Friday, May 30, 2014

The Odd Hang-Ups Of Psychopaths.

This short video was posted as a link by Sam Vaknin on Facebook. I thought I'd leave a few words of my own about it, so they come here...

This is a tad sensationalist in my opinion - notice the music - and I have to question the finalism of the statements about us not being able to feel anything at all. But all in all this little video sums up the more differentiating traits of psychopathy pretty well.

On a side note, the video ends with a picture of the character Patrick Bateman from the movie 'American Psycho' (a film version of the novel 'American Psycho') who has a hang up about small imperfections that he can't seem to get past. In one scene in the book, f.x., he is talking with a female friend/co-worker of his and all he can think of is how she has this little mole or a birth mark or something that most people might find charming at best but otherwise uninteresting, but which to Patrick just represents a sign of imperfection, and he almost misses what the conversation they're having is about because he can't focus on anything else but how annoying that small birthmark is and why doesn't she have it removed, etc etc.

Now when I watched the movie there was this small imperfection that really, really annoyed me: The lead character's - Patrick Bateman's - make up is made up so as to make his lower lip appear thinner than it really is, and you can see it (or I can see it) fairly clearly in every close up shot throughout the film. For some reason this is one example of a minor cause for annoyance that sometimes can make me loose focus, not to the point of missing what is going on or what is being talked about but to the point that it really does bother me.

I decided to write this not so much because I thought that 
getting hung up on little details a psychopathic trait per se, but on further thinking about it I see that maybe there's something to it. It is a fact that psychopaths are known for having odd or peculiar personal Hang-Ups, things that seem almost OCD like but which are revealed to have nothing to do with OCD when you find there's only one situation or type of situation where they get hung up on details and doing things a certain way.

Why we have these hand-ups is a subject for another article that will write once I've done a little more research into the nature of the phenomenon.

Either way, the reason I did write about Patrick Bateman's hang-ups, which I found silly and couldn't understand why he didn't simply got past it and moved on, is that I found it funny when I realized that I myself have silly hang-ups too, in the present case with the imperfection of the Bateman character's make-up, and that was just too funny to pass by, so I wrote this little piece about it.

Note that you shouldn't take this article too seriously, I am nothing like Patrick Bateman! This article is meant to be funny. '^L^,


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh.

I have lots of little things that bug me, many things I'm just not going to compromise on.
I hold things like physical beauty highly, and am sort of psychologically disgusted at ugliness.

Sometimes people think I'm up tight, but in reality I think it comes down to being extreme and being a lone wolf,a low tolerance for frustration and common sense being in contrast to the main stream environment.

Anonymous said...

I really like Sam Vaknin's videos on Narcissism - he totally nails the condition. At times Psychopaths may appear to have the same outputs as narcissists but for very different reasons. I don't know about others but I hate/ have contempt for narcissistic personalities - not least for the lack of effort they are able to put into anything except the gathering of attention.

Anonymous said...

just watched the video, how can u approve of this filth at all, it just feeds negative stereotypes and misinformation.

Anonymous said...

The video is not posted by Sam Vaknin... the person wan't to be seen as an intellect. Does not post childish stuff like this video.

Zhawq said...

Anon May 31. 6:16 AM:

"The video is not posted by Sam Vaknin"

I have corrected the error. Vaknin posted a link to the video, not the video itself.


Anon May 31. 2:58 AM:

"I really like Sam Vaknin's videos on Narcissism"

I find Vaknin - especially as a narcissist - to be exhibiting a rare level of candidness. This along with his extensive knowledge about Narcissism makes his texts and videos a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the condition.

I do however encourage people to also look into psychopathy as Sam Vaknin's descriptions sometimes overlap, which may have it's cause in the fact that he has both conditions but have found out about the psychopathy part late - as is the case for so many of us.