Thursday, June 23, 2011

Associations of a psychopath: He's a pirate

A Reader send me the link to this music video. It isn't a world famous piano player who performs, but in my opinion it is wonderfully played. I immediately loved it!

It reminds me of some of my youthful fantasies, one of which was about being the captain of a pirate ship, you know, one of these magnificent old ships that we see in pirate movies of the or century.

One of my favorite pirates of all time I'm sure is not the one most people think of when they think about movie pirates. It's the bad guy in Disney's 'Peter Pan': Captain Claw.

As early as I can remember, as a small kid, I was fascinated by Captain Hook. I never really felt any attachment to Peter Pan and his friends, I don't know why. And thinking back it seems I always had some preference for the more 'fierce' characters, those who broke the rules in the name of freedom, but also those who merely proved themselves superior.

In reality it wasn't so much about a cause as it was about the battle for a cause. It seems I was always amorally inclined. I would like to know where my taste for the extreme, and for taking a liking to villains in movies even before I knew the moral Moral, came from. But I haven't been able to find an answer.

Today there're many researchers who hypothesizes people can be born 'evil', but I don't believe in evil as an abstract reality. It exists only within the context of our culture background and ideals, but if one can be born with personality traits that predestines some of us to become disruptive and what some call antisocial, maybe it is time to review the ideals and the reasoning of the morality that we, as a society and a culture, is still adhering to.

Captain Hook will prevail, along with Zhawq, and along with those we call psychopaths and other minorities!...
As long as the great oceans exist, as long will pirates probably exist too. In the future the great oceans may be made of space instead of water, but ocean too is a concept, not a given.

Some say I have a fire in my eyes. If our eyes are the windows to our soul, maybe my soul is an ocean of fire.

Long live Captain Hook!



Anonymous said...

I'm a piano player, I've played in all the larger cities in Canada, and last year I played in some of the larger cities in Europe. I'm not famous, but I'm considered one of the young talents.

This musician is obviously very talented, the way she plays gives the music a special energy that is rare. With the right support I think she could get very far.

I find your blog very interesting, I've been following you for some time. I became interested in psychopathy when I was studying psychology. I had to give it up in order to pursue my career as a musician, but I still have the interest.

When I found your blog and realized that you've been diagnosed but that you also are no longer in prison, I send a mail to my psychology teacher with a link, and he says it's a valuable resource because there aren't many who do what you do.

You sometimes link to other blogs that are written by people who say they're sociopaths. I visited two of the blogs and especially one of them seems to be like you. In the way that you think, and in your opinions. The only thing that sounds different to my layman's ears is that you've committed some very serious crimes, and both of the others haven't.

So if I may ask you, would it be correct to assume that a difference between psychopaths and sociopaths is that psychopaths commit more crimes and more serious crimes than sociopaths do?

I hope the musician who play the music on this video will continue to play, and I wish her good luck!

Thank you for a very interesting blog.


Anonymous said...

Lovely <3 <3 <3

it's the song from the movie "Pirates of the Carribean"

People love pirates and vampiressss

Without them, this world would have been much more boring.....
Though it's still boring

Zhawq! if you were a pirate captian, would you like your job??


MrBlake said...

I think this is real cool. I agree with ya, guys, she should go on, head for the biggie! She's good!

Zhawq said...


if you were a pirate captian, would you like your job??

Well, it's hard to know. I like to think that I would like it. But I'm not sure how it would it in modern time.

In the old days, 3-400 yrs ago, pirates would typically have at least one safe haven, an island they ruled over. I imagine they had alliances too, so they would visit other pirate-islands from time to time, to party and maybe do business, or negotiate about which waters they would pirate.

Also, they could most likely also visit the large cities in the official countries, incognito, but walk fairly unscathed by the authorities (and by the local bullies, since pirates had to be very adept and experienced fighters).

If I'm right about this, and I assume I couldn't know about the luxuries of the 21st century and therefore also not miss it, then I think I could thrive with such a life.

But in modern time I think I'd bore of it within a few months. It's just a theory, but I think I would want to explore other possibilities and opportunities.

As far as I've heard, modern pirates are rather poor folks who pirate because they don't have much of a choice. They were poor and got this opportunity, so for them it's not likely to be a very fun or interesting life in the long run.

I think I'll check it out some time, it's good topic, Yeonji! ;)

For now, maybe others know more about it than I do?

Anon & Blake,

I obviously agree with you both.
Thanks for your inputs.

Anonymous said...

Hey we share soemthing, i used to love Frieza in Dragon Ball and care little about everyone else (i'm not a spycho thought)