Saturday, January 15, 2011

Empaths in Psychopath Clothing?

The author of the blog Sociopath World, M.E., posted today an entry about an article from Scientific American about the overall level of empathy in the population estimated to having drastically declined over the last three decades according to the result of a research project that has been running during the same period.
...In the last sentence of his article M.E. writes:

"Hopefully this new generation forces empathy out of style finally"

I disagree.

Normal people (empaths) can no more become like us and learn to not feel empathy, than we can become like them and learn to feel empathy. They can fake it, mimic us, like we mimic them, but they will never thrive that way like we thrive when acting different roles, mimicking various kinds of personalities.

It is not for them, it is not in their nature to do these things. They are not like us, and they shouldn't be, or try to be, like us. Human variety is about different types of character and personality with different kinds of preferences and different things making different kinds of people happy.

People like M.E., myself and others of our kind, should of all know this, for we have gone through centuries with being attempted forced into being like the empathic majority.

What would make us think they can become like us? ... Even more: Why would we want them to become like us?

I think that M.E., while writing that last line, perhaps habitually were thinking along the same lines that normal people do when they believe everybody must, should, and can be like them, that everybody shall be the same.

We know today that genetics and neurology plays a fundamental part in determining whether someone becomes a psychopath or a normal, empathic person. In the latest few years normal people have also begun to realize that we (the psychopaths, sociopaths and, to some extent, antisocials) can't be treated into becoming normal, like the empathic people are, no therapy works, and all research indicates that no kind of upbringing - however perfect - can make a psychopath develop empathy or fearfulness, i.e. (though a good upbringing can make us have a less negative influence upon our surroundings when we grow up, but it can't change the character traits we were born with).

Furthermore, we also know that it is variety that makes the human species strong and capable of surviving and adapting to the most extreme variations of circumstances throughout our presence on the planet. The fact that a few individuals are different in ways that allow them to think outside the box, allow them to explore what otherwise fear would keep them away from, allow them to fight for freedom and new knowledge and understanding where otherwise distaste for violence would keep them from that too, are what makes our species so successful.

And it is the same variations in uncommon or rare traits which allow some of us to do these 'unspeakable' things that we hear about ... it is they alone which at certain times can, and did, ensure humanity's continued existence and freedom to pursue progress and happiness.

If we want everybody to be the same those special and rare qualities will be gone forever, and with them our ability to survive.

A world of psychopaths or people living like psychopaths will not be able to function or survive, anymore than a world where everybody are empathic and fearful, peace loving, and dislikes blood and violence, etc., will be able to survive. The human race depends to a large extent upon the general happiness within a society. A depressed, frustrated and stressed, fearful population who spends their daily living on trying to cultivate personality traits they don't really have, are not apt to survive when circumstances become extreme ...And believe me, circumstances WILL become extreme, perhaps sooner than we realize.

The simple truth in my opinion is: Psychopaths and normal empaths need each other!

...and no, I'm not talking about harmful people who's whole character, life and thinking has become a broken mishmash of malfunctioning and destructiveness. I'm talking about a personality type that fits the description of what we call Psychopaths or Sociopaths, and Antisocial Personalities.(1*)

M.E.'s statement express the same mentality that has led to sociopaths and psychopaths being labeled as bad, disordered, evil, and even demonic. It is the same mentality that schemes our undoing by chemical and - in the future - genetic means. And it will be the undoing not only of us - psychopaths and sociopaths - but of all of humanity.

I am writing this especially for those of my kind, for I know the normal, empathic masses, the majority, will not listen.

(1*) = And there is scientific evidence that backs up my thesis. I will write about that in a later article.


Anonymous said...

I agree, too.

A world full of people without empathy would not be easy living.

tik said...

