Thursday, May 8, 2014

Update - Things To Come (May 8-14).

Good Day, Everybody....A little Update Before I Continue Writing About the Psychopathy Research Tests that I have Participated in.

I'm considering splitting the Article up into several, smaller parts. It will serve two Purposes...

  1.      I can publish sooner than I otherwise would be able to because I have to think about every word I put to paper and choose each topic wisely and cautiously. Being not a very good writer this means I am bound to spend more time than usual on completing this article.
  2.      Furthermore, I am not going to publish anything without having my lawyer read it first so I can avoid possible pitfalls before it is too late to change it.
  3.      Hopefully I may also be able to write better texts when I spend more time thinking over what I will write and going through what I have written (time will tell if this is the case).

I plan to switch between posting about the various tests and posting about other topics relating to psychopathy. I have a few in the works already, and there are also plenty of subjects to choose from in Reader comments and emails.

I have an upcoming article in two parts consisting of an email written by a Reader, and my reply to him. This just needs transpositioning from email correspondence form into a legible friendly form as an article; proof reading, labels, and links.

Another article addresses the question about whether psychopaths might be well fit for a career in the army/special forces.

I have been meaning for some time to write about Psychopaths and Religion, about whether it is possible or likely that a psychopath can be genuinely religious, and if so, how such a psychopath-religion combination or relationship might turn out.

They said I'm a psychopath. I didn't believe them.
                    Later they said I'm a Psychopath again,                  and then they said it again.
The World of Official Society seems to insist on having me Destined to Be a Psychopath and will not take No for an Answer.
So I say: If The World will have me be a Psychopath,                   then a Psychopath I will be.
But I will turn Psychopath Destiny into Something   Personal, something you Cannot Box or Confine.
MY Destiny!

I still receive questions about my upbringing, my childhood and youth, and I promise I'll get to that eventually, but it does happen to be one of those areas that I find painfully boring - even if I can see that from the perspective of my readers it probably isn't quite as dull since for you it will be new, but for me it's a more than 40 years old story, and I've told it to a lot of people (read: psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc. etc) a lot of times over. - But I ask of you to please bear with me, it is not that I don't care or that I won't do it, it is simply VERY DIFFICULT. No, really! When I don't have any interest in a subject whatsoever I have great problems with keeping my thoughts on the matter at hand - in this case writing about things that happened in my life a looong time ago.

When you write about a topic or a subject you need to have at least some emotional attachment, if nothing else, fascination or self interest to drive the project. Your level of interest in what you write about will also be reflected in the outcome. Even in the case of bad writers and dyslexics the material you produce can be interesting or engaging to read if written with enthusiasm or a sense of necessity.


A note about the layout of this website: I intend to give it a facelift eventually, but I do have a lot of things going on in my life, so I won't be able to get it done just now. Hopefully within a reasonable period I'll get the time.

I know some have problems finding the way around between articles, and no wonder. The 'labels' system doesn't work after a certain point. For now I have changed 'Labels' so that now they are called 'Topics' and I'm trying out the 'Cloud' system instead. Let me know what you think.

Please, also let me know about ideas about how to improve the functionality of this website/blog. My computer experience is limited and I therefore cannot always foresee what works best or what my Readers would like me to implement, remove or change. Nor is it always certain that I know how to do such things. But please let me know even so. We have to start some place, and this is the place I have to start from.


Article about Psychopaths & The Army coming up tomorrow Fri. May (or early morning Saturday, May


Anonymous said...

Like the poetry, keep it up.

What level of subjectivity is useful and what level makes you act like a fool, could be a new topic.

The topics take longer to load now, you see a flash of white screen.

The longer I live the harder it is for me to concentrate on things that don't interest me, is this the same for you?

Anonymous said...

Please see this blog ( by a mom about her 8yo and leave your thoughts (either here or there) as to whether:

1) you think he is c/u or a "young psychopath"

2) whether you relate to him, how, what kind of thought process you think he might have

3) whether you think his parents caused or can change his behavior

4) whether you think they should even try

5) any other comments

Unknown said...

hey zhaq,how old are you?

Anonymous said...

Dear Claire,

The Western military is controlled & operated by the Elite Psychopaths. Just look in detail and you will see the same names/ same families behind every war in the last 100+ years.

Zhawq is exactly correct in saying that psychopaths would not suffer from psychological problems from killing, but would find the regimentation of the military difficult/ impossible.

peacebreacher said...

They have been used in special forces for decades already and it hasnt done the world any good.

Btw your introspection is more akin to being an aspergers sufferer than a psychopath.

you present as most definitely not a psychopath in your writings- neither is fallon...he was genuinely concerned he was one which basically means he isnt.
if you do discover a psychopath for fucks sake dont call him a psychopath- warn everyone you can but dont tip them off bas the can get pretty nasty when they are cornered and exposed.

id put money on whoever taught your doctors to confuse aspergers with psychopathy is most definitely a pscyhopath.

the medical profession is full of them it provides perfect cover and access to trusting victims
the depth of yur insight, your literal moralising, despite your lack of emotional affect means you are most definitely not a pscyhopath...unless it was your plan to have us think that your not, only you know the answer to this.
If you respond openly and honestly to a series of questions i ask iw ill be able to tell you.
im somewhat of an expert in the subject in that i learned independantly and you have nothing to lose or gain from your answers as my analyisis will be deliberately vague.
If you call an aspergers patient a psychopath, the apsergers patient will take the literal term and plead a case for leniency,
the very fact you state you are a psychopath and you would like to find a prosocial role for yourself means that you are not.
You are within all likelihood a rather misled aspergers sufferer...the ultimate victims of a a literal mind with no emotional compass but soul that cares and seeks insight is the perfect distraction to hoodwink people into thinking all emotionally challenged people are evil...when they arent...its a subset and we call them psychopaths.
they dont introspect...not ever...they might pretend but you cant tell the truth with a brain wired for nothing but lies.
psychopath?? i think you have been had over by an influential one , you are deluded, morally corrupted but if your words here are true i can categorically state you are indeed not a pscyhopath-
know how i can tell?
if you were a real would be dead...the recidivism rate goes down and down with every single one that gets murdered by another one.
dont you worry abut it mate let the psychopaths get on with themselves...
or just keep lying for no reason...if your a pscyhopath then that is what you will do.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone else on here used to be an Antisocial Personality. I had,in my mind, an excuse for ever lie I ever told, everything I ever stole, every time I selfishly disregarded others. I felt guilt quite often, but I wouldn't admit it to anyone, not even to myself. I suffered for the guilt of vandalizing the homes and cars of others. I needed excitement, and for others to feel bad, because I thought about killing myself every single day. I was not socially adept, though. I couldn't read others' feelings or get along with them. Then when I was 15, I read an article on this BBS named Avatar OnLine. It claimed that once a psychopath was aged 15, "the clay has hardened." I learned to actually avoid lying, and consciously feel bad, although sometimes only when I got caught. My associates stayed psychopaths...they never learned anything. I like this blog, it's unlike any other I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

peacebreacher...go book yourself in for a psych examination...

Anonymous said...


he's already explained the differences between aspergers and psychopathy. Do a little more study before you diagnose people online. This guys is what he says he is, he's studied his own condition for three years so he should know. And besides, you don't get diagnosed with psychopathy by experts in the prison system if you have aspergers. Come on already. They could PERHAPS make that mistake the first time, but not three times with years in between.

Anonymous said...

currently an antisocial personality, and it will end soon enough, I am coming out the other side of something, but no, am not going to develop normalness, but yes a few feelings are freeing up.