Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let Psychopaths Provide Psychopathy Information. (Part 2)

Being antisocial is not an attitude or a behavior you are born with. In fact, you are not born with any social attitude, only with a more or less prominent tendency to seek socializing and a more or less dominant knack for understanding psychological dynamics and motivations in others and for learning the social rules so as to gain ourselves influential positions (if perhaps for most often only temporarily).

Whether or not you develop an attitude of contempt and disregard towards the norm and the law of mainstream society depends on your experiences during your upbringing. And your upbringing is closely linked with how your general surroundings interact with you. If your surroundings do not understand you, or do not acknowledge you and what you represent, that you are a person and your emotions or lack thereof are as real, and your thoughts as valid, as those of other kids and family members, then you're much more likely to also not acknowledge your surroundings and what they represent, what they feel and think.

Psychopaths are usually extrovert and we have dominant personalities. This means we seek social interaction. We are curious and want to learn, as do most human children, and social education is a central part of the learning process which starts very early in any child's life. But in our society social education is geared towards the norm, towards the neurotypical, the normal. And this is in my view where the main issue lies when we talk about the 'psychopath problem' in present day society.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of making education about psychopathy available to everybody, not only neurotypical normal people, but to the psychopathic individuals themselves, and education should begin in childhood! My reasons in this are twofold, because both normal people and the psychopaths will benefit, and that means society as a whole will benefit!

If everybody from early on learn that not everybody are neurotypical, and that being neurotypical or normal, as well as being atypical or abnormal, are both part of our species and of what it means to be human - we all belong on the same spectrum that I call The Human Condition - then normal people will grow up with an awareness they do not have now, and perhaps even more importantly: Psychopathic individuals will be met with an acknowledgement and understanding that adult psychopaths at present didn't experience when we were children.

This is my claim: Psychopaths become antisocial largely because we are met with ignorance and because our emotional life and the way we experience reality - right from the beginning when we begin to become self aware as children - does not get acknowledged by our caretakers, nor by others who represent the norm.

I, as a psychopath, have a passion... - Okay, passion is a large word to use for someone like myself, my 'passion' is to some extent a drive by the legal spur from the psychopathy research program I am part of, but it's no less genuine even so. - So let's say I have acquired a drive to educate myself. And now, as a result, only a few months into my research, I have a better and more profound understanding of my condition and of the role psychopathy plays in the greater context of society and the world as a whole, than any clinical psychologist will ever be able to gain...

It's not because he is less intelligent than I am, it's because he is not a psychopath. And this enables me to provide information, to help educate others on the subject of psychopathy, that only someone like myself have the ability to do. And I do hope my knowledge will benefit everybody, not only neurotypical, normal people, nor only psychopaths and people of other related conditions, but everybody who has a genuine interest in learning, no matter where you come from, what you social status is, and especially no matter what group of society as a personality type or sub-type you belong to.

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Psychopath said...

Hear hear.

I am always trying to find people with experiance to sit down with and chat. I would like to learn more too. But it seems my offers to talk with the "pros" go no where. It seems unless the other is making money from it, they are not interested.

Andreas said...

I am surprised to see so few comments here...
I still worry over the paradox... A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. If they can identify us, without being able to understand us...that makes us vulnerable. If they could truly identify us, meaning understand us, we would not be perceived as any particular threat.

I whole heartedly agree with your assessment. While you and I has similar minds, our experiences have made us different people.

Anonymous said...

I have only recently really really found out, what a psycopath is. I am interested beyond belief, because like most I always associated the term with serial killer or someone EXTREMELY bizzar in every way. I lived with a psycopath or narcissist for many many many years and could never remotely figure out what the deal was with him. EDUCATION is essential. You have to understand that the revelation of what my situation has had an impact equal to one discovering he is really a female after having been made to belief the opposite. My awe is inconceivable! To me the predicament seems like one where someone tells a person who has never had sight what the sun or beach looks like.....Just too abstract. I still can't believe this.....

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly agree....education is key. I find myself continually and trying to educate my family members on the subject. Until they understand the difference they can't meet me half way. Which is always the way, people assume that all is equal and they have done they're 50%, but in reality the have done it all on their ground, they didn't reach me at all. The alienation you speak of turns my personal feelings and position colder and harsher. I have tried all my life in this regard, eventually the cooky crumbles away. In this way I think an alienated psychopath also can become a sociopath. Now that is dangerous!