Monday, April 18, 2011

Female Psychopaths - Meet Toxy!

I'm a woman, and I'm a Psychopath!

I was diagnosed at the age of 18 - like our host. I'm proud of being me! Damn proud! And I'm tired of stereotypes, so guess what: I'm breaking out!

I'm going big, guys! Or I'm heading big, anyway!... And I know I've got what it takes!...

I think it's time I introduce a friend and female psychopath: 

Meet Toxy!

Hello everybody, I'm Zadie... But I go by the name Toxy.

- Yeah, you can call me Toxy.

I'm a woman, and I'm a psychopath....A diagnosed psychopath at that. Yep, it's all true.

I was diagnosed at the age of 18 - like him over there, your host, Zhawq. Indeed, we're two of a kind if there ever were such a thing amongst psychopaths.

The following excerpt from the book 'Snakes in Suits' by Dr. Robert D. Hare, Ph.D., and Paul Babiak, Ph.D, says it all sooo very well about female psychopaths. In a nutshell, it is a description me!
And I'll say it like it is: I'm proud of what I am, I'm proud of being me! Damn proud! And I'm tired of being strung up by stereotypes, so guess what, guys and gals: I'm breaking out! - Don't get me wrong, I can be nice as a kitten when it suits my fancy... or a good purpose - My purpose!... But it's time that we women get out there and shape a bit of what's our pie too, and I'm gonna have my piece! You better believe it!

You'll be hearing more from me, guys!...


"Why aren't there any female psychopaths," an interviewer asked one of the authors. The fact that she could ask such a question reflects a curious wrinkle on sexism: the view, held by many people, that relatively few female psychopaths exists in society--or even prisons--and that those who do exist differ in fundamental ways from their male counterparts.
     The issue is clouded by sex-role biases in the diagnosis of the disorder. Thus, when a female and a male each exhibit a psychopathic pattern of core personality traits--grandiose, egocentric, selfish, irresponsible, manipulative, deceitful, emotionally shallow, callous, and lacking in empathy, remorse, and guilt--a clinician will often diagnose the male as apsychopath (or antisocial personality disorder) and the female as something else, usually histrionic or narcissistic personality disorder.

In each case the clinician's diagnosis is influenced by expectations of how psychopaths should behave. That is, the clinician expects psychopaths to be tough, dominant, and aggressive, and a woman who does not project these characteristics therefore is not a psychopath. What the clinician fails to understand is that the behaviors of male and female psychopaths, like those of most other people, are shaped by the sex-role stereotypes cultivated by society. The same underlying personality structure may find different behavioral and social expression.
     Although the process of socialization fails to embed in the psyche of psychopaths the network of inner controls we refer to collectively as conscience, it nevertheless makes them aware of society's expectations about sex-roles, of what is expected of them as men and women. More than most people, they effectively use these expectations as potent tools for manipulation. So a female psychopath might make full use of the passive, warm, nurturing, and dependent sex-role stereotype in order to get what she wants out of others, just as a male psychopath might use a macho image, intimidation, and aggression to achieve satisfaction of his desires.
     Female psychopaths effectively use society's expectations about female behavior to their own advantage. But, more than most women, they also are able to break out of the traditional sex-role stereotypes, to go beyond conventional boundaries. This is readily apparent among female offenders, where the prevalence of psychopaths is almost as high as it is among male offenders. The variety an severity of criminal acts performed by these women, as well as their capacity for cold-blooded violence, are similar to those committed by their male counterparts.
     Sex-role stereotypes about the behavior of women are changing rapidly. In a sense, the public is just catching up with a reality that long has been recognized by writers and those in the entertainment business. Female psychopaths frequently are well portrayed in fiction, true-crime books, television, and movies.


This all sums me up perfectly. So perfectly in fact, that when I read it I went: "Damn!", and "YES!!, That's how it is!! Strange as it may sound that someone like myself would find it nice to see myself outed like that, it is how I felt. It was a good moment. It was a moment of receiving recognition for being me, and I wouldn't want to be anyone else. I'm very fine with being who and what I am, and I'm good at it!

In a way it's funny, for I've never had problems getting recognized for my existence, as a psychopath, or as anything else I wanted to be recognized for! ... I have been recognized for being 'all that' and more, I can be sexy, soft, playful, supportive and oh, so loving. In fact that's what I am a lot of the time, and I have the looks to go with it too.

But I want more. I'm ready for more, and I'm gonna GET more! Others can come along for the ride if you're up to it, there's plenty of room for allies, because I'm heading for something more than just the scraps this time!

I'm going big, guys! Or I'm heading big, anyway!... And I know I've got what it takes, the question is more if any of you out there has what it takes to hang and keep up with me!?
It's not a problem though. There're always someone or somebody who can see when someone's got the goods, which Zhawq and me certainly do!...

