Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Just for Me!" is Just for Psychopaths! - Part I.

Since my relationship with a wonderful woman several years ago who was from Scandinavia and lived in Denmark, I developed a special interest in Scandinavian - and specifically Danish - culture and mythology. So intrigued was I by what I learned and the potential possibilities that I saw, that I decided to stay and live there for a while. I've always had an interest in languages as well as some talent in that regard (though my dyslexia is a strong factor in keeping my potential from being realized), and I have managed to learn some Scandinavian. I also watched a number of Scandinavian movies, and though I really don't care much for the vast majority there are a small number of contemporary films that I consider small strokes of genius. In the music scene I have widely the same view, and it is in a Danish music video that I've decided to draw a line in association to the topic on which I'm about to write a first tentative article.

I would like to take a moment here to also make a note on the fact that my texts as far as to this point in this blog are not the final versions. They all need a lot of editing, and most aren't finished. My dyslexia also is very apparent in many if not most of them (a fact some of my readers have already pointed out), and since it's not the more traditional kind of dyslexia where you switch words and letters (though I have this dyslexia type too, but in a much lesser degree). I will not go into details about my dyslexia here. I'll write a blog about it at a later point as it actually relates to psychopathy (Yes, dyslexia in a certain form relates to psychopathy!).

But I wanted to explain that whereas I'm pleased to be able to make my writings available at this point, I do still consider the texts on these pages to be 'in the making', and much of them time I am presenting temporary outlines to what is planned on becoming actual articles later on, and maybe ... as many have suggested over the years ... finally parts of a larger work.

As far as an auto biography goes....Yes, I have no doubt that my life's story would be a very entertaining read, but there're already so many books like that out there. As long as I am not a celebrity I don't see much point in spending a lot of time and work on producing just another few hours entertainment that people can get just as well or better elsewhere and from other books.
If I do decide to write an auto-biography after all, it will be with the intention of telling a very different story. My own story will just provide the background by which I can create a perspective that I haven't seen done before, and as such it might be able to carry some messages that are important enough to be told. But I will have to remain with the conclusion I have stood with and expressed for the previous 7 years: I am not planning an auto-biography. And to finish it up: I am Simply not good enough yet!... For now I'll have to be happy with having a platform where I can get my viewpoints out. For though I know I am far from an eloquent writer ... or even a good one ... I do have important things to say.

...Thank you for your attention.

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Psychopath said...

(Yes, dyslexia in a certain form relates to psychopathy!).

Interesting. I did not know this, and I do experiance mild dyslexia. I usually catch it seconds after, and am able to correct the reversal of letters.

Informative as usual.