Monday, July 25, 2011

Is Anders Behring Breivik A Psychopath?

Is Anders Behring Breivik a Psychopath?

That is one of two questions from a Reader, but in order to even make a guess I had to know more about Breivik...

On July 22.nd Norway capital Oslo was bombed by Anders Behring Breivik who was arrested when the police arrived after an hour during which he shot a number of people.
The incident was in the World News yesterday where I found some Information after a Scandinavian Reader had send me a link to a Youtube Video that Breivik had uploaded to Youtube prior to his bombing act and told me that Breivik had written a 1500 pages long European Resistance Manifesto.

But Youtube had removed Breivik's Video, but I eventually found this one video that hadn't been taken off the net. I did try to find a way to download it, but a download feature isn't implemented at the website. They do have a comment board, so I left a comment telling them they were apparently the only source to this video at that time and added that other websites, Youtube being one of them, had taken the video off the net, and it turned out to trigger quite a few responses from other people who share my aversion against withholding knowledge in general, and against withholding important information especially.

From the what I've gathered about Anders Breivik, he does not appear to be a psychopath. He does seem to have some Sociopathic traits, however, but it should be noted that without knowing how he behaves in daily life I can't give any final statement. Maybe more information will be available with time.

Do Psychopaths have a Manifesto?

No, not a unified one anyway. Psychopaths have no sense of unity, not as a minority and with other psychopaths, nor with other people who are not psychopaths. We are loners, but not in the sense that we keep to ourselves for we tend to be very outgoing and like socializing fine. There is no ideology that keeps us together though we do tend to have a somewhat Machiavellian-type kind of mind set.
The reason for this is not one but a combination of many factors that have to do with our personality characteristics on one hand, and with the way we interact with our surroundings and in society - or the way that society interacts with us - on the other. The latter is important, because I believe it carries a lot of the blame for the antisocial tendencies in psychopathic individuals as we see it in our society in present day.

Of course this is not to say that individual psychopaths cannot create their own manifesto for whichever cause they find themselves attracted to. It happens, but so does it happen for people of any and most of all other kinds and varieties of personality types, with and without disorders.

Anders Behring Breivik appears to be at least leaning towards a kind of neo-Nazism, but from his way of writing I do not think he is alone nor a leader in his "movement", and leadership will generally be the only thing that can keep a psychopath in a organization based on willingness to commit and work for the group. It would also seem that Breivik is a Freemason, but so are many other people. It doesn't say much except for as a detail in the whole picture, and as such this too does not seem very psychopath-like, but could well be sociopath-like. Psychopaths can be free masons or be members of other types of ideology based groups too, but not with the conviction and selflessness that I sense from Breivik in relation to the cause of Nationalism.


Anonymous said...

What's this bullshit about conviction to a group, and Sociopathy? Don't mistake a pathology with foolishness.

Jura said...

"Do Psychopaths have a Manifesto?"

The real question is "can psychopaths fake a manifesto"?

I think they can and do it, because they know - and want - they will face a trial and a political crime is more convenient one to assume.

ResCogitans said...
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ResCogitans said...

he's not a psychopath, just a religious nut. quite ironic how it's him who believes everyone else is brainwashed...

zhawq - i think you are danish, no? is there strong anti-islamic sentiment throughout scandinavia, or is norway/breivik an outlier in that respect?

video has been taken down at the link you posted but i found it here

i do so love all the delicious ironies contained in that video.
perhaps someone should let him know that cultural genocide is a victimless crime - people just don't like the idea of the culture they align themselves with as changing. their kids will have a new culture that they accept. culture is simply what's normal when you are growing up.

we live in interesting times - better than boring times :)

Zhawq said...


thanks for the new link.
Yes, I realized the video had been taken down the following day after I'd published the article. I kind of expected as much, but the video will still be available somewhere, even if it's also been taken down at the link you've posted.

I believe this took place in Norway, a country in Scandinavia, not Denmark.

I love Danish Pastry though. Haha. (But isn't that a tradition from Germany?)

I have an online acquaintance who lives in Finland, Scandinavia (mentioning this with his permission). He tells me you're right that Scandinavia is very racist and anti-Islamic and that some even have governments that focus mainly upon anti-foreigner issues. One country has even closed their border, which is in fact in opposition to European Law.

Too bad, they really could have a very good thing going with the European Union!... '^L^,

Anonymous said...

To ResCogitans and Zhawq:

ResCogitans did not think the tragedy happened in Denmark. He thought that YOU lived in Denmark, and for that reason asked if you think there is a strong anti-islamic sentiment throughout Scandinavia. Then he proceeded to ask YOU if Norway and Breivik is an outlier in that respect.

