Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Psychopathic vs. Normal Perspectives.

The truth about psychopaths is not so black and white as many people believe.

Let me illustrate how easy it is, without having to lie or manipulate the truth, to turn tables about what we think we know: 

Normal People's Truth
  • Psychopaths are supposed to feel less strongly than normal people. They have a shallow emotional life.
  • Psychopaths have a short range of emotions. They are in this way somewhat emotionally primitive.
  • Psychopaths do not really Love others. Their emotions are often only sexual in nature. They are in a way like animals who only are driven by instinct.
  • Psychopaths are supposed to be strongly attracted to excitement, extreme experiences - they use the phrasing thrill seeking.
  • Psychopaths are also supposed to have low tolerance for lack of stimulation - they use the word boredom.
  • Psychopaths have no emotions, which can be observed in various tests - their physical functions don't change under emotionally triggering stimuli (and everybody know that it is the physical responses, and not the psychological perception or interpretation, that matters! (Right?)

Let's see what happens if we interpret this differently...

The Psychopath's Truth
  • Psychopaths feel just as strongly as normal people, but we feel strongly about other things.
  • Psychopaths have just as many and varied emotions as normal people, but their emotions are not always the same as normal people's. We are aware that normal people have emotions we do not have, but they seem to completely overlook the emotions we have and which they do not have. When they notice such emotions, they dismiss them as less worthy or good.
  • Psychopaths do not build mythical emotions over sexuality, they do not have the moral basis to feel such a need. To psychopaths normal people seem like animals, easily controllable because they're driven by instinct.
  • Psychopaths have an unusual emotional depth which makes basis for a much stronger need to experience all life's extremes. Because psychopaths need stronger stimulation they are dependent upon much more inspiring input than are normal people.
  • Psychopaths suffer far more if their emotional depth is not stimulated and inspired.
  • Psychopaths can tolerate far more stress than normal people, which can be observed in various tests - blood pressure/flow, startle response, sweat, etc.


Anonymous said...

Hello Zhawq - thank you for continuing to write. In the end, your website serves as a better educational resource for psychopaths than anyone else, which is unfortunate in some ways, but it is something I thank you for.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck.
ANONS who slander this blog,
Zhawq is giving an excitement to readers,
when you are giving only an irritation.

both writer and readers are enjoying the posts here,
it's a great way to spend your spare time to read them,

EVEN if things written here COULD be not true,

they are still much better and clever than your silly childish comments, slanderes here are totally baseless, do not have any detail or solid proof for their slander.

do you really know about psychopathy? I am quite sure that what you only know about psychopathy is something you've seen from movies that you regard such thing would not exist, that you do not believe in Zhawq, or you are too jealous that you cannot be fun and special like Zhawq.
I am worried,
do you not have any other fun in your life to spend your time besides writing slanderous comments anonymously online?
You just found something like a psychopath in you!
oh, how pathetic.
oh and it's not like a serious formal place which everything MUST BE TRUE, the reader decide whether to believe or not what's written in the blogs. If you needed only solid, reliable sources of information and readings, why do you not go read some encyclopedia, a newspaper or some blogs of 'non attention seekers'?
if you just need some 'shit' to deride, I am quite sure you could find better 'shit' to deride and slander in other places online. :)
Cheers Zhawq!

Anonymous said...

ah, if there's anything like a 'non attention seeking' blog
you could find

please share with me!

wow Zhawq you are like a celebrity even in online! People slander you without any solid base or proof.

I have been so bored until I found this blog, thank you for making this blog Zhawq. you saved me from boredom. though the irritating comments here make me reluctant
to come here,
I don't want to be so irritated by inferiors, at least not HERE!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I really wish everyone would put some rellevent posts up. This sight is real useful to me, it's a pain finding anyone who thinks like I do, and it's a nice change when u don't get all the emotional rubbish chucked in with the info. If u don't like the site piss off!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Who Zhawk "actually is" is irrelevant - and "exposing" him as such would, ironically, fit him into the image of a psychopath more. He is providing the resources that I need, and that is all I care about, which is not for you to judge.

Anonymous said...

It is for me to judge. It's not for you to judge if you don't judge.

Who the fuck do you think you are to tell another who they can or can't judge?