If there're other female psychopaths out there, who know that's what you are, and you have the greed and the motivation, send me a line! I'll be glad to hear from ye, there's a world out there waiting for us, ripe for the taking!...

Oh, and yeah: If there're guys who're with me on the idea that women get a few kicks in too, you're more than welcome to send me one as well.

You can reach me through Email:
...Or, if you prefer, via:

Hear from you soon!...

Yours, Toxy.



Jason said...

Does this mean that most female prositutes/escorts are psychopaths?

I would love to pick one up.They could play the submission role well for me.

Anonymous said...

The quoted text sounds like a very long-winded version of what I say here at my blog about Female P/S types.

I wrote it as theoretical, as I am not in the field of research, but it directly reflects my thought train.

Best of luck, Zadie. Break a leg!

Just not yours.

Anonymous said... speechless, I feel physically ill while reading your blog...thats all I can say.

Anonymous said...

You psychos brag about your intelligence, but most of you can't spell. Delusion, that's one of your traits isn't it? You have a large chunk of your brain missing, so it's cruel to poke fun. You're less evolved than other human beings, not more - spiritually on par with animals.

Anonymous said...

Poor Zadie. Could she really be a psychopath? She sounds a bit more like an idiot to me. Mmmm, a pathological idiot.She's tired of being 'strung up by stereotypes' but then screams that Dr. Robert Hare says it 'all sooo very well'. Zadie sounds as if she just discovered she was blessed with the 'shit gene'...come back in about twenty years and then let's talk about your breaking out, until then...shut your face and stop embarrassing all the other pathological punks.

Anonymous said...

You sound less like a psychopath and more like a fucktard to me. An embarrassment to females in general.

lele said...

You should have mangled your email addresses to avoid spam.

Anonymous said...


You sound like a D grade movie yawn

Anonymous said...

Toxy is nothing like a "Psychopath".

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha and yet more hahahaha, the people who claim to be Psychopaths or Sociopaths, even just about any neuorological or psychological disorder on the Internet are most likely one of these fanatical douche bag like queers, or in other words (fans), that try so hard with every bit of themselves to be something, just remember....Toxy, that Psychopaths don't see themselves as one, and would NEVER exploit themselves on the so called "Anonymous" Internet. So, just take that nembutal with your mummy's vodka and mix it, and die in your petty sleep. "Psychopath"; sounds like it's too good to be true.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you should be pretty embarrassing about not only writing this but submitting it. What a loser...

Gene said...

I lived with a psycho. If you can be proud and brag about being a piece of human shit then you deserve it when what goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

So you're proud of being a mean, inhuman victimizer of others. You're using your wrong name, Satan.

Anonymous said...

She's probably some dimwitted loser begging for attention and cant get a boyfriend.

Lola said...

"And I know I've got what it takes, the question is more if any of you out there has what it takes to hang and keep up with me!?" You sound boring.

Anonymous said...

Listen to yourself,"Oh I'm going big guys Oh yeeaah woohooo".Boo fucking hoo newsflash NOBODY CARES.Go roll over and die,you overrate yourself and think you're interesting with desperation for attention.It makes you look like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

It's a faux manic post. How are people so easily misled.

You can't tell whether someone is a psychopath over the internet. It's a great outlet because people build your masks for you.

Anonymous said...

When I imagine having to live life with no capacity to feel love, I pity the psychopath. The emotions they lack are the most wonderful feelings a human can experience. They have been for me, anyway.

I would rather have my emotions psychopaths consider a "weakness" any day, rather than living in a dark, empty world. No wonder they hunger for some sort of stimulation. I just hope we find a way to stop them from hurting so many people along the way.

Anonymous said...

When I imagine having to live life with emotions, I pity the NT. The emotions they have are the most distructive feelings a human can experience. They have been for me, anyway.

I would rather have no emotions NT's consider a "weakness" any day, rather than living in a dark, delusional world. No wonder they hunger for some sort of stimulation. I just hope we find a way to stop them from hurting so many people along the way.

Malfeasance said...

My dear, a true psychopath will not acknowledge himself or herself, except to other psychopaths or to someone they have just victimized, unless forced. Someone with merely sociopathic or psychopathic traits or tendencies may attempt to heighten those traits or tendencies in an effort to achieve something... but true psychopaths are only half made; the rest is all an accident of birth. As psychology is an inexact science, diagnoses of psychopathy are exceptionally unreliable: a true sociopath or psychopath will instinctively know how to hide himself or herself unless examined by the most experienced of psychologists. Frankly, true NTs and true psychopaths/sociopaths are hard to come by; we are all on a psychological spectrum, with most of us in the middle, some of us leaning to one side or another, and some of us at either far end of the spectrum. My impression of you is that you are simply a narcissist with sociopathic and psychopathic traits.

Paul, UK. said...

