Thursday, March 31, 2011

About People & Objects.

About Seeing People as Objects & Things.

There's another funny little 'Thing'.

When you're a kid you're not always very bright in the sense that you tend to understand things very literally.

I was told many times that: "You treat People like Things, Zhawq! But People are NOT Things!"

It made me wonder about the difference between people and things. I soon discovered a fundamental difference:

"Zhawq! People are NOT Things!..."

People tend to seek you up voluntarily, whereas you have to seek up Objects yourself.

Then there's the Lingual part. People talk and will tell you things voluntarily, whereas you have to take the initiative to derive meaning from Objects.

These two things were obvious to me. And as soon as I had figured this out I would inwardly shake my head every time people told me that I couldn't tell the difference between People and Things because I treated them the same.

In my view I obviously treated them differently. I never attempted to manipulate my baseball bat into going over and beat the neighbor's son. The whole idea that I should be so stupid as to think people and things are the same only confirmed what I already thought: That others had no idea about how smart I was, and I would show them some day their error in talking down to me like I was a baby who didn't understand even the simplest facts. Mostly though I simply found them ridiculous and thought THEY were the ones who didn't understand.

And being a kid myself, finding that adults kept underestimating my intellect, it made me think I was perhaps smarter than I really was.

As an adult I can see it was me who misunderstood - or shall we say, it was me who didn't understand because they didn't explain things sensibly.

I've never thought I couldn't see the difference between People and Things, nor have I ever thought I treated Things and People the same. But that is because I have been looking at the wrong aspects of the meaning of 'Differences' and 'Treating'.

In a sense I do in fact see People and Things as basically a variation over a fundamentally single theme. And I do treat them the same in that I have the same approach but use different methods.
Just like we don't handle carefully kept garden flowers and the grass we walk upon the same, I do also not handle People and Things the same way because they have different qualities, and require different techniques of handling in order to arrive at the desired result.

So People and Objects are different. People speak, Objects do not.

But to me the Differences are Superficial. Everything 'talks' to you, but in different kinds of Languages.
Everything can be manipulated, but you have to understand the nature of what you're dealing with i order to contrive the Reaction you're looking for.

It is obviously easier to light a cigarette than it is to convince someone to go and buy cigarettes for you, because the lighter and the cigarette doesn't argue.

But it this actually true? In a certain sense there is always a conflict or battle going on between fundamental ideas of phenomena. Fire will cause water to evaporate, or water will extinguish fire. It all depends on circumstantial construct. A good Intellect will provide the means to deduce, predict, set up and control a line of events.

This is true for everything, People, Things, Thoughts and Ideas.

That, which I have described here, is not a new concept. I was delighted when I realized philosophers of all times had written about these very ideas which I myself had arrived at. I thought it confirmed once again that I was right, and everybody else would therefore have to be in error.

And yet, eventually, as time went by and I had my Victories - one after the other, even as I was made to pay (prison, heh) - another kind of curiosity began to form within me.

Why did people persist with this idea about Good and Bad, morals and the underlying human connection called Empathy, if it was Merely Self Delusion?

I took memberships in several High IQ Societies, wondering if perhaps others with a 'Gifted' intellectual status would perhaps see things more like me.

What I found was that indeed, it does seem that more highly intellectually gifted individuals tend to see things like I do. But EVEN here did I find people who adhered to notions such as Christian Morals, and the majority knew of Remorse and Empathy.

When after this finding - less than two years ago as I began to research the definition of my diagnosis - I read a few of the many books there are about Psychopathy (a few, because I am heavily dyslexic) and found AGAIN those words I had heard so often as a child and a teenager: "Psychopaths treat People like Things", that became the connecting factor which finally led me to understand why this notion is so prevalent and why we keep hearing it.

It is because that this is in fact what we do. It is what I have always done, and I have no idea about how else to do or understand things.

So let there be no doubt about it: We Psychopaths do See and Treat People and Objectss as fundamentally the same thing.


ResCogitans said...

or you could be a high-functioning aspie after all ;)

Zhawq said...

How would you come to such a conclusion?

I have seen people pose this question to others as well... on the Internet, that is. It's always different when you meet people in an offline situation.

But I'm still curious about what it is that makes people take this view.

I actually know someone who has Asperger's. But I know him off the Internet, and there the differences are very obvious, so I guess that doesn't count.

I've visited some of the online fora made for Aspies, and apart from what they say I don't see much difference. They do tend to focus on different things than I do, but I can't see much peculiar about them other than their tendency to go into detail with certain things - depending on the individual's interests.

They are known for having 'special interests'. It is in fact a criterion to get the diagnosis, that you have a 'special interest'. And that often shows in how they approach things. But other than that?

I would need to meet a person in "real lief" in order to make that distinction.

Would you tell me more of your theory, ResCo? I am interested, actually.

Afterthought: If I could be an Aspie and not a Psychopath... wow, that would change a LOT for me. I think I could in fact go to court with it and get myself a LOT of money for all the wrongs I've suffered in the form of prison sentences and recurring misdiagnosing. (And those who diagnosed me might even get fired!).

Anonymous said...