You're just the moron using a post to support themselves.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree.
the images and posts here are wonderful.
I really thank Zhawq for providing me such a good materials to enjoy.


Misanthrope said...
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Anonymous said...

I said that, me, Y,
and I mean it, zhawq is special and fun,
he really can excite me when I am bored, saved me from frustration, he is a good, wise adviser. At least, he doesn't accuse someone else for something that is not true
I wrote it, that he is special and fun.
you are slandering Zhawq for something that is not true. As an adult, you should feel sorry for that.
You insulted/slandered other person for something he didn't do.

you love all the gossips, and negative baseless rumors against celebrities, don't you Misanthrope?

I am really irritated now to confirm that you are actually accusing Zhawq for something that is not true.

I like Zhawq.
Whatever he is,
I respect him more than I respect rude, typical slanderers.

Anonymous said...

The last kind of people I'd ever respect or want to get close to, are
the ones who witch hunt.
So weak and contemptible.

Zhawq said...

Anon 2:21:

You know you're pathetic when you have to write your own thank you comments.

I agree. But I also suspect you know I haven't done this. Either way, you're attempting to discredit me without founding.

Anon Derrick,

thank you for sharing. You will have to find more satisfying resources yourself, however.

Anon 2:07:

A bullshit artist is what this person is and it is necessary to let all who come here know.

Unlike you I believe my readers are capable of deciding what to think on their own. This is what I base my writings on, this is why I write not only for scholars and researchers.

You're entitled to your opinion, but don't pretend to know better than any other reader.

Those who want to read facts interspersed with opinion and then re-couched as factual may do so.

These are my experiences and I don't pretend otherwise. Your critique is unfounded.

Anon 3:55:

Note Zhawq none of this is flaming, naming, or slander. I just posted two blogs. If you delete this comment you're admitting to it having something to do with you.

In case you haven't noticed, being associated with a known psychopath is highly stigmatizing, and I am not one to allow you to decide who should be named at my domain.
Furthermore, these individuals have been named as part of slanderous attempts, and you know it.

Anon 10:25:

You're just the moron using a post to support themselves.

Neither you nor anybody else who visit this domain have the authority to decide what motives others may have for posting.
I have already stated my policy in this regard, keep it in mind.

Misanthrope said...
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Zhawq said...

Anon 10:25,

I forgot to mention: I love Poe and Vincent Price was a great interpreter. I take it you're familiar with Annabel Lee and the others, yes? :)


are you just trying to trick everyone into thinking that there are still some people around who have an ounce of respect for you?

If you don't know by now that I don't have to trick anybody into thinking anything, then you are the sad one, my friend.

I mean come on Zwang. Do you have any idea how see through you are?

If this is so, then what is this problem that you seem to be incapable of getting over?

Don't you see that You are the one who seems to lack substance in your life, not me?!

You know I couldn't even give a shit about the truth.

Oh that much is clear!

I suggest you write me via mail from now on when you want to tell me the things that you think you know anything about me.

Your comments have become disruptive and annoying to the other readers, so unless you have something of relevance to contribute with, I'm going to remove your comments from here on forward.

Anonymous said...

Or you could just block the writers who you prefer not to comment here, eh?

M.M. said...

Anonymous, I don't think you can block people on Blogger. Otherwise I think he would've.

I love what you write Zhawq. Really like hearing things from the opposite point of view and not just the psychologists who earn their living by being politically correct.

I'll tell you why this post made any doubt disappear for me. My sister's husband is also a diagnosed psychopath, and he's said the same things as you do.

He said that normal people not being able to deal with the real highs and lows in life because they don't have the psychological depth it takes. He also showed us that psychopaths have power over their own behavior if there's strong enough incentive. He also said the same thing that you say about psychopaths can be more abusive than normal people, but also more pleasant and lovely than normal people. He also said like you that he can spot other psychopaths, only the most intelligent can slip under his radar if they want, but the unintelligent ones can't.

And psychopaths have very strong drives and are very competitive, but you can be stubborn like chidlren when you get an idea into your heads. But he said the really strong and intelligent psychopaths behave like normal people when in public, and they find their thrills and gratification in private.