Psychopathic women hate the ugly truth about their bullying, abusive nature leaking out, more than anything else. It contradicts their 'Miss Sunshine' public persona. Her first husband, a Royal Navy officer, said to her soon-to-be second husband, when he took her to collect her belongings "You stupid bastard, you have no idea what you're dealing with. I feel sorry for you”. Her second husband naturally thought he was raving.

Birthdays, Christmas, holiday arrangements, year in - year out, were always cancelled by her at the last moment, (more power play), even when I paid for everything.

(My £2500 'birthday Med cruise' in Feb 2011, was booked by her for my birthday. I ultimately paid £2250 towards my own £2500 so-called ‘birthday present’, but she still let me down, to go on my own. ("Too busy with business" - rational excuse, or alternatively, "I don't want to be stuck with a 'misery' like you for 18 days", nasty excuse). Anyway, she ran me to the port and waved me good bye.

While out walking from the ship I was knocked down in Naples, due to misreading the crazy traffic - 3 noisy lanes coming towards me and 1 empty lane coming up behind. I phoned her later with a new phone I had bought as I hobbled back to the ship (my old phone was busted). She showed little surprise or sympathy for my 5 hours in hospital with 4 broken ribs and a torn knee. She didn't pick me up at the ship on the Friday, when I got back on crutches, where she'd dropped me off for the trip. Then a day later she 'sympathetically' called at my door, 33 miles away, and took me back to her place, only to kick me out of her car, over a mile from the train station the following Monday, with the usual "F*** off back to Brighton", and two fingered farewell.

Over 2 years ago, as another birthday present, I bought her a £2000 BMW 325 because she drives a flimsy sports car on dangerous back roads where many of her appointments are. She had complained about being driven off the road by oncoming 4 x 4’s - she neglected and eventually dumped that too in another act of spite. I gave her £450 for repairs which she spent on utility bills instead, without telling me.

In her business this clever, glamorous, delightful, and superficially charming lady employs a few office people, pumps them up, watches them like a hawk, uses then dumps them when she tires of them – or they try to fight their corner, as she did with her husbands and me. She has 150 employees and 3 assistant managers (a domestic cleaning franchise). A little goddess of all she surveys, with a domineering, duplicitous, and devious ego to match. As two previous husbands found out to their cost, 'impossible to love' because of rampant rage, toxic paranoia and self sabotage.

I don’t see myself as a victim, only as having proved one sad fact, you can’t love a psychopath for long, even if they want love and acceptance with ‘all their heart’, if they have a heart. Psychopaths can’t change even when they know they’re really the problem. In many cases it is because they often have an exit strategy lined up to escape the consequences of their atrocious behaviour because at heart they are cowards. They just invent another disguise to hide the ugly truth, until their history catches up with them again - as my ex-partner will do with the next trusting, ignorant man. Desperate, driven, destructive, angry, sad, and pathetic. The MO is always the same.

Ultimately she will die alone and unlamented by all the devastated men in her life she has stupidly tormented with her vicious control tactics.

Gemini75 said...

I'm not impressed with any ones post it's all in action. People reinvent themselves constantly on the internet. There are numerous factors which make up a psychopath or sociopath. Anyone who is a self proclaimed psychopath or sociopath is not one. Even if I were diagnosed as one or the other I wouldn't believe it I mean who the fuck are they to diagnose me.

Anonymous said...

it's not that simple. You can't tell if someone is a psychopath based on one particular action. Everything depends on personality combined with their personal circumstances. Maybe she gets something from being open this way. Besides, she's anonymous so she don't risk anything. No reason why a psychopath couldn't think that's funny to do knowing no one can do anything against her even if they wanted to.

Bytheway, the owner of this blog is diagnosed as a psychopath and would have known if she's lying. It's why he don't post something like this that often, because he won't post shit.

But yeah, there are lots of people who say they are something they aren't. But they can't keep it up over time of course.

annabelle said...

It is absolutely fascinating how, first time a female psychopath spoke out on this blog, tons of people came to berate her, call her "Satan", ridicule her and call her a liar (as if she is lying about being a psychopath) etc.
Wtf people? Must sexism extend to this as well? Grow the F**K up!

ObviousPseudonym said...

I agree with annabelle. I think it's peculiar that readers of blog hosted by a male psychopath would doubt the authenticity of this woman's claim to psychopathy. Both Toxy and Zhawq have "outed" themselves online, the only difference is their gender and writing ability. While her writing appears frenzied and disorganized, few commenters mention this as evidence of her lying. Instead, almost every post focuses on her gender and assumes that female psychopaths would never write such a revealing post. Toxy is being scrutinized through the lens of a gender stereotype. There are exceptions to every rule. Moreover, these comments seem reflective of a greater social bias toward female illegitimacy and the repression of female voices and opinions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Toxic. I once went out with a nasty evil selfish psycho bitch. She will never know the pain she caused me. She will also never know how many times I pissed in her coffee.

Britney said...

Anonymous above here: "She will also never know how many times I pissed in her coffee."

