Saturday, April 9, 2011

Endless New Beginnings

Every End precedes a New Beginning!

Endings are among the kind of events I have probably had more of than most people my age. But for some reason it has never bothered me. Sure, the end of good things hold some element of emotional decline which can't be helped. But why anybody would choose to stop there, mentally clinging to what has basically already become the past, is beyond my capacity for understanding.
If Farewell's are unwanted, then so much more the reason to allow yourself to enjoy the pursuit of something in the future to wish even more for!


If The Blue Bus is Madness

and Grey signals The Fuss about Sadness

I say: Take to The Road!

Leave Crying behind!

Rejoice by Your Measure!

It's all In Your Mind!

Zhawq 2011

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