I asked him why he couldn't be nice to my sister and everybody else at home and privately. He said it takes strength and focus, and that what I really should ask him was why he could behave like normal people when in public, not why he couldn't when he wasn't in public. So I asked, and he said it's because there's something I really, really want. I want to get the highest paid job in the in (name) business, because that's what'll make me one of the richest and most powerful men in the (name)!"

He says that he can tell who the strongest and most intelligent psychopaths are by watching how far they can push themselves to behave normally without falling for the temptation to be antisocial, abusive or criminal, or get into fights (both in real life and on the net).
The real strong and intelligent psychopaths behave like normal people in public and find their thrills and gratification in private.

Most of this he said already 3 or 4 years ago. And I admit I didn't believe him, not until I read your blog. Then my sister just told me she read a book where psychopaths are quoted. Not for the exact same things, but the same logic. It's amazing, I thought like everyone else that everything a psychopath says is a lie. But if everything in this blog is a lie, then everybody lie, no matter what they say.

Great you show how everything depends on what people believe, until we start using logic. Logic don't care about what others think or write, it don't care if the whole world start blaming and flaming you. And neither do I!

Anonymous said...

i don't believe in zhawq anymore, but misanthrope is just a shit stirring sociopath, so don't like him either.

Anonymous said...

Anons if you're actually real and not ZWAQ, you're right for everything except Zhawq ISN'T a psychopath, there's solid proof of this and the sad thing is after being outed she still tries to continue her little spin of lies. I thought the same thing too about all the flamers until I saw actual proof, and realized they were right all along, Zhawq is unfortunately a liar.

Anonymous said...

I agree with M.M. I've known a real life psychopath as well, and if Zhawq isn't the real deal, then he's got amazing insight about it because this is exactly how they think and act. Whatever the truth, this blog is a valuable source of information - I am convinced that the author has better insight about it than for example Dr. Hare, whether he is a psychopath or someone who just knows his field extremely well.

Anonymous said...

Oh -I tried to make a comment the other day but it was asking me for my name and I didn't want to use it so I didn't comment. I'm glad I can now.

Anonymous said...


This is a great site, in my opinion, and I certainly wish it had been brought to my attention, sooner.

Keep up the great work.

Sal said...

Anon 2:24,

That's your proof?

These are nothing but assumptions! You don't know who wrote such things or why they did it, you don't even know if Zhawq knows these people!

But you have made up your mind. You're doing exactly what he said you would do.

This is pointless.

Anonymous said...

"That's your proof?"

No, you haven't seen the proof despite us posting is many times because Zhawq always makes sure to delete every comment with those links. If she had nothing to hide, she'd "man" up and show the links and give an explanation. She knows she can't do that cuz there's no explanation. Zhawq you're boring to argue with, maybe you have a dissociative personality where you truly believe you are a psychopath and you have support on this matter. Sad.

Anonymous said...

"nobody has taken your side on this."

You know you're really something, anon. Lots of people have taken his side and we've written it in a lot of posts. But you just go and say it's Zhawq who wrote every comment. How do we know it isn't you writing all the comments against him?

You're the one in denial, not him!

Anonymous said...

You keep asking for proof. There've been two of us already telling you we know him (well, have met him anyway) in private, but you just say we're all lying.

You're a moron, anon. Yea, I said it, but it's the truth. It's your own fault he doesn't bother with you!

Anonymous said...

Always confront liars...

When the vapid ones get caught. Always treat them with the utmost disrespect for being stupid enough to get caught.

And this Zwak has been caught many times in her games.

She was hauled out from under the rock of lies she was hiding under at 4degreez :)


Zhawq said...

I had to allow this one to stay for a day or two...

Always confront liars...

When the vapid ones get caught. Always treat them with the utmost disrespect for being stupid enough to get caught.

And this Zwak has been caught many times in her games.

She was hauled out from under the rock of lies she was hiding under at 4degreez :)


Always confront liars, eh, Derrick?

I already know you better than you will ever know me!

But everybody knows you are one of those who lie the most, that you have so many alternate personae on every forum that people have lost count. However, that's not the topic of this post.

You told MrBlake that you wanted to have a tete-a-tete with me at 4Degreez. I indulged you, and came to 4Degreez where you had left a post for me. I replied politely. Then you got cold feet and told me you were "off the the links" (whatever that meant). So I left.
That offended you.

And that's why you hate me.