We are co-excisting together and it's working without alot of shit (not without any)which has been proven to work with S/P as a form of therapy or co-existing and less distructive behavior.
The (expert's) say that a group of S/P sharing in without any leader of sorts seems to have an effect on the group for the better.
Here is proving that it has an effect on the normal's also.
I personally do not become offended by the socio's even when their harsh, they just help me see it from a different view point. It gives me some strength.
I am offened when the empath's try to act like their so fucking brilliant and superior that they have to answer or attack other's. S/P and those that are working on this internet relationship. They are laughable. I think they are piss-ants narc. that in their mind no one reconizes how great they are.
If the world is becoming more socio then it's going to become more dog eat dog and just bigger pissing contest where their wasn't one.
You definitly need us because your human you all need something from other's not just amusement but to reality check yourself and be cared about.
It's hard for me to even get close to what your going through with your thought process and how it works but I'm trying and just except it as your honesty and the value of clearer thinking. This glimpse into you is worth the time spent here.
Could you imagine if we were all face to face? I doubt it would work as well. And that would be like a glimpes of the world with smaller fraction's trying to build and take over on every level of life. I can imagine it would be a world where it was totally made up of gangs.

notme said...

hi. I agree. Even though you think non-sociopaths are incapable of seeing the necessary benefits of sociopathy, I assure you not all of us think that way.

MEs flippant remark struck me as too absurd and silly to even pick apart. But having said that, I am glad that you have.

zhawq said...


indeed it would be not easy and uneasy. It's a ridiculous idea if you think more about it. I think M.E. has posted without thinking it through, maybe just to mess things up a bit. Either way, he posts many interesting and valid articles, but this wasn't one of them.


That's an interesting piece of information you bring up here, about S/P getting good things from sharing with each other. I haven't heard about that particular thesis.

But my personal experience is that people who share the basic characteristics of what we call Psychopaths and Sociopaths/Antisocials, when they meet on fora or off the internet immediately will begin to test each other's boundaries, weaknesses and strengths. If the strongest among them will tend to not interact at all, except for an occasional one-liner, and the rest will launch a psychological battle on words and logic.

"Here is proving that it has an effect on the normal's also."

Now this I completely agree with. I have seen it too. People think psychopathic personalities can only hurt and harm, and that's one of the things that makes me protest against the label in my own case, for I know I have been helpful for a good many people.

"You definitly need us because your human you all need something from other's not just amusement but to reality check yourself and be cared about."

Well said, and it goes both ways.

"It's hard for me to even get close to what your going through with your thought process and how it works"

You know, this is the same position 'my kind' is in all our lives because we're few amongst many who are different from us. It's probably what forces us to learn so intimately about 'normal' people's psychological workings and so on. We have to learn by logic, for we can't just turn on a switch that makes us magically 'feel' what others feel.

"I'm trying and just except it as your honesty and the value of clearer thinking. This glimpse into you is worth the time spent here."

Thank you, tik.

In a way I already see the world as made up of gangs, but I could imagine it even more openly so in f.ex. a post war scene where power structures had to build up anew.
In my opinion that would be very interesting. :)

"hi, I agree. ... though you think non-sociopaths are incapable of seeing the necessary benefits of sociopathy, I assure you not all of us think that way."

I don't like to generalize, but sometimes it's the only way if you don't want to make your texts endlessly long by going into details about everything you say.

I am pleased to find you are one of the exceptions, and believe me, I'm not typical for 'my kind' either.

Your statements suggest integrity and bold thinking. That's what we need in the world.

As for M.E.'s article/s, I think it's a good idea that somebody sometimes show a different perspective, which (according to himself) is also what he wants. I think it's good for his readers - not least the Neurotypicals among them - and for M.E. himself.

Thank you for sharing.

Ps. I'm not insisting anything about M.E.'s gender, I just think it's needless to write both 'he' and 'she' in every single statement. I use 'he' for 'man' as in 'human'.

MrBlake said...

Yup, I agree with ya'll too.

I went and took a reading on that article, and honestly it was crap.

Is SW run by one guy?
Remember I spoke with you 'bout this, Zhawq - it seems to me like there're more people writing those articles.

You mentioned (well that's Zhawq mentioned) that variations in writing style, choice of words and so on, seems to be a trait that comes with being a psychopathic personality.

