Sunday, June 12, 2011

Truth or Myth: The Psychopathic Stare. (Part 2)

When I wrote this article I decided to see what a search-engine would come up with on the phrase Psychopathic Stare.

Here is what it said already on the 3.rd result:

The Reptilian Stare
Sunday May 2004.

NOTICE: These pictures are here to best demonstrate the Reptilian stare. Are the people here Reptilian? There is no way of knowing for sure. The best representation of the stare is Elvis.

This stare as seen in these photos are what is called the psychopathic stare and or reptilian stare in psychiatry. These pictures are to give one an idea of what the actual stare looks like. Some pictures here are the real deal. Jim Morrison called himself the Lizard King.

Below this text we see three pictures: One of Avril Lavigne, the Canadian Teenage rock star, one of Michale Jackson - a photo which has obviously been altered greatly. This is one of the pictures I've seen that best demonstrates this type of obvious photo manipulation. Was it done by the website's owners? There is no way of knowing for sure. The best representation of the topic of Reptilian Stare with the includion of psychopaths as selfgiven examples of the infantile 'Reptilian Aliens Conspiracy' idea is this website... along with countless others, no doubt.

Among the photographs of famous people are none of Ted Bundy. It's easy to see they've ditched Ted Bundy because they wanted all their subjects to be generally loved, and non-criminal. Their fundament for creating fear is to claim their "enemies" are free and living among us.

In the world of the occult the Reptilians are what we call psychopathic. Here is a list of traits from the same link above.

And then they go on to list Hare's 'Key Symptoms of Psychopathy' (Superficial and glib, egocentric and grandiose, no remorse or guilt, etc.). Finally, before the main body of the website, which consists of a number of photos of celebrities, they write:

The bottom line is that there is no difference that can be found between a Reptilian and a Psychopath.
Come again? There's no difference between me and my lovely snake? Have these people lost their sense of vision, or have they lost their minds? They've clearly lost something!

But perhaps I should clarify why I am different from a reptile. Let's use my snake as an example:

My snake doesn't have fully developed arms and leg, for one. It has four little pieces of bone hidden under it's skin, where could've been arms and legs had it chosen another route for developing as a species. I have both arms and legs, and they're fully developed. At the end of each arm are a hand, which both have all five fingers. The police, FBI, and Interpol can confirm as much; they all have my finger prints. Furthermore, I'm using my fingers to write these words, believe it or not! Some people who are paralyzed use a computerized laser beam which they control with their mouth or by moving their head, to write, but most of them do still have hands. There're people who don't have fingers, granted, but I am not one of them. No kidding!

My snake also doesn't have a website. Believe me, I'm not easily fooled, so if it had a website, or attempted to set one up, I would know! But my snake doesn't even have an interest in having a website, he takes absolutely no interest even the most fundamental of computer stuff and to date has not uttered a word about wanting to get a website. So in short, he has none!

Furthermore, my snake also doesn't have the gift of speech. He has never engaged in a single debate with me, not ever! And much less an argument. Then again, he's the perfect keeper of secrets, in fact I wouldn't get far if I try to tell my snake anything, because like all of his species, he is def... which I am also not! I have both all of my fingers, my hearing, and everything else that we know to be part of the healthy human body, and that means I am very different from my snake and from any other reptile!

I could mention many, many things that makes me different from a reptile, even if I may have a tendency to stare at people from time to time.
Yeah, I know, it's creepy. I kept freaking out my sister because of it, but recently she gave birth to a charming, wonderful and very human boy. And guess what, he's freaking her out even more, because like all babies he tend to stare at mommy! So now it is I who have to rush over and take him away from my sister who is frozen with fear... I guess that's the way one should react to these reptilian stares, yes? Well, that's what happens with my sister. She was beside herself, not knowing what to do, until late last night when she called me and said things would solve themselves because her son would die from hunger (remember, she can't tale the way he stares at her when she holds him and feeds him: That's when babies stares the most, you know). But I was horrified and got an idea. I said: Why don't you put him up for adoption in the nearby zoo's reptilian terrarium? So that's what's she doing as we speak. Ain't that nice?

You no doubt think my emotions are like those of a reptile too, yes?

Well, you can believe me when I say that my Contempt is very, very strong, and get this: My contempt for you is beyond measure! So I dare you to come over to my website and find out if I am, or am not, speaking the truth.

I will even use my unemotional stare just for you, you despicable lowlife! I don't often use words like this about people, and especially not in the context of my website, but you're below that rule. Or above it, if you insist. It doesn't matter, for my words can reach you at any altitude. All I need is your attention. In this case I've not bothered to get it, because I know you're beyond reach in terms of reason and logic, which is also why I've chosen to use the phrases about that I do. Maybe you're a psychopath yourself in which case I'll not be able hurt you with words, and in which case I understand what you're doing. I am speaking to you under the assumption that you're a neurotypical person, and that's what makes you absolutely despicable!

Of course neither my stare nor my words would frighten you, for you're already frightened! And of what? Of something that doesn't exist, a fantasy, a paranoid vicious game to play with gullible and easily persuaded! <-- That's what they say I do to others: Play vicious games with the easily persuaded and the gullible.
But let me tell you this: I never ever had to make up ridiculous lies like yours in order to do it.

The most frightening to any person (if s/he is emotionally inclined) is the truth, and truth is what has always been my most effective weapon. That is also why I know you'd almost certainly never take me up on my invitation to come over and engage in a discussion with me. You'll say No, and excuse it with this: "Zhawq is a reptilian, so he's evil, and we shouldn't mingle with the evil! - And we don't know if he'll use his powers to kill me over the Internet if I speak with him, so I'm right to watch out for my safety. After all, I'm the one who'll save the world, and that's a very important mission in life!".