So you came here to "track me" down, hoping you could prove something I didn't want others to know. I wasn't concerned. After all, everything you could possibly find was left there for that very purpose - not by me, but by people I know and who are helping me in a number of ways.

You know, Derrick, one of your great weaknesses is that you under estimate people. :)

You actually thought I wouldn't remove texts and information I didn't want others to find and read? Well apparently you did.

You are not the first. ;)

But I suspect you realized your error. Only, it was too late because you had already left a comment boasting about your findings... that I'm an old lady with eating disorder and autism,... and signed it with your name.

The problem with your plan is that no matter how persistently and eloquently you slander and accuse me of lying, you can't convince the whole world.

And I am not interested in those who buy your claims without even attempting to consider alternative possibilities, despite the fact they have been there for all to see all along.

Do you see the irony, Derrick?

I will keep making new friends with people who are intelligent and interested in learning new things, and who have bright futures.

Whereas you will sit back with the AsPDers who are either too stupid to think for themselves, or who hated me for their own reasons before you came along. In other words: The very people that you already despise!


So I guess, in a sense, that you won. You earned the prize: The favor of a handful of antisocial personality disordered sociopaths.
May it become you well.

What a sad victory!

Andreas said...

I really enjoyed this post! There are some of the things that I will be focusing on, once I have a little more time. It reminds me of a quote from "Without a Conscience" by robert hare phd.

"Be aware of who the victim is. Psychopaths often give the impression that it is they who are suffering and that it is the victims who are to blame for their misery. But they [psychopaths] are suffering a lot less than you are, and for different reasons. Don't waste your sympathy on them; their problems are not in the same league as yours. Theirs stem primarily from not getting what they want, whereas yours result from a physical, emotional, or financial pounding." p216

Your point, perfectly illustrated. Getting what I want means so much more to me than most people would believe. I find it difficult to believe that people are so easily able to discount our desires.

* Psychopaths suffer far more if their emotional depth is not stimulated and inspired.

Their belief that we are hollow, and pathological liars often leaves us in the dark. I find it hard to believe that not "getting what they want" is not viewed as equally intolerable, by others.
(My only guess would be that other things in life fill that space, making it more tolerable.)

On a side note: It makes me wonder if I'd care more about people, if they had the capacity to actually fulfill me.

Psychopath said...

//Who the fuck do you think you are to tell another who they can or can't judge?


Somebody imagines something does not mean it actually exists, it just means they're capable of imagining things. To show existence you need evidence of existence, not evidence that humans are capable of imagining things. But thanks for sharing your delusion, I'm sure your personal invisible friend is happy for you.

Anonymous said...

You people are evil. If a man cant experience the full range of human emotion, he is not actually a man but a demonic soulless beast, sent to earth from hell by the devil so he can have more of a negative influence on the innocent. Your incapable of emotion because you have probably committed terrible sins in a past life that forced god to shun you from anything holy such as emotions or a connection to real humans. You can all suck my dick then burn in hell when your done being the devils bitch on earth.

.:::TCO:::. said...

So very pleasant of you Anon 6:39pm. And you are calling them evil ? lol


P.s insults don't bother them... like you mentioned, they don't have emotions. So... does that make you a delusional religious idiot for trying ?

.:::TCO:::. said...

People are judgmental of others to take the feelings of inadequacy off themselves. It's an expression of denial displayed outwardly.

Andreas said...

@anonymous 12/8/2011

An interesting idea is brought up here; "Having no emotions". Some people are so quick to assume that any differences are the source of one's negative behaviour.

Not "having emotions" means that I would be incapable of some of that illustrious love that people speak of but it also prevents me from experiencing the passionate condemnation that you are demonstrating. Simply put, I am not capable of hating someone, as you are.

Both Passion and Callousness are excellent vehicles for 'evil'.

And yes, such an insult has no effect :)

Anonymous said...

@ The Chosen One

I appreciate your comments here and at SW. If you have questions about the drama that continues, I encourage you to write Zhawq directly and give him some time to respond. You will, however, find the answer to your question in this blog.

.:::TCO:::. said...

My cozy seat in the nosebleed section of the park allows me the best view.

Anonymous said...

thank you to our host, another concise and well pointed piece. Its like a breath of fresh air round here