This made me lol. I was with a guy for over three years and I knew he was miserable and wanting out, but I'd also been accustomed to seeing him as a pathetic whine. Besides, his money were damn comfortable so I hung on until I found greener grounds.

A few weeks ago I spoke to one of his whining wino pals and we had a glass (okay I had three but he had more than ten - I lost count, but not as fast as he did, hehe), and then he told me my ex has been doing the exact same thing that you just wrote.

In the old days I would've punched him right in his ugly face for not having told me before, but I gotta say I couldn't help but laugh so I left it at that and gave him another beer.

So it seems my ex had a little bit of guts after all, and the dude actually learned something from me. lol.

Way to go, pal. ;D

Anonymous said...

This post is just down right hilarious! I sure hope you have your IP blocked and re-routed!

James said...

It's quite easy for most people to anger some one. It's very hard to not displease others. So many people don't understand so many things and will not change the way they feel to better adjust the situation. you don't have to be a psychopath to rune some ones life or day.

It's far more harder to give people a great day or week, without going out of your way to do so. While not paying to much for things and benefiting from it without being a burden.

So proclaimed psychopaths say they have fun hurting others, but psychopaths are known to be highly intelligent. how can a psychopaths enjoy doing something that uses not effort and no thinking to do? I could say " you'r a stupid worthless person who lies to him self about meaning anything to any one" and that would rune most peoples day and sometimes week. So how is that fun? it's not fun, its boring and a wast of the seconds it takes to say that.

Id rather do things that invalv thinking and moving at fast speeds while breaking tradition and customs. It's a costume that only best friends can make you feel like your floating on a could of happiness that feels like Ecstasy. Doing this without losing the person is much entertaining than calling some one a stupid pig and ruining there day.

Also why would a psychopath want to teem up to be mean to others. Getting help decrease the risk and pleasure received from doing something.

Anonymous said...

So many assholes here. There is nothing wrong with being a psychopath, it's like being normal but not having to live with things like caring about how people feel. It's like being free. I can guarantee that I spell better than half of you guys too, so I'm not stupid. You blame psychopaths for being cold? But you call us those things? Maybe you should think about who are the bad guys here. Maybe you're all just like us?
And about that comment on psychopaths being less evolved, how so? We don't sit there and cry just because our friend is upset, we're not bound by shit like that. And don't get me wrong, if my friend is sad I'll sit there and give them a pat on the back or whatever so I at least seem like I care. I think people like me are better at dealing with life. I think that's enough said, I have better things to do than speak real sense into assholes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and if you don't think psychopaths see themselves as one, you should do your research. I like to know what's up with how I feel, and that's how I came across stuff. If it makes assholes like you learn and stop treating people like shit, then I'll tell you whatever.

Anonymous said...

Good article mate, I am a bloke but I know the sentiment, we are quite alike. Break some legs on your way up.

And to all the petty snivelling comments directed against her, you cant hurt us with your emotive dribble campaign, all threats aside, I bet she would eat you for breakfast. Would be great to watch.

Rock on, and nice pic if it's yours.

Anonymous said...

we should not laught at this sad girl as she will end her days in some loony bin with nobody but the birds passing her window.

Anonymous said...

Actually psychopaths or sociopaths are not smart, they have no creativity, they learn by watching and mimicking others, i know this b/c i was with one for 5 years....she thought there was no way i could get to her to expose her for what she is, wrong wrong, she left herself wide open in several areas, and i made it known to others what she is.......ha ha ha what a dumbo she was......but alot of people think these people are really smart, wrongggggg......

Anonymous said...

It is a well known fact that there is no statistical correlation between psychopathy and intelligence. Like all other human beings, a few psychopaths are outrageously intelligent, most are in the middle and some others are totally retarded...having no feelings doesn't make you more intelligent per se...only more capable of inflicting pain upon others.

Anonymous said...

This is all about conveyed image... This is not psychopathy, this is narcissism.

Anonymous said...

She's stupid, you're all stupid, I got bored with the post after a paragraph, got bored with everyone's whining even quicker...

Why is it so 'super kewl and awesome' to be fucked up in the head nowaday's anyway? Are your lives so fucking boring that you have to brag/make up bullshit about your various mental deficiencies? Go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut xxx

Anonymous said...

This woman is no psychopath, just a stupid b****. A true psychopath wouldn't flaunt it - they couldn't care less. If they're on this website, it's probably to understand themselves better, not have a party.

Then again, she's a woman...

Anonymous said...

Can't be true, you are not a psychopath. Just someone with psychopath complex, not everyone need to react emotional, and not because of this you are psycho... whatever. Nice entry again.

Anonymous said...

This is surely a joke and not a real blog, or else the women is mentally ill. Still, to dissect...

As Robert D. Hare (deviser of the PCL-R Model of Psychopathy) states: "If you have ever considered you may be a psychopath, you are not a psychopath."