Being a "certified" (hehe) psychopath myself I know I definitely change style, it's a tool too like everything else. But I don't change involuntarily. I know when I change and I can decide not to.
Don't think all those of our making do it that way.

Just got that thought about SW author (or authors) being more than one person, and Zhawq said he saw somebody mentioning something along those lines too (was that the Aspie dude?).

So maybe he's just changing style. But he's also changing intellectual level. Then again, maybe we all do that too. Haha

liljo said...

I skimmed through this entire post because honestly I don't care. I've read enough about "psychopaths" online to blow my mind. But you're a psychopath, diagnosed? Is these a diagnosis for these things?

I've never been to a shrink, I'm european, roman catholic born and raised to believe that "psychological issues" are the result of the lack of god and spirituality. Now don't get me wrong, I grew up in the chi, I'm an urban baby. None of this rural "am I just going through a phase" stuff... But how do you know if your a psychopath, sociopath or any of that fun stuff. I don't like the idea of prozac nation, but this is the only thing I can refer too. I'm apathetic, at 21. I mimic the actions and personalities of everyone around me. I study the feelings and emotions, and I try to mimic empathy. I feel like I'm acting away my life.

You're not my shrink and I apologize for my life story.

But, for gods sake. Wtf is wrong with me? I try so hard to be like everyone else: genuine, sensitive, thoughtful, caring , BUT I CAN'T. Granted, I put on a hell of an act. Am I a psychopath? Or just a bitch?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that you refereed to "normal" people as Empaths. That's a bit in accurate, an Empath is the name for someone who is not social normal but in basicly the opposite way that you are. I'm an Empath, I'm not normal if someone starts crying instead of talking and offering support like a normal person I sometime just start crying and feeling sad if there's no reason for me too. If someone's mad or sad in anyway I'm gonna feel it,(more like their feeling make me feel sick, not all the time feeling exactly like they do)I;m not one of thoese people who gose around thinking they're a psycic seeing auras and junk. Just thought to tell you it seemed inaccurate to me because I;m sure as hell not normal. I don't think I've ever met or at least never been close with a pyscopath before but I do try to learn a lot about your kind, I don't think there has ever been a record of your kind and my kind meeting since we're both tough to spot out. I may have babbled My apologize if i wasted you time or if Empaths/the thought of Empaths piss you off we are kind of your opposites, although we I've noticed from reading your blog a little we're not normal in a lot of the same areas just in different ways. It's not like I;m a saint I also feel and understand the seer joy of a murderer the same way i do a kid blowing bubbles. I wonder what I would feel around you, not to sound weird or creepy.

Anonymous said...

Reading your article I know your spot on. Good work

Anonymous said...

Sociopaths may be an evolutionary necessity, but we seldom find them in groups that evolved with their members to be primarily cooperative.
It's much easier for them to hide and flourish among larger and more competitive groups.
We could certainly do without them if we could do without the competition, but it's too late in the history of cultural development to expect anything like that to be possible. Bottom line, if you spot one, don't trust that person, and deal with them very carefully. They may let you alone as a consequence and then again, they may not.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the statement than normal people cannot "feel and behave" like psychopath, or at best a weak simulation of it.. And the opposite : you cannot "feel and behave" like us, at least on the fondamental level.

But something I noticed upon reading you (very interesting globally) is that I perceive that what is lacking inside your personnality is precisely all that stuff that STRONGLY PREVENT ME from deliberately hurting other people.

And an interesting consequence is that it seems that considering your existence and its value I can get inside my head about you a good estimation of what you feel you about others people. Don't take it personnaly but consequently it is all as if you already didn't existed for me, like a video game perso very well shaped in its behavior.. But completely virtual (is it what you feel about other people - You are in a kind of video game ?).

So I wonder what would be the results in a more materialistic interaction with a psychopath.. My central question is :

Do you think that the presence of some psychopaths in a group of otherwise normal people push toward a significant empathy destruction within the normal members of this group ? Do you act pushings other toward the worse or do you carefully maintain empathy in your relatives in order to keep control ?

