Thursday, March 31, 2011

To Intellectualize or Not To... (Part 2)

So yes, we do Intellectualize. If you can't comprehend things on an emotional level - and I'll put forward that everybody have their emotional shortcomings in some ways and at some points or others! <-- Call that me 'intellectualizing' my behavior! - One must comprehend reality however, and that can only be done by using the abilities that we have at our disposal to achieve an understanding of ourselves and our surroundings. Emotional Comprehension is not more 'Right' or Correct than is intellectual Understanding.

Appeal to The Left Wing!...

Intellectualizing our behavior is a common human trait, it's not specific to Psychopaths, except maybe in that we rely a lot more on this technique than empathic people do, who can in fact tend to do the exact opposite.

And this is what In My Understanding often leads to Abuse like the Article here cited duly states as well.


Some scholars decry this diagnosis as a tool of social control which allows the establishment to label and confine troublemakers and society to stash away eccentrics, criminals, and deviants.

What are we to think this is if not a rationalization of a Basically Emotional Response towards Psychopaths?

Or is it perhaps a Practical Way of Getting Rid of a Group in Society that poses a Threat to Others who want the Power for themselves that we otherwise might get some of?
To a Psychopath this, the last, Possibility seems to be the more Obviously Logic, and yet I have chosen to mention this last, when I could have mentioned it first and left the rest out.

I'd like to make a Statement here on my Own Behalf: I am a Diagnosed Psychopath, and yet I am showing several times in this One, Short, Article my Ability to see things from a variety of perspectives AND treat different points in opposing standing on each their own terms.


I've heard several times over the last years that Measurements are being taken, research being done, for the purpose of "treating" us out of existence - either by altering our minds after we're grown old enough to have a Personality and thus show our traits, or while we're still a Foetus through means of genetic "therapy".

In Britain they're discussing at present a new law that will allow authorities to use coercive forceful measures on young Psychopaths BEFORE they have a chance to harm, abuse, cheat, etc..

Do we see where this is going?

When 'we' are gone, the next will be those who are shallow and callous enough to pose an occasional 'lie' in order to 'seduce' someone into hitting a one night stand with them. Where does it end?

You did away with The Devil, the Demons, and with your God. If you do away with us too, it will be not only our end but yours too.

We are, in a sense, you!

More on that note in another article...

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Psychopath said...

Piss poor information about psychopathy leads uninformed people down the ignorant path they are on. Being a psychopath, I have had a few conversations with people that claim to know so much about "me" yet the words that leave their mouth tell me otherwise. It's almost as if people think we are robots, and all think the same. We are far from the same, and each has his or her own 'path' .. if you will :)

Anonymous said...

Looking at this blogg I don't know why but it brings me to an article I saw recently in the paper. "Testing for Autism before birth could be come a possibilty within 10 years", it has something to do with the level of testosterone in the womb. Having an aspergers child (which shows just as much empathy and love as her other siblings), would I do the test? Yes. Would I abort the baby? Yes. As much as my aspergers child is the sweetest, lovable kid who I adore, the question is who is going to look after them when I am dead, it's unfair to expect their siblings. A home would be the only option, after working in these homes it kills me to know this is where she could end up-I have been warned by the experts. So what has this to do with Psychopaths? What if there was a test that could determine if you where carrying a psychopath child.
How many people would really choose to have one? I, for one, wouldn't I could not live with myself if my child grew up to take another persons life without remorse, or bullies and manipulates people to brink of breakdowns. I have a great uncle who was a murderous psychopath so this fear was very real to me. Every parents dream is for their kids to grow up as well adjusted adults and contribute positively to society - not negatively. It would be great if empaths and psychos could live together in harmony. Even if I think us empaths try and understand ps (and believe me I am trying) it doesn't necessarily mean there is going to be harmony amoungst us. So, where does that leave the future of psychopaths? If we can't live together in some sort of truce psychopaths could simply be bred out. If I think empaths need them, think again we have enough evil (theres that word again) to content with in sociopaths, sadists and evil empaths. And we have to be real here its mostly the empaths that are the victims of psychopaths rarely do they pick on their own. I know I am going to cop a lot of flak for this blog I have seen the religious zealots on this website and will piss off a few ps. This is not my intention. Plainly if ps can't control their urges in a positive way they could endanger themselves of being bred out in the distant future.