Those correctly diagnosed with the condition vehemently contest it, and spend their lives trying to mimic the emotions of others and disguise traits that are perceived as anti-social, as this is not conducive to achieving their goals.

Therefore, you are not a psychopath. Wanting to be perceived as such is a sign of low self worth, not grandiosity, and more likely a case of Borderline Personality Disorder.

You do not meet Hare's 20 point checklist on items:
1. Glibness/ superficial charm.
[You are not being charming, i.e., disguising unpleasant traits, attempting to ingratiate]
2. Grandiose self worth
[As previously explained]
4. Pathological lying
5. Cunning/ manipulative
[You would not be so upfront, there is nothing to be gained from your behaviour and you are naive and trusting enough to post an email address]
7. Shallow effect
[There is sentiment in what you are saying, even if it is expressed by trying to DENY that you have sentiment. You are reaching out for friendship and not-explotative contact with others and express the need to be 'understood']
The other checkpoints can't be validated one way or another as there is not sufficient info on your lifestyle or history.

Anonymous said...

Or she could be a pathological lair, thinking that she is a psychopath when she's not. I could be right or then again I could not be right. that's what I think she is. But she could just be faking to get attention because a psychopath doesn't like to show people that they are one they would just try and blend in with the crowd so that other people will just see a normal person.

Anonymous said...

I scored 1st percentile on functionality regarding the part of my brain the determines morality apparently.
I don't get the point of this. This doesn't win you fans and you probably know it. I hope this is just a demonstration, because this fa├žade is boring, and I want to see a more intelligent display, preferably with proper grammar.
I don't know where you think you're headed, but unless you change the damn plot, it's going to be nowhere.
You basically wrote the same thing several times, over and over again.
Fyi, I'm also female, but I don't give a shit about being recognized
Why do you act so enthused?
It's not like realizing something changes who you are. It's about limit testing, isn't it? How far you would go because you don't know and want to find out. I used to think about potential killings for this reason. As a child. It's not something you really choose, so what's the point of being proud of it, instead of moving on with your damn life and doing what you want to actually achieve things.
It doesn't sound like you just want to write.

The reason women aren't dx'd as psychopaths is the same reason women aren't dx'd as having aspergers. For me, I can wear a persona and throw it away as easily as I put it on to get what I want.
And you know, it's funny how quickly people assume a willed projection is your standard. But that's limiting... So why did you choose this one?

Anonymous said...

Having read this article and the comments it seems that most of the people here are children purporting to be psychopaths. It's not fashionable to have defective limbic systems nor do you have any biological advantage over normal people.

Reading this girl "psycho" is uncomfortable, sounds like a 15 year old RPing.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone that commented has her all wrong, they did not wake up one day and decide to become psychopaths. She is embracing who she truly is like any other women.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be a woman psychopath!!!! Maybe Toxy can offer some tips??

Anonymous said...

You are not a woman. Your sex doesn't make you woman. You can look like a woman, behave and talk like a woman, you can even make dozens of babies... like a woman, but you can't be a woman. This is the main problem of all psychopaths I think. They all miss the female parts of the human being, they only have the male parts. These characters are well balanced on a human being.
I am not sure if I ever knew a female psychopath. In my trauma story I have one male psychopath and a female malign narcissistic (who has a lot of common traits with a psychopath). They were both misogynist; they always prefer to hurt women on their surrounding (yes, often women are the easiest targets). Even before having a knowledge about personality disorders, I told her "you are not a woman, that is what makes you a monster".
In my personal opinion a psychopath does not have sex.

Anonymous said...

Man, you commentators are hilarious. Ranging from enraged to pretenious to collected, you guys are a riot. Hi proper grammar guy, did you figure out? pRoPer GraMMer INT. UNEqueal
have fun

Watcher said...

I can see many here have some very strongly felt opinions. I think people need to keep the topic in perspective. All people perceive events through the prism of their minds - a prism culture defines, neurological development defines, psychological development defines and one's upbringing defines. No one has a lock on objective truth. The best anyone can do is to know their own biases well and take all opinions as describing more about the speakers or the writers minds. It is important information about a person, but not an objective truth about reality. Zhawq posts many interesting and thoughtful writings here. I ask others to give careful and well reasoned comments showing insight and skill. Even if you find someone's thoughts on their own conduct offensive keep in mind the person posting may lack a moral compass and empathy as well. There is much for everyone to learn about psychopaths including psychopaths. This is a good blog, please don't trash it up. If you want to post an angry post, stop and think about it. Think about what you could say that may help inform psychopaths who read this post. For example try to define what a conscience is. That is trickier than it sounds. Opinions differ widely: psychologists may give many different versions of a definition, theologians would have a completely different approach. Just imagine what both ancient and modern philosophers could do with that one. These issues are not so straight forward. So how would you explain conscience to someone described by others as lacking one without completely frustrating that person?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"When I imagine having to live life with emotions, I pity the NT. The emotions they have are the most distructive feelings a human can experience. They have been for me, anyway.

