Sunday, August 21, 2011

Psychopaths And Power.

One of the questions I have been asked from time to time is this:
Why is it so easy for you to gain Power and power over people? What's your secret?

It is not an easy question to answer with a few words or even in a single article, but I can give you a few words that are of importance:

Emotions are at the heart of everything we do. Wishing is an emotion, and so is feeling delight at achieving or owning something. This is no different when we talk about Power, about wanting, acquiring, and keeping Power.

If you want power, you need Victories - not one Victory, but many, ongoing and persistently new Victories. The first and most crucial victory you must win is the Victory Over Yourself. You have probably heard this said before, or have read it, and it is a universal truth that all powerful people know intimately.

As a psychopath I am blessed in this regard, for there isn't much about myself that I have to conquer. My character traits are custom made for power and victory.

The perhaps greatest enemy to anybody who wants power is his/her own emotions. You see how this gives psychopaths an advantage, not because we don't have emotions - we certainly do (no matter what the professionals say) - but our emotions are different from most other people's and we don't have issues with morals, remorse and regret, etc. This is important because you can't avoid hurting others or do things that are morally questionable in one way or another if you want to pursue power (anybody who claim differently is either lying or a hypocrite).

It is said about psychopaths, that:
The problem with psychopaths is that when they go out to have a night in town and a drink or two in order to forget, they really do forget!
If you want power you must be able to forget your losses and failures. The depth of your emotional attachment must be light as spider's web: It sticks, but is easy to sever.

To be emotionally superficial when it is convenient is something you can learn to some extent, but only the psychopathic individual has it naturally build in as a character trait.

Am I saying everybody in power are psychopaths? No. I am saying the psychopathic personality is subject to debate depending on the person being debated and the circumstances surrounding him/her, and upon the view points of those who discuss him.

The legal system, the clinicians who know of me, and my readers here at Psychopathic Writings see me as a psychopath. But my band members and managers, etc., our fans and my personal fans, my private friends generally, and the public in general, all of these see me as a successful, intelligent and charismatic performer and leader.

The key: I always make the decision about who may know, and therefore think, about me that I'm a psychopath.

Obviously this didn't apply to when I was diagnosed and convicted and send to jail for several years and latest for ten years. But this is an example of a failed victory that I, as a person of power, must be able to put aside, and I have done so successfully.

The question about being low functioning: All psychopaths are low functioning some of the time. Again the key is to control who knows what about you. I am choosing deliberately to tell my audience (here at Psychopathic Writings) about my failures and losses in the past because it is part of the concept of the project I have created here: To be honest and provide honest information about myself as a psychopath. In this I have turned my loss into a victory, and I can do so because I am not emotionally attached to these failures. I am in control.


Anonymous said...

You consider your life a victory? Already exposed to be a psychopath by psychologists, in and out of jail, your "success" is slight, not rich, influential; seems you don't use your "powers" as well as you think. You're not the ubermensch you claim to be, you're just slightly above (mentally so) those neurotypicals around you. Don't delude yourself.

Anonymous said...


you're in no position to instruct others on how to gain power, zhawq. you have none, and you're a murderer,a rapist, but somehow still a good guy? please.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:10 I agree, (I'm first Anon) but he never claimed to be a good guy. It's just that he claimed to be this high-functioning psychopathic demigod with the best traits to gain power, but how does he use them: like you said, murders and crimes some of which he's been caught and punished for. Seems like a discarded nobody to everyone except himself and a few of his "followers".

Don't get me wrong I like this blog, but his ego stroke fest is getting ridiculous and sounds delusional.

TNP said...

Past failures only limit you if you hold onto them. You can re-create yourself anytime you wish, if you try. A chunk of change can buy a new you's background if you know the right people.

There's nothing delusional in what he said. If you can't wrap your head around it, it's only because he failed to explain in it a way that would make sense to someone who doesn't think and feel similarly to him. In this regard, it made perfect sense to me, as that is who I am and how I approach life.

Past deeds mean little to people like us, because we are rarely set in stone how who we are through actions. If he hadn't raped and killed, that wouldn't make him any less Psychopathic, any less Zhawq. That would only change his rap sheet.

Billy said...

Don't be so sure he doesn't have power in real life because he actually does. I won't say anymore because I promised not to, you can take it or leave it.

I happen to like Zhawq a lot and I'm one of the few he's allowed to get close to him because I visited him for 3 years while he was in jail and I've earned his trust for as far as anybody can earn a psychopath's trust. So I guess you would think I'm one of his followers or a groupies because I wrote him in the first place. But you'd be wrong. I didn't write him because he's a celebrity because I didn't even know that. I became interested in psychopaths when I found out I was living with one and I couldn't get him out of my life. He threatened me and my daughter, so I wrote Zhawq because I hoped he could help me with these problems in my private life with my SO. And he did.

Zhawq allows no one to be followers. People listen to him because he is good at giving advice so we can follow our own hearts.

MrBlake said...

For BLAKE to post at PW under the article about power:

Anons - both of ya
Where does he say his life is a success? You can think he aint got power all ya want, in fact that's what he want ya to think.

It's amazing how easily he manipulates you all to think he's a loser. lol

Honey, you're as much a follower as his groupies. Only difference is you have a bit more knowledge than most of 'em.

