Friday, November 4, 2011

Love Thyself And Never A Psychopath!

I've been rather busy this week and haven't had time to write much at all despite the fact that I have some very good questions and suggestions that I plan to publish articles about in the time to come.
But I didn't think my busy schedule should keep me from writing altogether, so I thought we'd have a bit of fun for once. It isn't much, but it's made a few folks chuckle, so here goes...

A Reader asks:
I read somewhere that psychopaths don't have humor. Is it true in your opinion? Would you be able to write something funny or make a joke on the spot if you had to?

According to Robert Hare in 'Snakes in Suits' or 'Without Conscience', psychopaths will to the potential subject (or victim):

Communicate indirectly four statements of seduction
  • I like who you are.
  • I'm just like you.
  • Your secrets are safe with me.
  • I'm the perfect partner/lover/friend/business partner/i.e. for you.

Now that gave me an idea:

How to make somebody fall in love with themselves
  • Tell them you love everything about them and just for who they are.
  • Tell them you're just like them, you understand them through and through (sympathize).
  • Tell them they can trust you with their lives, because the two of you are so close, soul mates.
  • Tell them you're the perfect partner, friend, lover, and soul mate, etc..
Subconsciously this is like telling them you ARE them and that's why you/they are so perfect and loveable. Ergo, if they fall in love with you, they basically fall in love with themselves.
Now you may tell them who they fell in love with and they can go home and live happily ever after.

Ideally this would be the perfect way to solve all problems in the world. There would be no more psychopath victims, no more psychopaths needed being hunted, eliminated, put to prison, etc.

And best of all: If it is the psychopaths who bring this ingenious solution to the knowledge of the world and make it take effect, make it become real, then psychopaths will no longer be Society's Enemy Nb.1. We will instead be The Heroes & Saviors of Humanity.

Now how about that! Do my readers think psychopaths would dig such a position, eh?... Of course, solutions always give birth to new problems.

We would have to deal with all the Narcissists' envious rage.
There would also be a problem with everybody suddenly demanding it be made common citizen's right to beget children via method of cloning.
The sex toy industry would have the time of their lives, of course. But then, they've had the time of their lives since man left the Garden of Eden.
I'm sure my Readers can think of more examples... '^L^,


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't work, increasings someones self-esteem to that level is hard work, harder than you think. I've tried it with my girlfriend (who has bdp), and I'm starting to think it can't happen.

Anonymous said...

Zhawq! Seriously this is a great, superior post. :)


RJ said...


I like who you are.
I'm just like you.
Your secrets are safe with me.
I'm the perfect partner/lover/friend/business partner/i.e. for you.

These are all red flags.....with fireworks, that many good, unsuspecting individuals fall for, and want to hear, therefore they
blindly, fall into a trap. What's the proper term..... subliminal, hypnosis?

Here's one you might want to add, and was told to me, many years ago:
"You can search the world over and not find a better person than I. You will never do better than me."

Anonymous said...

"I am the sanest woman you have ever been with/will ever be with"

True but not really, and a challenge.

But a lie.

Psychopath said...


Anonymous said...

Is this an attempt to be funny? If so, all I want to know is if it made Zhawq laugh or if it was purely meant for others to laugh at. Why are psychopaths so obsessed with language and saying things when words OBVIOUSLY have no meaning to them? Is it because they like to talk and say whatever they want without being challenged because it makes them feel big and strong?

Anonymous said...

I must say your posts became too boring and too academic.I'm sure it serves the purpose though. So good for you!

Psychopath said...

//too boring and too academic.//

With that said, why bother posting ? Do you feel the need for approval? or permission not to continue reading ?

Anonymous said...

What's the difference between the two sets of statements, other than that the latter has some added sugar in it?

Anonymous said...

Gee wiz, Zhawq has been academic and easy to read a lot. Why complain? His purpose is written throughout the blog. Ask who his audience might be and you may put things together for yourself.

Anonymous said...


Your relationship is in the way of your girfriend's progress. Don't try to be her therapist. It won't work. it's not your job. She may resent you.

Anonymous said...

hehe, nice article, fun and funny.
I had never had it broken down quite like that
you make me sound so manipulative

Anonymous said...

So are you saying your response to this reader was a lie and a joke?

Maybe the joke's on you, Zhawq, because what you said has the potential (or maybe more than just potential)to be really profound to certain people. Too bad you had to devalue yourself here in an attempt to find humor.

I think you meant what you said.

Please clarify if I have misinterpreted your post.