I would rather have no emotions NT's consider a "weakness" any day, rather than living in a dark, delusional world. No wonder they hunger for some sort of stimulation. I just hope we find a way to stop them from hurting so many people along the way."

That was about the worst troll rebuttle I've ever seen. You didn't even change the last parts to fit to the nature of a NT.

Psychopaths live to manipulate people. They seek stimulation and thrill more then anything else.

Also I'm seeing a lot of this "I can be really nice" or "I'm a good person" By definition you're not either of those things. You can't be, having no emotional need to be so.

You're only good and nice to yourself. And all psychopaths are that. They are not nice or good people. They can't be because being nice or good predicates on how it affects others, not just themselves.

Try harder next time to make a proper rebuttle towards what you see as your inferiors. You just looked stupid and childish.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So many assholes here. There is nothing wrong with being a psychopath, it's like being normal but not having to live with things like caring about how people feel. It's like being free. I can guarantee that I spell better than half of you guys too, so I'm not stupid. You blame psychopaths for being cold? But you call us those things? Maybe you should think about who are the bad guys here. Maybe you're all just like us?
And about that comment on psychopaths being less evolved, how so? We don't sit there and cry just because our friend is upset, we're not bound by shit like that. And don't get me wrong, if my friend is sad I'll sit there and give them a pat on the back or whatever so I at least seem like I care. I think people like me are better at dealing with life. I think that's enough said, I have better things to do than speak real sense into assholes."

This is what psychopaths can not and will not get.

Why do you think you're better? If the name of the game is perpetuating the species, you're shit at it. You can't create an emotional connection needed for mental stability.

Psychopathy is easy. Not having to care, having nothing to live for but the self and no one there for you should you ever need it. And at the same time, simply not feeling highs and lows, but an emotional constant. Not caring. Yet at the same time, you tout that you want to be accepted, when essentially you're saying "I have the right to kill you if I please, but you don't have that right with me, because I'm superior." ... Really?

I wonder what it would be like if all of us were psychopaths. You just know someone would just go around killing. And it would be whoever kills first is the better one.

With out emotional gratification, all a psychopath cares about is harming others, in small or big ways. Whether it's NT's or Psychopaths. Doesn't matter. You're fair game.

And here is the REAL question. Why bother patting your friend on the back if you don't give a damn? Why do you pretend? To manipulate? Doesn't that mean that your entire existence and meaning to dominate others is predicated on those who can be dominated, or NT's incapable of thinking the way you do?

Where as NT's do not need psychopaths. In fact, it's the equivalent of cancer. It would seem that psychopaths need NT's.

If the world was psychopathic, you would have nothing to dominate and no people to manipulate.

This is parasitic. And that's why it's considered a mental disorder and why people hate it. It's unbeneficial to everyone except that one person. The needs of the one out weigh the needs of everyone and everything else.

Guess what? Parasites do not do well in nature. They do not survive long, they're extremely primitive and their goal is to kill enough to survive. Which usually causes them to die out unless they can find a new host.

Plenty of psychopaths can actually understand that their nature is destructive to themselves in the long run, and to the species logically speaking.

Essentially, when you're old and can't walk and need physical help, many people would think no one should give it to you. You didn't care about them, why should they care about you.

I don't think this way, but I can see why people would. Humans are very tit for tat.

tigeresss said...

Even though she gave an e-mail address, how do we know that it isn't one she created specifically for this forum?

Perhaps she was excited to finally find people that are "like her" and felt safe.

Her spelling and grammar, yes they were atrocious.

If one has all the traits except for lacking in ever being criminally convicted, and with more compassion for animals (because really it is beneath one's self to harm something so defenseless and low)
could that person still be considered a psychopath?
What if that person is a female?
Does it change anything?

These questions have been running through my head... as well as choosing to no longer harm others for fear of repercussions, learning to care for the well-being of my children... learning to feign interest in others and their base problems...

Unknown said...

Hello. First off let me say I too am a diagnosed psychopath. And I am very proud of Toxy. I'm also quite tired of the stereotypes. Also there was a ton of hateful comments I read... I guess it's a stereotype that non psychopaths have a sence of compassion and human decency.. Hippacritical pricks

Unknown said...

(I recently sent a blog but it may not be shown do to offensive dialogue so let me try again) hello my name is Clint, and I am a diagnosed psychopath. I also hate stereotypes and I am very proud of Toxy. I encourage you to continue being proud of yourself. I am so sorry for the hurtful comments made by fellow bloggers.

Unknown said...

I've decided not to apologyse for my language. First of all yall seem to me like a bunch of uneducated wannabe genius fucks who think you understand the human brain. If you knew anything about basic psychology you'd know that not only does Toxy show real signs of psychopathic tendencies (of which you can't prove she doesn't) but also intelligence isn't measured by what you know or how much you know (how to spell, grammar, etc.) it's how you learn and how you see the world.. I hate generally all of you.