If ya wanna help the guy, stop using words like 'celebrity' about him.

You're spot on, baby. That's exactly what Zhawq says, and it's what I say, because it's how it is!

Anonymous said...

how is zhawq a celebrity?

Anonymous said...

'It's amazing how easily he manipulates you all to think he's a loser.'

yeah, he's convinced us that he's a loser, brilliant manipulation.

psyh said...

I'm first and third anon this is confusing maybe I should make a name

"Past deeds mean little to people like us,"
Don't give me "us" nonsense I'm also a diagnosed psychopath but don't delude myself into thinking that all my mistakes and failures are actually somehow "wins"; as comforting a thought as that may be I try to hold objective logic above all. Being exposed and jailed multiple times is not winning and is not power.

But I guess to a lot of you, especially "Billy", who proudly proclaims about how he's been led to believe he's a psychopath's trusted friend, Zhawq does have power over the naive ones and there's plenty of those to go around. Keep telling yourself that

"Where does he say his life is a success? You can think he aint got power all ya want, in fact that's what he want ya to think"

Sure, whenever he writes about his successes it's intentional and whenever he writes about his failures and turns it the into successes is also intentional because he's the master of manipulation and a demigod and we should never question almighty leader HAIL. I don't buy it, sweetcheeks. Also why are you typing like that?

I don't mean to bash on Zhawq too much but there's a big strokefest with his followers where Zhawq says what he wants and everyone's masturbating him "oh yes oh yes I agree totally oh yes" which is great for him but I have to crash the party.

Marvin said...

there's a big strokefest .. ...

Zhawq says what he wants ...everyone's masturbating him

"oh yes oh yes ...totally ...oh yes"


Zhawq said...

Anon 10:25,

Billy is mistaken. I am not a celebrity. I'm not exactly unknown, but not a celebrity.

Zhawq said...


you are a diagnosed psychopath too? How did it come about? I take it you've done some jail time too, then? Was the PCL-R used?

psyh said...

It was my choice, I was interested in getting a clinical view of my psychology, so I visited and after a few visits the test was administered, getting 34 out of 40.

Obviously if I wanted an accurate diagnoses I had to be honest, so that's how it came about. I've never been in prison. In fact I didn't know much at all about psychopathy until speaking with the psychologist.

Zhawq said...

If you haven't been in prison at all you're most likely low on Factor 2 traits. But it probably also depends to some degree on luck. Age may play a role as well.

What made you suspect psychopathy?

MrBlake said...

"Sure, whenever he writes about his successes it's intentional and whenever he writes about his failures and turns it the into successes is also intentional because he's the master of manipulation and a demigod and we should never question almighty leader HAIL."

Aint nothin wrong with questionin', never said that and never would.

I feel inspired to quote Zhawq on one of his many many unequalled wisenesses:

"Why lie if you can gain even more by making the truth work in your favor?

All you have to do is tell the truth in the right parts at the right times and the right sequences in the right contexts.

If you can control the truth you control your destiny."

Ye wanna know why I respect Zhawq? I respect him because he's the only person who's ever been able to beat me in the game I'm best at. And believe me, I'm good!

I met Zhawq in prison. We spend 4 years in the same wing - specially made for psychopaths - so I had plenty o time to study him, and yeah, I admit it, I fuckin did study him.

To be honest, I'm better at it than Zhawq. But Zhawq has somethin' I don't: Real life status. And that means open doors. What's more he has something very few people have: Incredible luck. Over and over throughout his whole fuckin goddam life. He's fuckin goddam lucky!!

"I don't buy it, sweetcheeks."

Aint sellin nothin either, sweetheart. haha. No need to buy anything, I just take what he's givin to me for free - he's givin more than he knows, and I use it.

"Also why are you typing like that?

Just an acquired style. Came upon it a few years back and decided to try it out just to see how it would work with people. Turned out it has a calming effect sorta. People think I'm dumb, lower their guard, that kinda thang. See, aint nothin suspecious bout it. ;-) Haha


TNP said...

Oh, shut the fuck up, you maggot. You ridicule him for being exposed as a psychopath and in a later comment you do it Voluntarily, supposedly? Hilarious. You can't even keep track of your lies.

The PCL-R requires case histories and interviews with people in your life to make a truly accurate assessment. The Psychopath label is pretty serious, and isnt thrown around freely, especially after just a few sessions. But you didn't know that when you got done with your wiki PhD, did you?

Crawl back into the shithole you slithered out of.

TNP said...

And anyone who has been here for a while knows that I'm openly aggressive with him when I don't agree. There's a difference between worship, and relating.

HoboLyra said...

I find your views on this fascinating as always. And those who are upset about your actions and 'power' need to evaluate why something so trivial would make them so upset.

I've had my failures as well, the police, the confinement, the psych, the counseling and finally the controlled release. Do I look back with any regret? Nope. Learning experiences- I move on and am smarter for them.

But not everyone thinks like that- and many times it has been documented in my monthly 'check in' that I haven't learned a thing from my experiences. The thing is, I may not have learned the lessons THEY wanted to teach me. My own lessons were very different then those that were attempted to be taught, but such is life.