Tuesday, November 30, 2010

About this blog.

As always, everybody are welcome to leave comments at my blog. It's a work in progress, and there' lots of things to discuss and explore in the topic realm of psychopathy/sociopathy.

I attempt to present topics from the psychopath/sociopath view - as opposed to the views of mainstream society, of psychopath/sociopath 'victims', and (even) of official psychiatry and research. To my knowledge there are only a small handful of people who do this, and now I am one of them.

You will find that my personal stand point and the ways I see and interpret things are highly controversial, and not least so because I do not consider myself a psychopath (or a sociopath, i.e.). But OTHERS consider me a psychopath - some are ordinary people who disagree with my ways or whom I've hurt in some way or other, and some are individuals who represent professional (and clinical/forensic) psychiatry.

I will be pleased to hear from you all. Mail me or post your ideas, and tell me if there's a topic you want me to write about. - I'm looking forward to hear from you!...

Let's start discussing!...



Rational Agent said...

Why do others consider you a psychopath; and why do you NOT consider yourself a psychopath?

Zhawq said...

Rational Agent,

That's a good question, and I believe I can answer it as well. But it does take some thorough explanation, and I don't think I can deliver one in short...that is, not one that couldn't easily be opposed.

Because of this I will instead write a new blog entry on this topic. It's good that you brought it up, because now you've provided the spur I may have needed to actually get that article written. :)