No, there is NOT a strong anti-islamic sentiment in Norway. I cannot speak for the rest of the Scandinavian countries, but here in Norway we did have quite a growth of Neo-Nazi/Racist/Anti-Islamic groups in the early 90's. It culminated at Brumunddal, where a huge fight between anti-racists and a group of right-wing nationalists took place. Soon after that, the people reacted, thousands amongst others all came to public places where the leader of a new racist organization were to hold a speech, but instead of starting a fight with the right-wingers and other interested in hearing him speech, they all silently just turned their backs on him. Such peaceful demonstrations took place many places, and efficiently changed things. The government also allocated funds to anti-racist work and information, and the whole growth of new such racism and fear for people from other cultures and their religion died. Ever since, we have had little activity in neo-nazi and other similar groups and organizations. Even Fremskrittspartiet (The Progress Party) ended out changing their ways dramatically, they understood that they needed to moderate themselves when it came to immigration/welcoming refugees, since they experienced a huge portion of their members and voters fleeing the party. Eventually, in 2006, they also got a new leader, when the old one, Carl I. Hagen, that had been in his position from 1978, retired. The party has been growing again after they got the new female leader, Siv Jensen, who amongst others seems somewhat more liberal when it comes to immigration compared to Carl I. Hagen (I might add though that I really hope they never win the election and end out forming a government! Now that would be really scary, if you ask me!!! In opposition though, I can see that they can be a useful voice in certain situations. Opposing views are always useful and healthy for the party in government!).

Hope this answered your question at least somewhat...

These days really are tragic and devastating for ALL of us here. The whole country is in deep grief, especially over all these young kids... But we stick together, in love, support and solidarity - and that is how we will get through it and get even stronger. As our Prime Minister said: "Evil can kill a person, but never conquer the whole people.". We refuse to bring hate into our hearts, because then we would let him ruin us and leave us damaged forever, and he would have won. By instead holding hands, being there for each other, we will be spreading love, compassion, peace and understanding, we will get even stronger because of this. It is when people hate that wars erupt, love on the other hand, makes peace.

Take care! :)

PS! I'm posting as anonymous, as I lost the posting once because something went wrong while trying to log in.

Annelise said...

"Is #Anders_Breivik a psychopath? Uh, no! Do psychopaths shoot people? Uh, yes, but usually not in such number! We lack commitment!"

I feel like a terrible person for laughing at this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you write: "the whole growth of new such racism and fear for people from other cultures and their religion died."

I think you live in fantasy. Everywhere else in Scandinavia the anti-foreigner "spirit" is high. In Denmark (and yes it's a country) they have a anti-islamist government.

I know not how many people you are in Norway, but you're not so isolated that you're the only ones who can untainted.

"Even Fremskrittspartiet" That's the name of the leading government in Denmark. I didn't know you had them too.

"they understood that they needed to moderate themselves" Yeah they did so too in Denmark so they could become popular. They'll do anything to be popular and now they are. VERY popular.

"Siv Jensen, who amongst others seems somewhat more liberal" Yes exactly. That's how they do it. "Seem" liberal. Until they become more popular.

"But we stick together, in love, support and solidarity" People always stick together in love and harmony - for some weeks, and maybe some months. But you know the saying "When the times are hard the dogs bite each other for food". The fascist parties use it against you.

And you're most vulnerable of all because you don't believe it, Anonymous! It's what the psychopaths use too. Even when I talk with Zhawq he's so nice I forget what he's done. Only when I read the articles here then I think WOW is that true? Has he really done that? But he has! And the nazi have really done that to the Jews.

I'm not comparing, because the nazi wanted to hurt and damage and destroy where Zhawq just have that personality he was born with but still want to do something good with it.
He's right. We ought to educate ourselves and not believe things just because they're nice to think about.

"Now that would be really scary, if you ask me!!!" Yes I agree. And you can be scared starting now I think. This is not dying, Anonymous it's growing! Look at the whole Scandinavia. Maybe Norway is peaceful and loving harmony NOW.

Can you remember how you were one months ago? Not so harmonic and peaceful, or? Maybe more thinking about voting for Fremskridtspartiet?

It don't go away because we fantasize. Wish it did.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I did not want to tramp on your sorrow. I'm sorry for what have happened in Norway!

I am not ResCogitans.

I just want to say some things because I think the worse is that we don't learn from the past mistakes.

I hope you will keep peacefulness in Norway. I'm glad that you have taken things how you have. It's admirable!

Anonymous said...

"Take care! :)"

You too!

I'm Sarah. I post anonymously because I haven't an account. :)

Anonymous said...

