scary faces and satanic like imagery, people who have positive associations for being vampire like would see the vampire images,like the satanic imagery too. Sexual predators probably see sexual associations much more.

It seems most people see the things that are less frequent in the ink blot screens, non dangerous animals and humans doing mundane things ect.

Although we all have our own associations that come from our experiences so it will only be partly accurate and useful unless it is accompanied by a intensive interview and honest forthcoming participant.

Personally my instinct rang alarm bells when I have taken this test...

Anonymous said...

I got 95% I thought it was a joke until I asked my friend to take it as well and he only score 75% yet I was always convinced that his mind was more fucked up than mine.

Does anyone know how realistic the results are, it being online and all?

Anonymous said...

Where oh where are you Zhawq? We are waiting for another post. All your readers waiting for more words, sometimes they are a riddle we enjoy to figure out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for changing the captcha. I think you really do care for us maybe, admit it :)

Anonymous said...

What happened? Will you be back to write the blog or will you let it go without a word, as so many other bloggers do? Have you given up, and if so why? Are you doing alright? Hope so.


Thanks for changing the captcha, BTW.
(((Peace)))to you

Anonymous said...

it still looks more like a chamaleon than a rat :)

Illuminance said...

When I took this as a small child the person scoring the test said I had zero human answers (the paper is not in front of me atm), but that I did have a lot of pop culture morals and associations. I turned out still very socially awkward as fuck, but I've never committed a "cold blooded" crime of any type.

Sorry for being away for so long. I have been "finding" myself. I'm not promising any future comments.

Illuminance said...

1. A moth.
2. A bearded man.
3. Two people tearing a decapitated woman in half.
4. An ant with horns.
5. A butterfly.
6. A deformed manta ray.
7. Siamese twins with rabbit ears that are joined at the bottom and have opposite facing horned heads just below their own heads.
8. A horned demon.
9. A pig demon eating something with blood.
10. A conehead looking thing with a green mustache, hilarious pink hair, and an eiffel tower hat.

Zhawq said...


I value the comments you have left here, but I know that inner pull to learn more about oneself. So you just go ahead and do what you need to do, buddy. Best of luck! '^L^,

Illuminance said...


Thanks, that means a lot coming from a psychopath. Haha, but really it does. Through my reading of psychopathic personalities and personal experience of having been something nearly identical from an observer's POV I can't honestly believe that psychopaths aren't capable of empathy or negative feelings under the right conditions.

I was a case study of being a victim of my own disassociation and denial of feelings that were already moderately psychopathic to begin with due to the unique severity of my ADHD.

The lsd, shrooms, and mdma that I finally got to after I knew this about myself really blew the roof off of the rate of progression. However, I'm thankful that I used to share a similar experience and world view with psychopaths, so now I can be a highly compassionate and empathetic individual without fear of being used unwittingly.

I'll never lend you any money, but then I don't expect any hard feelings, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

to Illuminance

we very rarely experience empathy- but the main confusion here is that people think having feeling for others is empathy - when it is actually experiencing a moment where you have spontaneous recognition of very similar emotions in others. This typically leads to reciprocal feelings for others when experienced in most people, but for us psychopaths, this is very rarely the case and we need to choose to feel for someone else, which is different, because it is not made from mirror neurons firing in reciprocation, we just choose to have an emotional response towards another.

We most definitely are capable of negative emotions, not sure where you got that from.Only emotions a psychopath categorically doesn't have are love and remorse, as they require a depth and length of emotions beyond our range.

Unknown said...

i too saw a pink chameleon and a hip bone, i do wonder if i have pshycopathic traits quite often when i compare my behaviour to others