Sunday, April 3, 2011

This Way!

How can We Protect this Perfect Being without Evil?

The tune may be nothing new, nothing special. But the lyrics deal a neat message!

And after all, the question will always remain: What is Evil?

Is My Way more Evil than Yours? What makes Your Way Good?

Free Choice may be an Illusion, but I will do my best to ascertain Freedom of Choice Becomes and Remains a Reality, that is My Choice from Moment to Moment!

So my Philosophy is not 'Real Philosophy', not 'Good Thinking', because I'm a Psychopath, is that it?

Philosophy and Thought are not Good or Bad, and Reality is what we make of it!


You need us!

You need me and my kind!



ZKM said...

Oh, the idea of good and evil! So dramatic, so poignant, so pointless. I've been called evil plenty of times, as I'm sure you have. I hate the idea that this question garners so much constant attention because to me, morality is obviously a simple construct of society to preserve itself, not some all encompassing almost spiritual delineation.

So, to the question, What is Evil? Any person or person(s) who habitually defy the Mores of their culture or civilization. It is a rarely accepted definition because people would like to think morality is some looming benevolent shadow that is set in stone, never changing. Like God. Unfortunately, through actions, every generation they further prove that is not the case.

Anonymous said...

To me, evil is simple. It's immature. It's doing something you know is bad, and not enjoying it because it is enjoyable, but because it is evil.

Throwing immaturity and evil in the same category may sound odd, but under any other circumstances, 'evil' is situational. What one culture may deem evil, another finds perfectly acceptable. And you know what, that's perfectly fine.

But to me, real evil is childish worship and practice of what someone in their heart finds to be depravity.

And for someone like me, those sort of things don't exist. I'm a doer, I do things. Some things are bad (usually) and some things are good (sometimes), but I always do what I have to do, in an amoral sense, not immoral.

I find the worship of dark things really stupid to be frank. Just childish people who act out to be seen, and cause death, destruction and mayhem like their worshiping a deity.

And sometimes, that's exactly what they're doing.

ZKM said...

Interesting take. I have never truly categorized worshippers of Satan and other such rebellious deities to be anything more than Flamboyant Histrionics, not truly immoral beings.

Their goal is to 'shock' people, to be 'out there' and 'unique'. Their immoral practices spring from a desire to fit in to a 'different' branch of society. I don't really consider anything I do to be good or bad, simply as having preferred or unpreferred repercussions. In my mind, forcing yourself to commit 'unethical' acts for a cause is just as ridiculous as people forcing themselves to commit benevolent acts for a cause. Why free yourself from conventional norms just to be some other God's bitch? I swear people make no sense.

Anonymous said...

Mostly on point. I wasn't referring to Satanism, actually. I can understand the connect though.

From what I understand of Satanism, is that it's not about being evil at all. It's about being your own good, your own powerhouse, and living life the way you think you should, while not stepping on the toes of others unless you have to, and if you do, never get caught. I think that is LaVeyan Satanism, at least.

Have you not noticed people acting out and doing what they think are bad things for the sake of them being bad? It happens all the time. It's really sad actually. The more depraved they think it is, the more it makes them giddy. So childish.

Anonymous said...

*your own God

ZKM said...

Well I'm sure there are satanists who take their beliefs more seriously, but I have never met an alleged Satan Worshipper who professed any true insight. Any curiosity on my part has always been met with some irritating attempt to 'freak me out'. Once I asked a satanist to explain to me the fundamental principles of his 'faith', what made satanism a superior mindset? He got real close to me, breathed into my ear and said, "Rape, Kill, Burn" and then literally started screaming. Maybe he was supposed to be possessed or something?

So I admit, my opinion is skewed to match my experience with less than articulate people.

Zhawq said...

"It is a rarely accepted definition because people would like to think morality is some looming benevolent shadow that is set in stone, never changing. Like God."

Even gods change. Just take the Christian bible, it has two: Jahve and the Father of Jesus (I call him Christ - he was too paranoid to say his name even to his 'chosen').

And gods die too. Just take a look at pre-historical time. First we had the Babylonic pantheon, then Egyptian, then Greek, then Roman, and the it all began to drift into heavy materialization. Now we have only 'Demonic Psychopaths'. ;)

"Just childish people who act out to be seen, and cause death, destruction and mayhem like their worshiping a deity."

Do we see the image of non-existent bad ass antisocial Anons in various forums about Psychopathy and Sociopathy on the Internet, I wonder?... (not so much!)

Good debate here, guys.

ZKM said...

I have noticed a dissociation religious people tend to have with reality, not simply in the "otherworldy being" sense, but in a lack of connection with the history of their own religion. You make good points about God(s) changing, but I really think few practitioners truly are aware of or connect with the facts of their faith's past.

I'm not saying they don't KNOW the facts, although in many cases they don't, it's that they don't draw the link between the church they're so merrily apart of and the history of corruption, greed and violence that it perpetuated up to this day. Even if they're aware of it, they seem to look at history books as if their authenticity is in even more question than the Bible, Qur'an or whatever book they read.

That being said, I'm not necessarily an Anti-religious person. I can't comprehend the draw to such stifling organizations but I do see the benefits reaped by society when impressionable people are scared into coloring in between the lines. Religion is a necessary tool for maintaining order because the world is filled with people who couldn't possibly handle the burden of not falling apart without the fear of Damnation looming over their shoulder.

Blammer said...

Enjoying evil is like doing the math and not giving a shit. Some people live like this. I know few. But I'm drawn to them like a moth to a flame.