Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Managing Anger, Prison & Comedy.

Back, finally. After the last Psychopathy Research Series I meant to write some updates of what has been taking place since I published my last articles. But I didn't get that far. On the very same day that I had announced my next posting police came to my apartment and took me back first to jail and to the establishment where the research is usually taking place. But they did more than that, they also took my computer - promising I would get it back undamaged, but of course this didn't happen, I've had to buy a new computer once again along with all the programs and shit.

Anyway, one of the reasons they told me I was being withheld was that I hadn't been living up to my promise about providing written material (which I do here at this website) for the sake of further research for people and experts with interest in psychopathy around the world. But giving the fact that I do battle dyslexia and ADHD-like symptoms along with great difficulty dealing with feelings of under-stimulation while at the same time I am required and expected to keep coming up with something new to give them, I found their argument to be unfair to say the least.

There was also another thing: Everybody who knows anything about this website also knows that one of the major interests of my Readers is to hear more about the Psychopathy Research Program that I am participating in, but I have been hindered by legal issues that boils down to me having had t sign an agreement that I not speak or let out any details about what takes place in the experiments and test series.

Sure, a lot of it most of you can probably guess - brain scans and so on - but there's a lot of newer and more innovative things as well that I just don't understand why people shouldn't know about. Psychopaths who read my articles won't be able to use it to beat the system, legal, psychiatric or otherwise, so it can only have to do with private research companies being involved and not wanting others to learn what they find out. And that means it is no longer for the greater good, it is no longer about learning about psychopathy in order to help the population at large getting access to more knowledge about us (the psychopaths) and our ways, how we function i.e., and it can't be about seeking answers that may be helpful to those who are born with the genetical make-up and grow up under the circumstances that create psychopathy in a person.

When I signed the papers vowing to not tell anything about the Psychopathy Research Program, I did so under the pretence that it was an internationally based non-profit research program (though I was aware it involved states and governments), so when I was put in the situation I described above, being held incarcerated because I didn't write enough for them (and, I regret to say, for my Readers), I became angry and stubborn. I refused to write another word until I was allowed to tell at least something about the test series or experiments I've been subjected to.

It's cost me a month in prison, give or take, but I eventually have been given the go-ahead to reveal a little now. I will tell you more in my next article and end this one with a few words about the movie I've included in this article...

The name of the movie is Anger Management, directed by Peter Segal, starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler. It's a comedy, but it's one of rather few comedies that I actually find entertaining.

It's about a very normal man played by Adam Sandler, who via a series of mistakes and injustices ends up being sentenced to a course in Anger management lead by a psychiatrist (or psychologist) with expertise in the field played by Jack Nicholson.

Jack Nicholson's character is a psychopath, which David (Adam Sandler) soon realizes, but what he only realizes in the end is that Doc Rydell - Jack Nicholson's character - isn't merely a psychopath, he is a good and a very clever guy indeed, who uses untraditional methods part of which involves a very strong tendency towards controlling everything and everybody around him (including his patients), who more or less completely lacks inhibition along with having the willingness to cut legal corners whenever it serves a purpose. Indeed, Rydell is the hero in this movie, and I can't help but love it for showing that psychopaths aren't always the bad guys.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, finally, your back.
And so readable, like I was speaking myself.
On the topic of not always being the bad guy....

I once told a good psychologist that I have a dream/fantasy that at a point in time to come very soon, the universe will be at a precise point when, the energy all lines up and there will be an opportunity for psychopaths to take the power back.

All our eyes will light up simultaneously, we will all innately know, and we will seize the day then and there.

We will seize it away from the corrupt governments, individuals, and organisations like the illuminati, and restore balance to this tilted world that leaves our kind with little opportunity to be happy and free, while brain washing and enslaving the flock through money, religion, media and force. And leaving this beautiful planet of ours on the brink of destruction.

Let the day come, when we are the saviors, and not just for our own best interest, but all the good people too.

....my psychologist agrees that we would given the chance

Illuminance said...

It's good to have you back. Don't let them fuck with you if you're having ADHD-like motivation issues. It's really quite amazing that even the researchers on the cutting edge don't practice the knowledge that our type of motivation and learning comes from reward and not punishment, and that punishment will generally only cause rebellion.

Illuminance said...

Anonymous April 9, 2014 at 1:32 AM

Have you ever read any of Nietzsche's philosophy? In "Thus Spake Zarathustra" he writes about the ubermensch (overman, superman). The ubermensch has a lot of shared characteristics with a low scoring psychopath, or something just below it.

It's what the Nazis misinterpreted, and gave them their supreme aryan race views. It's supposed to be about bringing mankind up and out of weakness by helping rather than doing it by simply exterminating the weak. The ubermensch are supposed to be teachers, not killers.

