Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday The!

I would have written more in-depth about the origin of the Friday The mythology in our culture and it's meaning as a day of Evil and disaster. But I have been met with some rather serious issues in my private life - "stuff" I had to attend to and couldn't put off till later - so I'm giving you a little personal statement instead...


True Evil from a Psychopath's Perspective.

Do you know, when someone is being executed, they have ten men doing the killing. But only one of them actually DOES kill the target, and everybody knows this.
All ten men will perform the killing act, but positioned so that they can't see the target, they can't see him die, and they can't see who among them kills him.

How is that a good idea?

If you don't like the thought of killing someone, you will be haunted for the rest of your life by the thought that you may have done the killing.
If you do like the idea and would like to kill someone, you will forever be nagged by the annoying awareness that maybe you got to do it but not really experience it, nor will you ever know about it. You may have gotten to do something you wanted, and yet never having done it.

All you get in any case - if you're a neurotypical person or at least someone who has a personal relationship with morals and knows the feelings Guilt and Empathy - is the guilt ridden consciousness about maybe having taken someone's life, which is wrong per definition according to the Christian dogma.

At the same time we have the victims with their need for revenge - though they may not be consciously acknowledging this - sitting at home, never getting to get revenge, while a faceless, soulless state does it for them, so they have to be grateful to the state because it saved them and revenged them too. They remain the victims, and they know they still can't defend themselves, they'll be just as helpless should they be targeted again!

The target too gets no opportunity to ease or apologize, or otherwise "give back" what he took. Because he cannot give it to someone that he never wronged or took from, much less since it's an entity that has no personal existence but is faceless, unmovable, untouchable, invisible, truly soulless, relentless, remorseless and apathetic to abuser and victim alike.
So he becomes a victim too, but can't even know his abuser, nor address him.

Everybody loses, except an impersonal state who makes victims of us all and forces even the neurotypical, empathic and normal citizen to become less and less human, and more and more vulnerable, more and more dependent upon life not happening, because they have no way of dealing with it. And impersonal state who has no need for revenge, because it has no feelings and basically doesn't really exist. All it can do is devour the souls of it's subjects, and it does this far more effectively than any psychopath ever could.

In such a world everybody may be equal, but nobody is a winner.

Indeed, everybody loses!...


Anonymous said...

Wow. This just sort of says it all, doesn't it? I get this hugely. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to call up every person I killed and aplogize.

Zhawq said...

Anon 7:41,

You're welcome.

I wasn't sure if people wouldn't find my statement rather antagonistic. I can see why some would think I'm anarchistic. But I don't think of it in those terms.

Of course, I know I'm not alone with my way of looking at things, but it's always nice to hear from others that they understand, and that they agree. :)


Anon 7:42,

I take it you meant to call the families and friends, yes? I mean, calling up the dead is rather difficult. But if you succeed, do let me know, I'd love to know how you did it, haha.

In case you actually mean it:

Why would you want to apologize? Would it make you feel good, or better?

If yes, consider the fact that it might make the people you wronged feel bad again as they'd be reminded of their loss. If you truly want to make up for something you've done wrong, try and think of your victims' perspectives when you consider which line of action is the better to take with each of them.

In my personal experience most people are better off with being allowed to let the past remain the past. But each individual is different, so you'll have to decide for yourself in each case.

(I am quite capable of thinking beyond my own perspective... something many have questioned. I hope my above statement proves it.)

Anonymous said...

"it might make the people you wronged feel bad again as they'd be reminded of their loss."

i have done this. I have hurt people over and over and over by putting my foot in my mouth way too many times. It's diarrhea. i think it is what politicians call gaffes (?) Damage control is tricky

puck said...

Yes, I too, get this!
This is quite a hard thing to do--contol the words from spilling out of my mouth.

I often start to get a bit high from imagining the consequences. This is why I can't stop laughing sometimes. I get carried away imagining the scenario unfold.

And now i will bid you adieu, as I need to change the litter pan, clip my toejam out and pop a few white heads.

Anonymous said...

Why do you avoid being intimate, Puck? Your stupid gross out comment was so you could avoid your demons.

Anonymous said...

No one can read your mind, anon 3:31

you are probably the only one who views a tiny faux pas as a "gaffe"

Puck said...

I don't have deamons you idiot. I am BORED!

good night.

Anonymous said...

You are full of shit. But that's ok. People who come to know you and love you anyway will excuse you and try to pry open your soul.

Or one of these days you will leave your door unlocked by mistake, and someone will steal it. Or share it.

Anonymous said...

This song -- seems appropriate.

Bella said...

"Why would you want to apologize?"

It's a hit and run.

Nothing's right about.

bella said...

to apologize or not, and why?

also tricky for me. In certain circumstances it is a beautiful thing. But qualify that reason and it loses the essence for me so i won't.

Zhawq said...

Anon 3:31

i have done this.