Anonymous said...

Fucking amazing how all these people here are ranting about the article, how Zadie's not a psychopath, how they hate psychos, or think people are being too mean to her; I'm just sitting here, noticing where this article is in the popular post column.

Anonymous said...

Hi toxie,

It's ironic that many post the kind of hateful things one would expect out of a certified psychopath.

I had a gf who I believe in hindsight is a psychopath. Unlike you, she didn't have the self-awareness and insight to ask that about herself. In the spirit of this website, I have some blunt questions. I was wondering if you have any close long term friends or significant others. Does a psychopath typically milk all they can (money/power/sex/nice stuff/???) out of a friendship or romantic relationship all at once until it is dry and discard the person, or do you, out of affection alone, ever stay with people? Do psychopaths ever put in the work needed to build and maintain long term relationships? Or is it pointless to do for the sake of love/friendship/companionship alone?

Anonymous said...

greetings fellow female psychopath *peace sign emoji* i too feel proud to be a psycho, i think it gets me places in life that non psychopaths cant get i do got to say life gets to be a bore though im all about doing shit with a practical purpose (normally to benefit me or benefit somebody i want because it will in turn benefit me) or else its a waste of my time idk though i do get sad like over breakups and shit but it's normally pretty short lived before i start exxagerating how sad i am to get others to feel bad for me.. lol but ya got to admit being a psychopath has its moments :D i smoke a lot of weed idk about you other psychos its nice to see the world from a different lens B)

Anonymous said...

Wtf Bloggers !!! Zhawq has posted ‘more despicable’ articles fx 10 Oct 2013-on Cleaning Up, without such emotionally charged comments of outrage. Is that because he’s a Man? Not necessarily true in every sense of the word, because apart from biologically most Psychopaths view themselves as Gender Neutral (or Gender Fluid). Honestly, sometimes I think it is us NT’s who need to hide behind a Mask.

Anonymous said...

I got something interesting to say. I have very shallow emotions. I care about people, but other people just don't register to me. When I was younger, I was considered weird, but never knew why. Nothing seemed to worry me. I was brought up by a dtepmother who treated me like crap, did mean things to me, yet it didn't bother me. She only made me angry if she insulted me directly, then I would make her pay for it.
If someone bothered me past a certain point, I would fight, aggressively. I was small but never bullied because it was not possible to handle me if I was angry.
I did very well at school. I had few friends, because I just didn't see any need to talk to anyone. I got bored very very easily. I got very good at studying other people and acting like I cared.
I didn't realise something was wrong until high school. I beat up so many people there I actually got tired of it. I decided it was better for my energy, and peace of mind, to simply learn to get long with others.
I learnt how to intimidate those bigger than me, how to make people around you relax. It was i.possble to make friends because even you attend parties, everyone looks like they are pretending. Only in an activiy where you must actually make a contribution can you have any kind of understanding.

Only after someone who studied psychology said I seem to be a psychopath did something become visible.

They say a lot of things about them. Psychopath is an emotional manifestation only. Emotions take the backroad to anything I am doing. My emotions don't matter, neither does yours.

I have had to learn everything from scratch. I have had things stolen, betrayed, you name it. I turn around and start over as thouh nothing ever happened. You coud destroy everything I had today, and I would start over as though nothing happened.

There are differences between emotional manifestations, and a burninv desire to kill, torture and harm others. That needs to be understood. Labels do not help any cause

Anonymous said...

You sound like a feminist, not a psychopath. "There's a world for our taking-" blah, blah. . . You're looking for 'equality' because you claim yourself as something you're not.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, why do you refer to yourself as Toxy? It puts one in mind of the word toxic which has negative connotations.

Anonymous said...

I am a psychopath, if you start dating us you are not victims. Warning: We will turn you into sociopaths if you accept us, only if you are still dating us and you will still be very likely a sociopath after the relationship. Most of us are asexuals so look out for that cold rejection that keeps you coming back for more. I hate when people call me names, like not normal. I am arrogant therefore I will not accept your rudeness and get agressive. I strongly feel like I got this craziness from my father and he got it from his. My uncle and sister are completely normal. I will try my hardest to be normal, which is the result in getting myself away from normal people to look normal to the not normal people. The only time I cry is when is when my brain is acting up worse than usual, and yes I have no emotions.

Anonymous said...

