Friday, November 12, 2010

Ethics vs. Morals.

Ethics differ from morals by it not being possible to create rules or programs based on ethics.

This is also why we'll never be able to find the final answer as to how to ensure ethics are maintained in every setting, research program, experiments, schools, etc..

Ethics is also the very point where I think some people get wrongly diagnosed as psychopaths or sociopaths.
The mistake is being made because there are the rare individual who does have certain things in common with psychopaths - on a superficial level, that is.

But again - and as I stated in one of my earliest comments - sociopathy and psychopathy are diagnoses designed by and for society in it's present form ... a society that bases it values upon the notion of maintaining status quo, or enhancing a status quo.

Any somewhat intelligent person with a mediocre level of schooling will know that this isn't possible. But it's convenient and gives mainstream society a scapegoat when things begin to change, because change hurts.


Right off I would say I agree with you (M.E.) in that it certainly is best, and good, to provide means by which people can learn about their own nature, and specifically in this case, about some of the ugly sides to their nature.

But because of the ethical perspective, I can't say for sure that I believe people will actually learn even when confronted in such a direct way as in the Milgram Experiment.

There is much that speaks for it being a fact that people generally learn only when they experience things on a personal level, and we can't put a high enough number of individuals through such an experiment to produce that result.

Furthermore, people will always return to the beliefs that their society enforces. And no society enforces a conscious awareness of being capable of doing what is commonly agreed to be evil or bad. No society will do this, because it will represent a weakness in times where exceptions call for exceptional behavior.

If you have a public with strong ethics, you have a society with an enormous weakness. This is why Ethics are generally speaking reserved for the 'higher classes' (or the "leading class" ... in old times 'The Aristocracy').

An ethical person is hard to control and he'll not follow rules or laws just because they're rules and laws. But it is essential for society as a whole that the majority of people DO follow rules and laws, and that is what we have Morals for.


Anonymous said...

Zhawq, you have a way of trailing off so you don't finish your sentences. It makes it sometimes hard to follow you.

(I'm not M.E.).

SayTheTruth said...

Anon I see the same.

And it is something psychopaths are known for doing a lot to divert the attention of people because they manipulate.

I have read your posts at Sociopathworld Zhawq, and you keep saying you're not a psychopath, but this proves different. You should read a book on psychopathy some time. Robert Hare says a lot about this that you do when you trail off in his book: Without Conscience.

You should read that.

And yeah I know you're gonna delete my post. But you can't run from the truth!

Zhawq said...


Thanks for notifying me.

I am aware that I tend to do this, it is something I work with continuously, and it stems from a kind of dyslexia that I have been battling all my life.
The few years I was in school the teachers never realized that I have dyslexia, because it doesn't really apply to spelling, which is the area of problems that we usually associate with dyslexia.

My dyslexia seems to be connected with some kinds of ADHD as well as other areas that aren't (to my knowledge) well understood at this point...Something to do with using both brain halves when processing content you want to communicate.

Zhawq said...


I am not going to delete your comment. What good would it do to invite discussion if I delete the views I disagree with?

However, you seem to have made up your mind, so I'm not sure it will make much difference if I tell you where you're in error.

Having dyslexia doesn't prove psychopathy, oppositely there're many proves that psychopaths - like all people - are different in terms of how well they communicate.

SayTheTruth said...

What you have is not dyslexia, Zhawq!