Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Indigo Child or Psychopath?

I came across an interesting bit while running a search about psychopathy. The author of this article clearly sees psychopaths as the evil of the world and the very reason for the present cultural decline.

At the present time, there is something very scary going on in the metaphysical community: talk about the so-called "Indigo Children." One of the chief promoters of this idea, Wendy Chapman, writes:

Indigo Children are the current generation being born today and most of those who are 8 years old or younger. They are different. They have very unique characteristics that set them apart from previous generations of children. [...]

These are the children who are often rebellious to authority, nonconformist, extremely emotionally and sometimes physically sensitive or fragile, highly talented or academically gifted and often metaphysically gifted as well, usually intuitive, very often labeled ADD, either very empathic and compassionate OR very cold and callous, and are wise beyond their years. Does this sound like yourself or your child?

Indigos have come into this world with difficult challenges to overcome. Their extreme levels of sensitivity are hard to understand and appreciate by parents who don't share this trait. Their giftedness is unusual in such high numbers. Their nonconformity to systems and to discipline will make it difficult to get through their childhood years and perhaps even their adult years. It is also what will help them accomplish big goals such as changing the educational system, for instance. Being an Indigo won't be easy for any of them, but it foretells a mission. The Indigo Children are the ones who have come to raise the vibration of our planet! These are the primary ones who will bring us the enlightenment to ascend.

Sounds like a severe case of denial and wishful thinking, in my opinion.

Sounds like someone who has understood some of the central aspects of what I have been wanting to put forth for a very long time.
I don't know about 'Indigo' and the other spiritual aspects of the theory, it does indeed sound a tad naive New Age-ish, but who am I to tell someone else their personal spiritual experiences are bogus? What matters is if they have valid viewpoints about the part of reality that we share.

But, as we already understand the psychological reality is merely a tool for the Theological Reality, I suspect that the reader already has jumped ahead of me here and realizes what a big snow-job this "indigo children" deal is. Ms. Chapman has kindly provided a check-list to determine an "indigo child." After learning what we have about psychopaths, let's have a look at her list:

Have strong self esteem, connection to source
Know they belong here until they are told otherwise
Have an obvious sense of self
Have difficulty with discipline and authority
Refuse to follow orders or directions
Find it torture to waiting in lines, lack patience
Get frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity
Often see better ways of doing thing at home and at school
Are mostly nonconformists
Do not respond to guilt trips, want good reasons
Get bored rather easily with assigned tasks
Are rather creative
Are easily distractible, can do many things at once
Display strong intuition
Have strong empathy for others or NO empathy
Develop abstract thinking very young
Are gifted and/or talented, highly intelligent
Are often identified or suspected of having ADD or ADHD, but can focus when they want to
Are talented daydreamers and visionaries
Have very old, deep, wise looking eyes
Have spiritual intelligence and/or psychic skills
Often express anger outwardly rather than inwardly and may have trouble with rage
Need our support to discover themselves
Are here to change the world - to help us live in greater harmony and peace with one another and to raise the vibration of the planet

What we see above is a list that includes certain definitely psychopathic behaviors along with behaviors of gifted children. We have to wonder at the attempt to weave the two together.

What we see above is a list that includes certain definitely human behaviors which are not uncommon in gifted children during times such as our present. We have to wonder at the scarseness of people who have seen how the positive and reactive negative are weaved together.



Soulfulpath said...

Gifted children are special. The indigo label is just what you said, New Age. Yet this line from the list is interesting.

"Need our support to discover themselves
Are here to change the world . . . "

Well children need support, they are the future. Genius or non-typical wiring is found in many trendsetters, activists, leaders and innovators. As a mother I am around different kinds of children. I am especially empathic to those who are different. I know their gifts serve a purpose.

Oh come on Zhawg. What do you think you are doing with this blog. This blog is a service to both sides of the fence.

Zhawq said...

Oh come on Zhawg. What do you think you are doing with this blog. This blog is a service to both sides of the fence.

That is exactly what I hope, and what I am trying to do. ;)

Anonymous said...

My child is six has been diagnosed with pdd and adhd.. With a huge ?question mark. Some say he is retarded but he has the intelligence of an 8 year old and has never been in school..he has a very bad temper doesnt listen has tamtrums but isable to recognise fear and love..he is very aggresive at times and extremely hyper active. He learns very quickly and remembers everything from age one till now. when he was born hes eyes were huge you couldnt even see the white area of the eyes and was white as snow with dark brown hair.. he has all his organs on the opposite side including his heart and wad born with microcephaly his first mri showed a vibrant glow in part of his brain but everything else is normal.. At an early age ive noticed he communicates with other beings sort of spirits he has also said some are from space but are not aliens. Tgese beings communicate with him in his mind and I and other family members have taken pictures and sometimes we could see shadow people in the background.
I know my child is special is he an indigo child? well all signs points to yes..

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell if your child is an Indigo. Indigos are usually highly intelligent.
Some of what you write does point to him maybe being an Indigo child. They don't have to be psychopaths in the traditional meaning of the word.

Zhawq ia obviously an Indigo, he just hasn't acknowledged it yet.

Numby said...


That whole excerpt sounds like a mother of a psychopath wrote it in an attempt to make her child seem "too amazing for normal human behavior"

At some point I have been described by every single one of those qualifiers with the sole exception of "Often express anger outwardly rather than inwardly and may have trouble with rage"

But maybe that's because I'm female and don't have as much testosterone.

Like any parent wants to admit to themselves that their child is a psychopath.. but hey, I'll be an Indigo if it puts a smile on your face and opens your heart to me!

Anonymous said...

So if all of the characteristics describing indigo child fit me does it mean I'm a psychopath?For all my life I felt I don't belong here,other children were too immature and too aggresivve and I've always been very very sensitive and nobody could understand it,thats why I am isolated from people and feel very lonely.I can heal with my hands as well and my intuition tells me what people really think even when they pretend to be somebody else.Does it mean I'm a psychopath?

Anonymous said...

I clicked on this link hoping for a link myself... I've been called indigo among other things.. I saw the pattern between the tendencies of both the alternative and medical definitions of these tendancies and behaviors. All I have found here is the obvious and no answers. Thanks for nothing.

Tyler said...

in my opinion, "indigo children"... are they psychopaths? no.

are they curious and going with the flow of the new age of aquarius? yes.

are they heroes of the universe? no more than their parents have the capability to be.