You're mother called you Zhawq!? (:

ResCogitans said...

the comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek, i don't think you are aspie. if someone did think you were aspie rather than psychopath it would be because of a slightly esoteric use of language (they don't know english isn't your first language) and also perhaps because of the way you sometimes post replies meticulously point by point, addressing issues raised or questions.

although i gotta say i thought that you thought you were aspie for a while and had been misdiagnosed as psychopathic. no?

as for your latest post on gender, lol, i too know someone online who has posed as the other gender for quite a while! i don't particularly care about different identity lies like that - so long as someone is interesting/insightful in discussions then the details such as gender are irrelevant.

ResCogitans said...

and please change your email notifier away from the current yahoo one - it sends a delivery status notification (failure) every time i comment here.

Zhawq said...


"although i gotta say i thought that you thought you were aspie for a while and had been misdiagnosed as psychopathic. no?"

Well, nah... That was me trying to get around a hatches. Hehe. But well seen. ;)

"as for your latest post on gender, lol, i too know someone online who has posed as the other gender for quite a while! i don't particularly care about different identity lies like that - so long as someone is interesting/insightful in discussions then the details such as gender are irrelevant."

Yep. Can only agree on that.

Funny how so many people don't see these things, eh? But we know why, of course. People are basically more interested in themselves, and so they will miss important pieces in the puzzle.

Has the person you're referring to confided in you?

I'm actually hoping my friend will, because I like them quite a bit. :)

My Email notifier is on Yahoo? That's odd. I'll check that and get it corrected. Thx for notifying me.

Zhawq said...


"You're mother called you Zhawq!? (:"

No, she called me a Shark.

YOU are going to call me Zhawq! ;)

ResCogitans said...

nope, not confided in me, lol :)
i've no interest in 'outing' them... i could lay out conclusive evidence if i needed to show someone how clever i was, or how good my datamining skills were, but showing off to someone on the internet... that's just not something i feel i need to do.

Zhawq said...


Oh surely I could do the same thing. But that is not at all what I have in mind, quite the contrary in fact.

I guess I can be odd that way, but I really like to have one or two people that I only treat well - and VERY well at that!...

I know from experience that many people don't understand what 'fun' I see in something like that, but I guess it must be another example of my versatile nature.

I don't know how to describe it other than that I already have so much experience with victimizing people in all kinds of ways, from the most subtle where they're practically only doing it to themselves, and to the opposite where I'm physically extremely violent.

I guess that part of me which craves that kind of activity will probably always remain, but at some point I became curious... I wanted more, I wanted to experience something I hadn't experienced before.

And you know what? At that point, and after so many years with all the abusive indulgence, having a few - or just one - that I treat completely opposite, is a great experience. Not least because you ALSO learn something that way. There's always something new you couldn't have foretold. It may not be much, and restlessness may set in when you repetition also there. But it's not a problem when you know you can always get satisfaction in this regard elsewhere.

Hence I've been someone's mentor on a regular basis since I was in prison the previous time, and that's about 17 years or so ago.

What's more: I'm good at it!

AND I'm VERY good at keeping confidentiality safe. I have NEVER broken a promise to any of these few individuals to this day, and it will not happen in the future either!

Zhawq said...

A few more words, ReCo,

...I HAVE outed someone who posed as female but whom I very quickly realized was a man. He wasn't someone I'd befriended though, nor did I mentor him, lol.

En contraire, he was trying to abuse those he interacted with, but in a most pathetic way that gave no real off cast.

So when he made the mistake of having a chat with a girl/young woman whom I was mentoring at the time, I decided to give everybody some extra entertainment. And it was a very large, international community, so he got burned pretty badly (for someone like him public exposure was pretty damaging and led to him being fired and eventually having to move from his home town).

So yeah, I out people once in a while. The above is an example from last summer.

When I said: 'I'm hoping my friend will confide in me', I meant just that.

If I wanted to out this individual I could do so without the confidence. I used the word 'friend' to signal my intentions and emphasize that I intend no harm, but the opposite thereof.

From there on it's up to the person. They may choose to keep the 'image' up, which I can understand. It's not easy to come and say something like this after having basically lied for a long time.

So I just want them to know that I understand.

- Only little minor detail is that I'd prefer the detailed lies be kept out of the picture. What I mean by that is: No descriptions about situations as they would be from the opposite sex' perspective.
That kind of thing is disrespectful towards me, since I'm not easily fooled and they should know that.

Again, it's not really a problem. It's entirely up to them, as I am in fact not their mentor, just someone who would be their friend. *s*

But enough about that. :)

There's another thing I'd mention for you (and others who may be interested):

My email address...

If you click my profile you'll be taken directly to a page with a link to my email address. If you use a local email it'll open in a new window if you click the mail link.

If you use an Internet email provider (Hotmail, AIM, Yahoo, etc.), just hover over the link and you can see my email address that way.

Otherwise my email address is very simple. It consists of my name: zhawq, @, psychopathicwritings, and com. ;)

Anonymous said...

What is the deal with *s* ?

Anonymous said...

Why then you are so angry when someone treats you like an object? Another question: do you treat another psychopath as akin or more like an object? Do you feel you want to hurt another psychopath? You speak os pain - where is your pain?

Anonymous said...

I was told I was not needed anymore. He was on to the next victim.