Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thrill Seeking.

Some time ago I thought I was through with researching Psychopathy. At the time I felt I had a good understanding of what Psychopathy is, that it had nothing to do with my reality at present, and that there was nothing really I could learn from looking further into it.

As it turned out I came back to look for more information from time to time, and I looked up the debates on certain fora as well to see if any of those I had been debating had posted anything new that might be interesting. So ... interesting how?, if I thought I already knew what there was to know of interest, why expect that anything interesting could come up? To be honest I think it wasn't as much about intellectual understanding anymore (and in part it never was), I was looking for something else that has to do with "emotions", with feelings ... and perhaps feelings of the type that some describe as "trhills".

'Thrills' is a downgrading word in this context; it describes a type of person who have no depth, and that is what it is ... on the surface.

But to me it is a lot more, it is a portal to a Wider Reality, or to what some call Religious Experience. I will write more on this topic later.

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