Monday, November 29, 2010

To Patch an Outdated Program.

Again I have found inspiration in something NotablePath wrote. This time I didn't find the text on The Notable Path blog though, but instead as a comment on another blog ... also about Sociopathy/Psychopathy.

I haven't done much editing, and I'm aware that I probably would do well in getting some done. But at this point I find it more important to simply get it posted, for the eventuality that some of those it is mainly addressed to will be happening to read my blog today ... or tomorrow. As a matter of fact, I do know they will be reading it, but I hope it may also reach a few individuals who have a slightly more open mind that most of the people in powerful places today.

At some point it is my plan to edit this and other texts that I have posted (as well as many that I haven't posted). But at present I am very much hung up, I have many projects running, several of which are gaining momentum ... in a good way, I might add ... and to the pleasure of many an acquaintance who's support I am lucky enough to have. But it means I can't be quite as attentive to my Psychopathy Project at present as I had planned.

Yet, this is not to say I will not get around to it. I haven't given up just yet, and I definitely plan on continuing what I have started, in one way or another! 

I appreciate the mails of support, your stories and input, there're some great texts and great thoughts in here that I have saved already!...

And now to the article itself, here goes...

TheNotablePath wrote:

My opinion of society is that it's sort of like sluggish, buggy, outdated software on your new computer. Problem is there are rarely patches and no one really seems to have an alternate product. It is what it is.

This is a good analogy. Notice how it's not that no one has an alternate product, but that alternate products are being turned down because they implement new programs that are unfamiliar, and which - despite they are clearly more efficient - will bring along some discomfort until they've become familiar and their use has been understood and rehearsed.

That just doesn't happen, partly because the owners of the old system (Comal 80, f.ex.), don't have any interest in loosing their position as sole provider with a productive machinery that almost runs itself ... and where it doesn't work anymore, there's nothing anybody can do. For a period people wrote petitions to Tech Support, but with time they gave up and learned to live with it. "The experts knows best, it can't be any better, we just have to be thankful and pay willingly!"

There will always be someone who has an alternative. The problem arises in times like these where people have been conditioned to not even consider the possibility of something better, maybe a system that incorporated features that allowed the individual computer owner to influence how his system behaved, maybe even what kind of results he could get, and - 'Good Morals forbid!' - what he would -do with/learn from/create out of- the results!!

Creativity can only take place in an active mind which dares to walk on path ways no one else have tread. Action begets action. Creativity begets creativity. An active mind begets and active-r mind. Action begets effect, effect begets reaction, the reaction of an active mind begets awareness, awareness begets creativity, and this circle begets thought, understanding, deduction, logic reasoning and decision, and eventually personal emotion once interference is introduced.

A creative mind which is being given mainly negative responses, but no reason, will develop dislike, antipathy.
In the face of overwhelming presence of negativity on an ongoing basis will eventually result in a state of immunity towards same.
It is a survival strategy of the species, of the human race. If creativity is impossible while being emotionally on level with one's fellow beings, there will usually be a few that reacts by becoming immune to that which to everybody else is at the center of being a Human Being, of being One of The Human Species, it's a sacrifice for the sake of survival of the species, which might otherwise not survive (and much seems to speak for this actuality).

The "side effects" are obvious, and not agreeable. It's not hard to agree that some of the results are ugly. But when we on top of it all begin to blame those who carry the 'burden', when we throw away all responsibility and call the few 'evil', deem them unwanted and scheem on how to eliminate them before they come into being (genetic "therapy", f.instance), then we're closer to being provoking the one confrontation between Life (creativity, Change, etc.) and Death (Status Quo, stagnation, 'living death' where only Morals and laws gives us direction ... a direction which is really a circle like that of prisoners who are exercised temporarily until they die from all sorts of other causes) ... Then it's getting close to the point where it's too late to even discuss the possibility of making peace with people on the Neuro-Diversity Spectrum!

It is not really the psychopaths who are destroying society! It is our insitence upon creating them in the most unforgiving version possible as a result of our unwillingness to learn, develop, progress, and let Life run it's creative wonders!

I see all the horrors everybody else, and expert researchers, see in psychopaths. But I do also see the aspects that could have been, and I acknowledge our state of guilt and responsibility in having allowed such a situation within our own species to arise!

We speak of Guilt and look at the Psychopaths. How can we expect them to acknowledge any guilt when we ourselves denies even the obvious!

We speak of empathy and look at the Psychopaths. How can we expect them take us serious or even have a chance at understanding when the Empathy that we ourselves exhibit is little more than a postulate and the norm is poorly hidden small minded hatred and envy towards anyone who has anything that we have not.

We speak of fear and look at the Psychopaths. But when we've made sure that only the most tenacious can excape a life that shields us from the slighest emotionally challenging and/or maturing event and abide to a normset of taboos that allows us only to experience one side, but not the other, of that which is life and death, day and night, sadness and joy, etc., an emotional prison we willingly subject ourselves to.
How can we expect those that we call Psychopaths to develop an ability to feel fear at the prospect of the one thing that may make a difference ... The extreme event, at the edge of life and death, given the fact that all there is inside the picture we present to them and call life, is really no different from death... Because Life and Death have only meaning when seen in the perspective of their opposites: Each Other!

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Anonymous said...

I've been formulating ideas for the past week on a blog about society, actually. The stepping stone is by Bad Words blog. The knockout punch will probably be completed in a few days.