Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Give yourself up to me!

I am sometimes told I have a demanding presence, and people who get close to me say that in my presence they feel as if I'm saying: "Giv it up to me!", as if I demand them to "Give yourself up to me!".
It is consoling to know that only my enemies seem to find this quality about me unsettling. Those who like me, or who love me, tend to find it charming or to think it is merely fair that I should have what they can give me.

The song in this video is about another kind of demand.

Or is it?...

Are the lyrics in this video propagating a psychopathic or sociopathic way of thinking? Is this how psychopaths and sociopaths think? Is it an antisocial way of thinking? Is it perhaps how kings and winners think?

Or is it just the common way of thinking in a modern society where people live the equivalent life style of spoiled children?

Personally I think this is a great little tune, but I heard it was banned in several countries.



MrBlake said...

Love it - video and post both!

Gotta go. Later.

Anonymous said...

The performer has an interesting way of using her voice, but the music itself doesn't give me much.

The message is obvious. I wonder if it isn't what all people do, not only us who are psychopaths.

Empaths will, of course, object til the end.

Zhawq said...