Laura said...

Hi Zawk, I'm glad you're back...Wich doesn't actually surprise me, 'cause you always come back, somehow.
The movie you mentioned is one I have to watch I think :)

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Germany

and also glad you are back. I like the movie.

Anonymous said...

ZHAWQ, as cluey as you are, adhd and all, write some fucking more !!! If you were a car in front of me I would be wishing for a microphone so I could scream, hurry the fuck up. Many of us are a bit impatient, hyperactive,dislexic and impulsive ourselves, to give us much useful info as you have and then promise without giving, taking months at a time, if you were a chook you would have been eaten already. Please, get your act together, I could cook you last night if you get my drift

Lena S. said...

I kinda feel the same way as the poster above mine do. But I think it goes to show how difficult some things can be for psychopaths, things that wouldn't be so difficult for the rest of us.

I mean Anon above me, I don't think he does it on purpose, I just think he really has problems with it and with consistency. But Zhawq I want you to know that I think you're really getting better, a lot better at writing and I think you can write a book if you get the time and someone to publish it.

It pays off the work you've done, Zhawq and it's important work. Please keep posting articles!

Anonymous said...

I know all about that, just venting my frustration

Anonymous said...

I started my own blog of a similar nature if anyone is interested



Anonymous said...

Have you considered that the reason they don't want the research divulged might be that the Psychopathic Elite who rule us are funding it?

BTW it's great to have U back!

rviper said...

Zhawk, can you describe yourself as cynical or jaded? Whats your usual perspective?

Ukan said...

I'll tell you what I find amazing Zhawk... The mere fact that your readers actually believe the shit that you spew.

You're not a psychopath. Nor are you a good writer. You didn't go to jail, and you've not killed anyone. You don't keep getting locked up by some special elite who demand you write more on your blog. Why would they even do that anyway? It's ridiculous! That fantasy of yours is actually the most comical so far. Which is exactly what you are: A fantasist. And even you're seeing the cracks in the wild stories you tell, which is exactly why you don't write so often about your supposed psychopathy - because it doesn't exist and you're dishearten with yourself for being such a faker.

Just tell the truth Zhawk, it's liberating. I promise. :)

Anonymous said...

^WE can tell otherwise dip shit. WE know, and we know your kind too. Go beat up your girlfriend if you found a dog stupid enough to look up to you and believe a word that comes out of you stupid ignorant fucking mouth.

Illuminance said...


Regardless if Zhawq is a fake, as you claim, his posts are very consistent with everything I know of psychopathy. The nature of creating a blog and sharing his information is generally not, but we don't know his reasons for doing it. A psychopath could see a lot of reward in revealing everything to the public, especially if everyone already knows of the diagnosis. If you're already at rock bottom in the eyes of society, then the only way to go is up, right?

Anonymous said...

You know, Illuminance, a lot of people bought a lot of shit about Zhawq a few years back and Ukan was one of them. He keeps trying to predict Zhawq and he keeps getting it wrong, but he can't admit failure so he keeps playing the same old record. It's ridiculous. If you can't see after three years that Zhawq is for real there's gotta be something wrong with you. Nobody goes on writing a blog like this for so long if there's nothing to it.

"Some people treat psychopathy as if it's a badge of honor. It isn't, it just is." Zhawq said that and he's right. You don't intimidate us Ukan and you definately don't intimidate Zhawq, you just look like a fool for keeping trying.

Illuminance said...

I don't think I'll truly understand why some people hold grudges and seek revenge. Why they let the person they blame for taking away their control in the past continue to control their motivations in the present is beyond me. Just stupidity, I guess.

Anonymous said...

^ ever had anger u cant get rid of ?
Or someone fucked things up for you substantially and your just not willing to let it go unpunished ?

There my reasons, I usually loose the motivation with most things pretty quick though.

Khan sounds like a sociopath that hates himself, this being his root cause for attempting petty emotional games

Anonymous said...

Zhawq is most definitely a psychopath. There is no way three years of his blog posts can be denied, if you've read them. He has a lot to offer those who are truly interested and willing to listen to what he says, and who able to read between the lines.

Why he keeps this blog is *somewhat* of a mystery, but don't look a gift horse in the mouth! How many psychopaths are willing to give you a glimpse into how their mind works? None that I know of (except for Dr. James Fallon, who sugarcoats it and is chock full of shit).

Zhawq has murdered people, done hard time in prison, and is at the mercy of a system that can remand him to a forensic psych unit whenever and for however long it wants. He has told it like it is, how psychopathy has basically destroyed his life and the lives of others, yet he keeps writing because he has something more to say. Writers gotta write, after all. And those who want to know about the psychopathic mind keep reading.

Anonymous said...

Is this guy Ukan for real?

Or personal grudge much?