Friday, August 5, 2011

On Vacation In Prison!

Zhawq called me Monday afternoon around 14:00 o'clock from the city's central police station and told me he would be imprisoned under Solitary Confinement for two weeks, starting immediately and ending 2 weeks and 1 day later. He will be released Monday August, probably in the morning.

He has asked me to keep an eye on his place and sign if possible special mail or packages etc. get delievered while he is away, and of course I will help him in every way that I can. He also asked me to write those of you, his readers, who could be reached by mail and inform you of his situation. He also told me to include some text he'd left in the draft folder, which I did, and it seems like Zhawq knew or at the least suspected what was going to happen for the draft he asked me to include was a mail that he'd written early the same morning before he left to go to the meeting.

He told me he would try to see if he could find a way to call me from prison. He would try to get the prison priest to help him and take him to his office and let him use the phone there. I wasn't so optimistic about it, for I know how fanatic the mentality is about never making exceptions from a rule.

Before he had to hang up he asked me to see if I could find some of his finished articles and publish them so his readers wouldn't wonder why he suddenly don't publish anything and don't write any mails. To be honest, when I was sitting there with his documents and articles and should decide what to publish, I felt I wouldn't know if an article that is marked Finished, because it's really an article that Zhawq hasn't publish yet, because it may be finished but he doesn't think it's good enough to his liking, so he waits for more inspiration or information.

Having thought about it several days, I know can't take that responsibility. It's been terrible because I haven't been able to call Zhawq and ask what to do.

But then Zhawq called me today! He called me from the priest's office, he spoke fast because there wasn't so much time and I've written down as precise as I could what he asked me to tell you.



From Zhawq:

First, in short, I'll tell you why I've been pressured so hard to go on this exotic vacation that I couldn't find it in my heart to refuse these lovely and kind people, who apparently really wants me to go for my own good:

I was trying to download some free software that I honestly didn't know I'm not allowed to download, and which I didn't get to download because the process was stopped immediately. The board said they appreciate I may very well be telling the truth, but they want me to be more careful in the future, and they can't allow it to go unpunished, due to the seriousness blablabla of me, my past, the program, etc. etc. I'll be back home on Monday, August 15.

I like the roughness and energy from Michael Jackson in this song. I remember seeing a very different version on TV, but this is not bad and maybe suites me more even though the other version is more spectacular.

I think he's probably right, they don't care about "us". But that's because of the kind of 'Us' he is singing about. I sometimes wish they'd care so little about me too, but that's because of the kind of 'Care' they have for me. Then again, I can't really complain, because I get plenty of the kind of 'Caring' that I prefer. But of course, being human and all I can always see room for improvement.

Tomorrow I've prepared a few words about a special idea that just might be a possible potential for improvement. And - if you read these words - my friend will post it. I believe it can become interesting!...


Anonymous said...

I call bullshit

Bella said...

He didn't even attempt to use different writing styles.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know someone who knows Zhawq and he IS in jail. It's in times of trouble you know your true friends. That's SO true.