Remember, Psychopaths don't believe themselves to be one, the queer who wrote this certainly is just a douche who tries to address himself/herself as one, but fails as usual.

Anonymous said...

Zhawq, you are a big failure. Tell me your phone number and address and let's see how much of a "Psychopath" you are.

Anonymous said...

"We, we, we, we". You certainly do sound like a wannabe-douche. Your death will be at my hands.

Zhawq said...


you've no business here. You should go find yourself a real psychopathic psychopath. You know, one of those who have no understanding and who can only spell 'me', but not 'we'.

Why not give me YOUR address?

I guess not.

(in case you misunderstood: I don't want your address, I was being sarcastic)

Bye now!

Anonymous said...

Have you at any time, perhaps as a child, felt sorry for yourself? Are you capable of self pity?


Anonymous said...

Hey! I found this page through google, as I was interested to know if Breivik was a psychopath or sociopath, or what. I just read a BBC news article (link bellow) about how his trial is going, and I found it quite interesting how he seems to be emotionless during the whole trial, yet shed tears when his anti-muslim video comes about.

From what I have understood, people who are psychopaths can easily pretend feelings, or is it really that he is simply a hard core neo nazi nationalist who has channeled his feelings into these idealistic thoughts?

What are your thoughts about this?

Anonymous said...

from what i have learnt, psychopaths can easily shed genuine tears, but it is solely towards their own self and not others. they can also shed the fake tears too. a strategy i discovered the hard way. i could be wrong as far as all psychopaths are concerned
i've been following the media coverage of mr breivik from which i'm convinced this male is textbook psychopath and as such, am confused why people are continuing to question his sanity.

P. said...

Anon wrote:

"i've been following the media coverage of mr breivik from which i'm convinced this male is textbook psychopath and as such, am confused why people are continuing to question his sanity."

I'm not convinced his a textbook psychopath, but he may have some of the traits. It's sometimes easy to mistake AsPD with psychopathy.

But I don't wonder why they keep saying he's insane. That's because it's convenient to the authorities. By making him appear insane there is less danger of people beginning to adopt his views because nobody wants to be insane or to follow someone who is insane.

Anonymous said...


thanks for a really great website.

That country you mention that closed it's borders and has a government that focuses on anti-foreigner politics (and got elected because of it for ten years in a row), it's Denmark.

In 2011, they had 37% less people seeking for asylum than any other country in Europe. And the reason seems to be, that foreigners know they won't be given asylum here, due to the Danish anti-foreign policies.

Anonymous, you said "No, there is NOT a strong anti-islamic sentiment in Norway."

I thought it was the same as Denmark, where I'm from. It's the complete opposite here, people really hate and are scared of foreigners, and especially muslims.

But even though Norway and Sweden are Scandinavian countries like Denmark, in some ways we're more like Austria, which is located at the southern border of Germany, where Denmark's only border is the German border, to the south.

We're the only Scandinavian country that's cut off from the rest of Scandinavia by the sea, at all sides (except for Germany), and maybe it's another reason for our differences in mentality.

I believe Zhawq when he says Breivik isn't a psychopath, because he is the closest to someone who would know, because he's a psychopath himself and they can recognize each other, but also because he's studied it too and learned all the diagnostic criteria.

But it's just what I think. I'm not a psychopath but I have AsPD, and I can tell there's a lot of difference between me and the few psychopaths I have met in my life (two outside prison and one in prison, though I knew there were two more, I just never spoke to them).

Danish Pastry said...


I have a question.

You've said, that psychopaths often pick on sociopaths, and people with AsPD.

If Breivik is a sociopath, or has AsPD, do you think a psychopath would pick on him? Would you pick on him? Do you think, that he's been picked on when he was a kid or teenager?

Thanks a lot of you answer.

I have AsPD, by the way, but you've helped me so much with my questions, so I know you'll never pick on me. lol (I'm The Dane, that you helped when I wrote to you about personal questions).


To everybody who think about wanting to write to Zhawq!

It may take a while before he answers, he's very busy, and it may take time between sessions with him (where you talk with him, if you want to do that).

But I tell you, it's worth the wait! At least it's been for me. And I eventually got to know some of the others who get counseling from Zhawq and they have the same experience.

So if you want to ask Zhawq about anything, go for it. That's my advice. :)

The Dane.

Anonymous said...

Hello, seeing this in the Popular Posts sections reminded me that I've been meaning to ask you (and I do apologise if you would have preferred to see this in an email--this was just easier), the media seems to really be throwing around the word "psychopath" when talking about James Holmes, the gunman in the Aurora, Colorado/"The Dark Knight Rises" shooting. What are your thoughts on the matter?