Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Game About Emotions

From Zhawq:

I love the way Amy Winehouse sings her song 'Love Is A Losing Game'. It doesn't matter much that I basically don't agree that love or anything else is a losing game per se, it's the sound and the explicit fun I have with expressing the emotional content that matters to me.
During the last four days I've been in solitary confinement, so I've had plenty of time to think about many things. One of the things that came to mind (again) is the apparently absence of Remorse in my emotional repertoire. As I was being walked through the gate, through the prison and to my cell, I sensed the silent, but very easily observable expectation from some of the guards towards me, that I "ought to be remorseful". Not because of the mistake I am being punished for, but because of the 'deeds' I did those many, many years ago.

I remember the questions during my trials when the prosecuter asked me: "[Zhawq], do feel any remorse about the people you've killed?", and I remember how I lied and made the 'correct' display of being remorseful. I know I couldn't have felt it even if I had wanted to.

And I guess it's an example that is hard to explain, because how do you explain that you really have no reason to feel remorse about doing what I did? I'll spare my readers such an explanation and try a different approach:

I am not sure if I can find a song where remorse is part of the emotions described by lyrics and/or sound. I can try, but it would be a shot in the dark. Instead I will ask something of you, my readers:

Inform me of a song with the emotion Remorse. Give me it's title and the name of the artist/s or band. It doesn't matter what genre or what year it is from, nor does it matter if the singer is a woman or a man, or if the lyrics are about a man or a woman. All that matters is that it has some kind of expression of the emotion we call remorse.

Once I have such a piece of music or a song to work with, I will find out whether or not it is posible for me to at least imagine this emotion. I will find out if I know what about remorse makes this emotion different from other kinds of sadness or sorrow, or maybe shame, ...whatever it could be mistaken for.
I will post the result in an article and I will describe my experience with it, or with trying to find out what it is, as well as I am able.


Zhawq will try and get to call me again tomorrow or maybe Monday. The priest said he would try to get time to let Zhawq visit his office again maybe Sunday, but he wouldn't promise anything. But from how I know Zhawq, and seeing that he actually did get to call me, and he sounded very sure, then I wouldn't be surprised if he convince him again. -- Jeanny. 


Anonymous said...


Several articles come to mind of long-term blind/deaf people being overwhelmed by new stimulus as a result of corrective procedures, or refusing such treatment altogether.

If you were offered the chance, (hypothetically), to have your brain physically 'tweaked' in order for you to experience the full spectrum of human emotion - would you elect to do so?

Even for a day?

Anonymous said...

Bob Dylan - "I Threw It All Away"
Nick Drake - "Fly"
The Cure - "Pictures of You"
Echo and the Bunnymen - "Nothing Lasts Forever"

Ozzy Osbourne - "Mama I'm coming Home"

Bob Dylan - "If you see her say hello"

Beach Boys - "You still believe in me"

This is harder than it sounds because musicians typically sing about being hurt as opposed to people they've hurt. I tried to think of songs that expressed remorse in different ways. I listed two but almost any Dylan song is applicable here.

MHT said...

"I didn't mean to hurt you, I'm sorry that I made you cry" sounds remorseful?

Jealous Guy - John Lennon

Anonymous said...

Jeanny? Like this one?

That's the William Blake quote you used too.

Anonymous said...

good post my friend.

Bella said...

Michael Jackson: Who's Lovin' You? (don't know if he had remade it)

"When I had you, I treated you bad. But since ...since you been gone, I sit around with my head hangin down, and i wonder who's lovin' you."

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson: Who's Lovin' You? (don't know if he had remade it)

"When I had you, I treated you bad. But since ...since you been gone, I sit around with my head hangin down, and i wonder who's lovin' you."

Anonymous said...

Linkin Park - What I've Done(OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO HD)

Zhawq said...

Thanks for some great ideas, guys. I will take a look - a listening - to all the songs you've listed.

Anon 6:06,

I most definitely would take the opportunity for a day. Absolutely! Would be most interesting. But I wouldn't want to change anything permanently. I Like the way I am and the way I feel.


yeah, I guess you're right about that. But still, I think there are quite a few songs where both elements are covered, at least if I'm to trust the lyrics.

Anon 7:10,

Jeanny is a friend of mine. She kept my home and posted the articles I told her to.

I took a look at the book you've named. I haven't read it, but it's interesting to hear it quotes the same Blake line that I often use in my signature. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

Anonymous said...

Steven Jesse Bernstein - Face

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Misfits - "Saturday Night"

Anonymous said...

Actually I take that back. "Saturday Night" is about regret. Regret is when you feel bad for something you have done in the past for your own sake. Remorse is when you have done something wrong to another person and you feel bad about it for the other person, or perhaps their families. It is connected with empathy. But I think they are kind of similar.

Ettina said...

'Poor Jack' from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The protagonist, Jack Skellington, is the leader of Halloween Town (an alternate universe that brings us Halloween), and he gets fascinated by Christmas and decides to try doing Christmas one year. But he doesn't understand Christmas and makes it way too Halloweeny. (He also kidnaps Sandy Claws so he won't interfere.) In this song he's realizing just how much he's screwed up.

Anonymous said...

that song
' i never meant to hurt you, i never meant to make you cry' - various remakes. What you said, if I am to believe the lyrics

Anonymous said...

Yahweh, God, loves you. He desires to have a relationship with you. If you read in John 1, he came down in the form of flesh to pay the penalty of your sins. If you want a new heart, he is in the business of healing the broken hearted. If you want to have a relationship with him, He waits for you. He is indeed real. I have often prayed in tongues that I don't know, speaking the languages of foreign people. My friends have spoken German, Greek, and such. I have seen miracles of healing. I have seen tornadoes stop on a dime with His name. Yes, he is real. I am sure most pyschopath have unbelief, but the moon does exist even if you don't believe just as God, Jehovah, exists even if you don't believe. So, I challenge you that if you don't want stimulus, excitement, and amazement, you should try to ask Yehushua ha Mashiach (Hebrew name for Jesus the Messiah) into your life, surrendering your life (everything) to Him. Ask Him if he is real. I dare you to inquire.

Anonymous said...

Repentance... by Dream Theater