In fact.. Is your specificity contagious ? It would explain for me numerous strange thing about history of human beings as a whole, in combination with the amount of irrationality that can develop in human beings !

Anonymous said...

Normal people are not Empaths, they all have different degrees of empathy but an EMPATH is something else, almost like a natural born psychic. Check out The Book of Storms if you are interested in the subject of Empaths.

Anonymous said...

Being an unwilling empath, if anyone has paid attention, we are NOT the MAJORITY.
We are the MINORITY.

This already IS a sociopathic world.

Sociopathy is celebrated, urged, promoted, and idolized.

YOU are the NORM.

WE are the MINORITY.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... do you really believe in what you wrote in this blog?! Because if you do, you are a complete nutcase!

Who needs to be consistently manipulated, hurt, abused (physically and mentally) and emotionally drained by people like you?! I don't think any normal person would want that! S/Ps are parasitic creatures who suck the life out of people! Do you have any idea what it feels like to be razed to the ground... oh, sorry I forgot that you aren't able to feel anything at all!!! You just don't get it!

So, don't assume the role of a naive philosopher who seeks understanding and sympathy for your disability, because you won't get them from me!

Anonymous said...

"I am writing this especially for those of my kind"

Uhm... you sound like a whiny want-to-cope-with-others-of-my-kind-emo, do you know that?

Anonymous said...

Sociopaths can be excellent thinkers. I do believe they have strategies that - if they train their minds to realize they benefit when others benefit - can help society. It would not be empathy, per se, but mental conditioning towards the idea that benefiting oneself is done by benefiting other people (the right people). I am a partial empath, but have found empathy to be a delicate tool to be shared only with the right people at the right time. Honestly, it is foolish to assume that empathy is something designated to a sociopath; I do not think people who are aware of sociopathy should blame sociopaths too quickly for not receiving empathy well. They should be aware of their limitations and know that intimate relationships are logically not possible. Sociopaths and empaths may not be able to have emotionally vulnerable relationships with each other, but they can get certain, highly complex tasks done (so I mean this professionally to some extent). I think that's the redeeming feature of coexisting together. Anyhow, I train myself to pray for all people, including the sociopaths because I am seeing steady progress in their life calling. When a sociopath finds his/her calling, he/she starts to recognize his/her worth and associations with people are more strategic and universally beneficial than they are demeaning. They are good at delegating tasks and seeing how people are gifted because they can be good profilers. If you're an empath reading this, I say pray for the sociopath; you may not be able to have a close relationships with them, but they are gifted people in their mental abilities. I've seen God's work in helping sociopaths live fulfilling lives that actually help others - it's absolutely amazing.

Anonymous said...

Here is another non-psychopath who believes there is a need for your kind as part of the human species, and in a future where we will co-exist for the mutual benefit of mankind. If there was no meaningful role for psychopaths, evolution would have 'sorted this out'.

Anonymous said...

Bullsh*t. A psychopath who believes he is a psychopath is not a psychopath. Simply brainwashed
, naive, who just found something to believe. Soaking up labels coined by another same human-type mind?.Enjoying your sense of belonging? When a man knows he is a psychopath he must know he lacks empathy for instance. And to know he lacks empathy he must know empathy exists in the first place, otherwise how does he know he lacks it? ... Well he doesn't know he opened his monkey ears Trusting and believing that other people feel empathy. Aw what a naive psychopath. You're all brainwashed. Wake up. Stop labeling your own individual personality. We are all walking brains don't let another walking brain put your brain under a category. Don't let then do it. You are not a psychopath and no one is an empath. It's simple different things tweak different minds. Nobody has been in all possible circumstances ( it's impossible duh) and cannot know what he is capable of feeling. Don't absolutize yourselves. At least realize you haven't came to these terms through your own personal studies you are soaking things someone has came up to. Don't be the sheep. Don't label. Don't be brainwashed people please. You all probably vote too -_-

Anonymous said...

I believe the empath and psychopath complement each other in a symbiotic way. Why? Because they both have something the other is never going to have.

This reminds me of Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham.