Thursday, October 28, 2010

On the topic of Drugs...

I've tried almost everything at least once, and most of it several times, and my overall experience is that I have a high tolerance. It takes a lot to have any effect. Hallucinogenics generally doesn't do what the term promises. Amphetamines are probably the ones with most effect, but not to any degree like I've heard about. Alcohol too can be nice. Caffeine ... I've never had a caffeine high. I get overdose symptoms before I get any "high", head ache and sweating; not nice.

The best was Ecstasy, there's no two ways about it. Cocain did the job too, but I needed more than is safe to repeat on a general basis, and it lasted so short I think it wasn't worth it ... and definitely not for the price considering I had to pay myself when the first week had past and my generous companion ran out of cash.
All in all I don't find pot interesting, so that's not something I bother with.

LSD has always been great.
The very first time I tried it I was 10 years old. I had hallucinations like the ones you hear about and fear you may get. F.ex., at night I was sitting on the grass of a vast park lawn that turned into a billion spiders and bugs, but somehow I wasn't frightened, instead I thought they were funny. I kicked at them and dared them to try and harm me, because "I know you're not "really real", you're only there because of the LSD, Hahaha!!" ... Of course I was just a kid and that may explain my "coolness", but it stuck with me to this day. I've never regretted that I experimented like this, nor that I did it so early on (I always craved to experience, learn, and do things in life).

But I've met plenty of people who had very horrible experiences, and I never understood why, until I read up on neurology and the effects drugs with certain molecular structures have, and can have, on the human central nervous system and thus their psychological state.

I stick to alcohol and the occasional amphetamine highs...