But everybody know that you're really just afraid of the truth, and those who know me well will think "What a shame, I'd have loved to see Zhawq tearing your skin of lies painfully off your despicable excuse for a human body and exhibit the rotten intestines of light-sensitive truth beneath it!".

Don't worry, friends, there'll be others!


But how about the psychopathic stare, is it real at all, and if it is, do I have this psychopathic stare?

Follow me on part 3.



Anonymous said...

Hello Zhawq. You sound crabby, but I may just be projecting. People have told me they are afraid of me because I can be controlling and quick- tempered. But I also know I'm not evil. If someone thinks you are evil it is their perception. What can you do? -My internal clock is just sharp, and I am intense, and yes............

I have actually been known to stare.

When I'm highly concentrated my eyes open really wide. If I'm really transfixed on something my eyes can go so wide it is like i'm a kid staring at gobs and gobs of multi-colored candy. I am not a kid, believe me, but this looks childlike or creepy, to be sure. Sometimes you can see the whites of my eyes all the way around. I am told this is scary. When I'm frightened it happens, when i'm fascinated it happens, when i'm intensely focused it happens. My reflexes are very good when i am in this state.

I do not identify myself as a psychopath. I can be, in fact, childlike. That's all. And I can snap out of that mode when I want to, or when someone says "wtf is wrong w you? You're in a daze"

Being told I can be scary and intimidating only makes me feel self-conscious and misunderstood.

What I am trying to say is that I am NOT a psychopath, but I wouldn't be surprised if once in a while I can seem like one.

(And I don't give a shit what anyone thinks either)

Anonymous said...

That's the eye my friends used to draw and showed me!! Wow!
They said I look at them like that-
that they feel weird/observed.
I did not intentionally open my eyes wide or something, it was just my usual gaze.

Hmm, I weirdly own many psychopathic traits. It's interesting - what would be the cause of mine?!


Bella said...

Zhawq, "contempt", for me, is akin to "disdain," in that the feeling elevates me. It's more smug. The difference is slight, for me. Disdain is more like I'm revolted and feel like vomiting from a person. "Contempt" is more dangerous.

Bella said...

But yes. -I have had genuine contempt. It is definitely frightening. When I have truly lost my temper, I can't even believe how I got there. It's rare. No one would want to be with me knowing that side of me. I have to talk myself out of my feelings. Maybe that is what happens before I start to lie to myself. Idk. I'm rambling.

Anonymous said...

Who pissed in your Cheerios?
Come on.

If you wanna engage in a discussion, engage. Maybe some folk can't use email because others in their households have partaken of illegal activities and as such, the law monitors not only IP's, but host servers and blogging is safer? Maybe some of your readers are actually looking out for your bests interest too.

Maybe some CAN handle the truth and want you to tell it to them? Perhaps, if you can get unstuck from the contemptous phase, you can see that some folks feel the same contention or frustration with the means available to correspond nowadays and notsomuch with the notion that your are the big, bad wolf.

Maybe its YOU that is afraid of what your peeps will think if you open yourself to discussion here?


Zhawq said...

Yes, I was "crabby" when I wrote that article. I was "crabby" at the people who believe in "reptilian aliens", and I don't make a secret of it.

I apologize for not replying as often as I would like to, I wish I had more time. The issue I have is that many people do write me by mail, about various aspects in their private lives that pertains to the things I write articles about.

There is absolutely no reason to think I have contempt for any of my Readers. Quite the contrary, and I appreciate your inputs greatly. I cannot emphasize this enough.

Please understand that I do not have as much time as would be preferable. I'm sure most can relate to this in some ways, yes?

I am working on ways to hopefully make it easier for me to engage in debate with you guys.

Maybe I should mention that I have been offline for almost 14 days (until about 6 days ago). And since I came back I've had trouble keeping up with everything, and I still have emails that await my response.

One way to keep updated with what I'm doing and when I'm away is by following me on Youtube. Everybody are welcome to contact me on my channel there. Send me a friends invite and subscribe me, and I'll add you and subscribe back!... '^L^,

Psychopath said...

*Enables psychopathic stare*, if I can only find some bbq babies to eat ;)


Anonymous said...

Spot on mate. It was as if I had written the article myself. Understand you completely, maybe the readers should go look at this material themselves. Its in crevices all over the net. You guys don't understand the contempt for this tragic crap being spun by right wing fundamentalist christians ? Its plain crazy. Plus we innately understand these tactics, they come very naturally to us. Fight it with concise truth.

Zhawq I felt the same way when I came across this garbage, I'm letting my sheep skin slip off because the best remedy is education. Tell me, as you become more aware of your psychopathy, are you gaining empathy for fellow psycho's ? I think I am, though I'm still quite happy to keep a good distance for the moment . We are dangerous to each other too, at least until a high level of ground work in education on the subject can be laid and known widely.

Anonymous said...

It comes out without any control when I have been hurt, like knocked out and snake bite etc.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you got "crabby" when responding to the blog. The blog compares you and other psychopaths to reptiles. I wonder, is the reason you were upset because there is some truth to it? Maybe the "shining light of truth" you sometimes speak about has been pointed at you. The reason I say this is because if someone told ME I was a cold-hearted reptile, I couldn't care less, because I know there is no truth to it. I certainly wouldn't bother to reply (that is, defend myself).

Zhawq said...

Anon Dec 28.-14, 2:03PM:

"It's interesting that you got "crabby" when responding to the blog. ... I wonder, is the reason you were upset because there is some truth to it?"

I don't remember feeling crabby about it, but I may have felt annoyed by something else. What can sometimes bother me is stupidity, that's all. This is something many have asked about and clearly many people seem to believe or at least wonder about the truth about myths, so I replied.