Saturday, March 26, 2011

Emotional Expressions in Psychopath Murderers. (Part III)

I... or we, Psychopaths... do not Feel Remorse, ever! We simply can never experience this feeling, for we do not have the ability to do so!

Yet it is not a Problem for me, as a Psychopath, to display the Facial Expressions associated with Remorse. And I am not trying to make anybody believe that Psychopaths are Remorseful in Relation to a Crime they have committed.
But I do have one final point I want to put forth in regard to Emotion and Facial Expressions in Criminal Psychopaths.
- I have already mentioned that I have spend time in prison myself. However, I didn't tell you that I have done so in connection with not one, but several Convictions.

I am telling you this now, because it matters in a way that I find important: It has given me a lot of experience with those people who are involved with all aspects of Crime Solving, as well as with the media. I know about the Police Investigators, about those who conduct Interviews with the Prisoner, as well as about how they deal with Crime Scene Reconstructions and the Criminal who committed the crime/s. I know about the Forensic Specialists, the Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists, The Prison Guards, and I know about the Prison Medics, etc., and I also know about the Journalists who seek up Convicts, who have committed violent crimes, in order to Interview them for one or more Articles for the TV Channel/News Paper they work for.

In this case I will focus on the Police and FBI Personnel who work specifically with Violent Crime, especially Murder. And the Question I want to bring forth is really quite simple...

Now, we all know - from TV and movies, if nothing else - that murder pertains to violence, to bloody sceneries and to wounded people/bodies. We have seen pictures of such scenes on occasion, maybe on TV, maybe in a magazine, but rarely do normal people seek up such graphic material in large quantities to sit and look at. In fact, most people experience a sense of nausea and discomfort when confronted with visual input of that nature.

And here is my question:

Why is it that we - the accused/perpetrators/i.e. - are expected to show extensive emotional expression, not only shortly after the crime, or when being confronted with evidence/proof in the form of pictures and items, but we're expected to display emotions in our mannerisms and facial expressions many, many years later, as well as every time the incident is brought up regardless of context... Why are such expectations attributed to us, whereas the many people who worked with us and who's job it was to solve these crimes... they're never being questioned for being unemotional or suspected of having flattened affect, even though they seem just as cold and unaffected as we seem?

Let me tell you right now: These people, they do not display any more emotion than the psychopaths I have met, in or outside of prison!

In my opinion, the fact that they're so cool, so detached in every way in how they behave and deal with both you (the prisoner) and your crime/s, is misleading in that since they do NOT seem to have emotions, from the viewpoint of someone being interrogated for their crimes it is very easy to conclude that this must be the normal way to behave. For remember, nobody in that situation has seen how others react or behave when dealing with these bloody details, except for maybe the victims, and in some cases also their apprentice or criminal partner/s.

So what I'm saying is that basically even those who are not psychopaths, but perhaps even very normal, will be inclined to - if not actually believe it is normal to not experience emotions such as Remorse and Regret, etc. - then at least it is understandable if they decide, under the circumstances when being aurrounded by unemotional people - that they too will not display emotional affect. - For a young person the former is actually more likely - to believe that possible remorse that they might feel is not common at all, because even the police act as if there's nothing to be emotional about.

And yet we keep expecting criminals to display emotions.

when you are being held for questioning in your first violent and bloody crime ever, and all you see are people who are perhaps even more devoid of emotional expression than how you yourself feel... What then are you supposed to think? How was I supposed to guess that that was not how people normally would react to a bloody scene such as the one I had left behind me, when I'd never in real life observed another person viewing or discussing such an actual scene before?

Just something to ponder!...

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Andreas said...

It is fascinating to see your view of things.
There are a lot of little things that you are missing out on.

You've revealed something potentially exploitable. We must chat about this!

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Andreas said...

It is fascinating to see your view of things.
There are a lot of little things that you are missing out on.

You've revealed something potentially exploitable. We must chat about this!

Anonymous said...

very nice, high five