So have I. I didn't mean to say I'm a saint, lol. However, I usually do it well knowing what effect it has. I guess it's a tad sadistic. But then, I can be slightly mischievous in that way. :)


I often start to get a bit high from imagining the consequences. This is why I can't stop laughing sometimes. I get carried away imagining the scenario unfold.

This reminds me of a number of episodes from when I was younger. I would sometimes have a real hard time hiding that I was about to fold over from laughter. I wrote an article about such a situation here.

And now i will bid you adieu, as I need to change the litter pan, clip my toejam out and pop a few white heads.

That's a procedure you have to undertake on a regular basis, I take it? ;)


to apologize or not, and why?

also tricky for me. In certain circumstances it is a beautiful thing. But qualify that reason and it loses the essence for me so i won't.

That's an interesting way of looking at it. I've always done the exact opposite of this.

I don't apologize because of the beauty in doing so, for I've never seen that aspect. I do it if it works, if it gives the result I want. And I always "qualify" the reasons, that's how I make sense of things, and it makes me more capable of making good decisions about when to apologize in the future.

This is a perfect example of how it is possible to use totally different techniques and yet get the results we want.

Thanks for sharing!... '^L^,

Zhawq said...


that's a good song you've linked to. I'm always looking for new music, so thanks!... '^L^,

Anonymous said...

This may sound off, but it is a pride thing sometimes. If I can "make up for " something I know was bad, even years later, I may do something to give back. It may feel like charity to the receiver, or something, or an apology. Doesn't matter sometimes what they think. I did it the other day. I did not use the words I'm sorry, because I didn't feel sorry. I felt like an old friend should know that I was thinking fondly of him. I treated him badly because of my personality (as he did to me). i think of it more like a gift than an apology. But if I qualified it as a gift then that would mean both of us would have to look at the gift and it's significance. I didn't want the gesture to be an issue, and i certainly was not going to qualify the gesture as "something I needed to do for myself" because that takes away the meaning for the other person.

Why put out your arms and say I love you while punching someone in the stomach? Does anyone understand this?

Anonymous said...

I am an nt and find your perspectives rather dark and interesting.
Obviously, there are no real 'love' feeling3 for victims, however they become personal beings devoted to your desire to abuse and in some cases, their desire to be abused. I believe you create an intimate relationship with your victim(s) and that in itself is very telling. I would not want to live with boredom. I am sure that is the true motifier.

Back to evil... it is simply a word to explain extreme abuse of other living animals. It provides a safety net for the greater part of humanity to live in this world with some way to recognize and deal with extreme disregard for human life. After all, it is survival of our species that is innate to All of us.
You mentioned capital punishment...well I am an NT and could not kill unless it was absolutely necessary to protect love ones and myself. Fortunately I live in a country that jails, does not kill.
I read a comment by someone who was living amongst inuit peoples.
One of the inuits was host to the doctor studying pyschopathy. The doctor asked what do you do with someone who is a pyschopath amongst your people. The inuit said that someone will take up the task to throw the pyschopath into the sea but it is never discussed nor is it seen.

Anonymous said...

Ah crap, I thought this was just me, not a common trait. How do I control it !!?? Its like there is a mishevious nasty part of me that tries to fight nearly everything and everyone I come in to contact with. It seems to be when I'm bored, for want of a better term, when I'm not focused on something interesting.

To the comment that said - "No one can read your mind, anon 3:31". Hehehe......think again..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post. I hope this shows never to do evil, but to always try to do good in a world of evil.

Roxie B said...

I don't think the world is evil. It is just indifferent. And humans in general aren't evil either. They are just all mindless idiots with a pack mentality. So quick to believe what they initially see, or the first story they hear. They are so desperate to belong even if it means others are forced out of a sense of belonging. The humans who do bad things for the sake of it are generally stupid as well. At the end of the day, what is the point? We are all stuck in this shitty little existence we call life temporarily. Why risk making it shittier than it already is by making others antagonistic towards you or by getting caught and being kept in a cage?

Anonymous said...

This is a good essay! One of the best ones I have seen you do. NTs never participate fully in most of the things they do, because they are not willing to do things that harm others. You can not trust an NT, therefore to make decisions that are hard to make, because they are uncomfortable seeing people suffer. And that is a very bad thing to have. The world around you is not that soft! But if you take your cues from the state, well...
Those who are called dark personalities will harm people if the occasion calls for it. Usually there are practical considerations to do with it. Harming people and things is a normal part of life, unless you are an NT. Since you never participate in matters which can harm in any level, you lose your ability to consider those things and you set yourself up to be victimized one day by a person with no such scruples.
Whose fault is it then? You should blame the state, which brought these things about. The definition of psychopathy depends upon it, the laws applied by the state. If socialization was not so heavily enforced, everyone would be trying as hard as possible and you could take action against anyone who wronged you, and those with no scruples would be likely to hold back rather than create victims until put away by the state, while shocking the hell out of anyone by the acts that they do, which have, by then gotten beyond, the grasp of your average person.
Psychopathy depends on the social definitions to exist. It is my opinion that psychopathy is studied with a goal end in mind of removing individuals who are naturally resistive to social pressures.