Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sometimes I Make Them Wanna Die...

"You make me wanna die!"... Are you flattering me, honey?

It does happen sometime that somebody wants to die ... because of me. Or so they say. And I must admit there have been times where I've been helping that notion, sowing the seed and then grooming it carefully, softly, until it bloomed like an exotic plant in their mind. These plants have been parasitic in nature, of course, living off the life of the original tree in there, their Self, their Me, their sense of Identity, until it took over that position. And they never knew their thoughts had been sniped, of course, that an impostor was now the ruler of the garden of their psyche. Watching the process can be quite a wondrous experience in itself, this plant has a multitude of colors and petal forms you'd never imagine.

Death and dying is a central part of life. Without Death and Dying what will put into perspective the wonders and glory of living?

If somehow by some perfidious twisted nature's whim our present scientific research does manage to come up with a way to eliminate, exterminate the genetic pro-creative component of psychopathy, that deadly seed will be gone, but Life will be going too. There will be nothing to poke, provoke, twist and turn upside down, nothing to irritate and promote that extra step that brings about new change, new improvement, there will be no risk taking or reckless behavior, the famous 'appetite for life' of the psychopath will be extinct. Without the dark to complement light, what will stir our curiosity, our urge to learn and know, do, get, give and become more, more of everything?, that everything which is the very Life itself?

The next great revolution of man in his present regressed state of self-induced psychosis and ever-expanding limitation to and of everything around him, will be to understand that Pain and Suffering, Aggression, Violence and Death, are not enemies of Life, they're necessary and important creative forces, we cannot survive without them.

Eradicate the personality version you call Psychopath and you will be eradicating Yourselves, you will be eradicating Mankind!

...And we sold some darn expensive watches in the process (insert smiley of preference)!



Anonymous said...

You greatly underestimate the depravity and destructive nature that all people have.

We might outshine them (Psychopaths/Sociopaths) but it doesn't mean others don't glisten.

MrBlake said...

I think you're bein' underestimated, Zhawq, haha.

Most people are living in fucking denial and think it's possible to make paradise on earth when there's evidence to the opposite everywhere you look. No wonder they hate us, we keep remindin' them!

I like the way you almost make it sound as if we're better than them. Lol

baby, I think you misunderstood our gentle host here. How can he decisively bring forth in people the very destructive gleen you're mentionin' if he don't know it's there? Do ya think he's poking around in the dark there? ;)

Zhawq said...


"You greatly underestimate the depravity and destructive nature that all people have."

well, I didn't mean to imply people in general aren't 'bad' or 'deprived'. I think in fact I may be on the opposite fence in that respect. But it's interesting that I came across like that.

Thanks for the input.


"I think you're bein' underestimated, Zhawq, haha."

yeah, well that ain't nothing new, pal. But I see it this way: Everything can be a tool, if you use it right. Being underestimated is certainly not the worst thing that can happen to a person! ;)

I think however, that generally speaking Notable understands me fine.

MrBlake said...

"generally speaking Notable understands me fine."

Okay. I disagree.

As I see it she keeps misunderstandin you so you keep explaining what you meant. BUt hey, who am I to tell you who understands you - 'cept for me myself, of course. Lol.

Zhawq said...


well, yeah okay.
Look, Notable and me will do with what we have what we can and want... It's up to me and Notable, so I'm basically telling you to back off a bit.

Okay? ;)

Anonymous said...