I lived with a diagnosed Sociopath for 8 years when I was younger and wet behind the years.Thinking of writing a book about it, looking for collaborators. She was one of those that was made into one by environmental factors although she may have had a predisposition already since her father was one. Repeated raped by daddy dearest from age 6-8, then took control of the situation by seducing him at 10, later they both went into business together, "the pimp daddy and daughter hooker. At 11 she was being consigned to other men, they'd split the profits 30/70. She even killed a man by the age of 12. An old degenerate was ravishing her and from the excitement of screwing a minor, he had a heart attack and died.Kicked out of school in the 6th grade(inability to focus) went an a sex spree most of her life. When I met her, at 28 the amount of men she had been with read like a scroll. Along the way, she did every vise imaginable, drugs, alcohol, since she had no conscience or shame, she participated in every concievible form of deprived sex imaginable. She used men, destroyed countless marriages and drove some to suicide!Super selfish in every-way !!! Today at 55, she is homeless, skill-less and survives off of pity crimes and whoever wants oral sex for a few dollars. A real animal!!!! their minds can not construct complex emotions or ideals, so they don't understand the concept of GOD! But they may understand a simplistic model for justice, " What you do to others, someone, somewhere along the way will do to you, Guaranteed! These people look human, but that is all!! God even omitted the greatest gift a human being can have, the ability to LOVE!!!!!! How bankrupt can you get!!!!!!!!! Robert

Anonymous said...

"When I imagine having to live life with no capacity to feel love, I pity the psychopath. The emotions they lack are the most wonderful feelings a human can experience. They have been for me, anyway.

I would rather have my emotions psychopaths consider a "weakness" any day, rather than living in a dark, empty world. No wonder they hunger for some sort of stimulation. I just hope we find a way to stop them from hurting so many people along the way."

It isn't dark, nor is it empty. Just kinda boring. And the people are annoying (looking at you, Toxy.)

Anonymous said...

Funny. I dont feel nothing of being a female psychopath. Maybe some sort of "relief" now when I know my life can change with lot of work with myself. Dont have to act and cheat and lie to others all the time. It hasnt kill me yet but it isnt easy also.

But got to admit. It has been boring. With the serious, boring, stupid people. "I cannot do this and that because I feel this and that" And who da fuck cares?

Anonymous said...

The average neurotypical man wants a woman whose feelings are attenuatedl to the magnitude of his feelings, a woman who's willing to do any sexual fantasy and understands the frustration a man must feel at being dominated by another man to a degree a non-psychopathic woman couldn't possibly do. In many things, the psychopathic woman is effortlessly the ideal woman for a neurotypical man, and doesn't even really need to do hardly anything more than have a vagina to have men eating out of her hand.

I can easily see how her male psychopathic counterpart could adopt a special feeling of disgust for his woman getting off so easy. No one's going to feed him just for having a penis. He has had to cull his cunning and competitive dominance and trickery over a lifetime. She represents him committing suicide. He longs for her to compete for him, demonstrate her craftiness, be ruthless, manipulate something -- not sit on her pretty ass and have all the neurotypical men eating out of her hand! But why on earth would she compete for him when she knows if he's anything like her that he's going to want to see her as a minion and try to control her? As a psychopath, that's the number-one thing she hates, right?

Of course Toxy's strategy would be to come across as dumb and undesirable among her own malefolk as possible. Her man has not convinced her that he won't try to restrain her, keep her in check. It seems all this woman has done wrong is not really stepped out of character. It seems she's still calculating her steps in how she engages with the male psychopath crowd, waiting to see if her male gives her the chance to control something before she shows her cards.

There are some basic brain scan differences between the male and female psychopaths from what I've read. I understood something about the female psychopath exhibiting an additional incapacity for sense of agency or justice, in contrast to her male counterpart, and she also doesn't really care what someone's intentions are compared to him.

It isn't my body/baby/man, but all the women's body/baby/man, and it isn't your body/baby/man, but mine; female psychopaths will protect your own baby with her life. Tribally, this seems useful. Also it's easy to see how the men who were the most cunning were able to sleep with lots of women without them seeing him as only one of theirs. And in a society of people who have a basic need for the women to be reproductively ideal, other women would need the "queen of fertility" to be capable of buying into the idea that it wasn't her body, but the tribe's.

No capacity to emotionally comprehend "what goes around comes around" is also useful. If her own child was killed by another woman, her tribe would be benefitted if rather than seeking justice, she just got pregnant again, since she's got the capacity to kill without remorse and it doesn't make evolutionary sense for all the reproductively productive women to violently avenge each other over mistakes made or what had to be done.

Among neurotypicals, there's squeamishness to violence, but among psychopaths, there's got to be some other feedback mechanisms to keep a bunch of them all together from predating themselves out of existence. Or at least that's my bias - I'm presuming that once a long time ago psychopathic men and psychopathic women lived together in completely psychopathic tribes, but that could be wrong. No clue how lack of caring what someone's intentions are fit into all this, but except maybe that might be the brain maxing out on merciless pickiness.

Alright, enough speculating. It's been fun though.

AlcibiadesAnon said...


Vance Campbell said...

I view this as something like a calculated thought experiment created to illicit interesting comments, which it most certainly did. Kudos. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey whatever happened to Toxy?

I wanted to really hear more from her and all we got was some comments from her.

This was 8 years ago however.